Swaragini-Promises & Lies Episode-16

Thank u all for ur response..love u all tk cr..well i’m 18 years old..this year i wrote my 12th boards…i am the craziest person on earth thts wat the people who knw me label me..hee..Once again thank u all..and sry for late update there ws no internet..sry..
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Recap: Swara memory loss Laksh death
After 3 months..
Ananya’s first birthday…
RM is decorated beautifully…its written “Happy Birthday To our Lilte Angel ..Ananya “
Maheshwaris are also there.
Sujatha: Rathore ji, where is Ragu?
Rathore: she is upstairs..
Ragini is sitting in Ragini’s room..she makes Ananya wears a white frock.
Ragini: Annu ..nw my baby girl is looking lyk a real angel..
Annu smiles..
Ragini: just lyk Swara di..
She calss..Mishti.
Ragini: Badi maa.
Mishti: Ragu,..hw is everything going on there?
Ragini: all gud..hw is di badi maa..abd dida..i really wish if u all could b here with us..
Mishti: but wat to do Ragu..wat if Shona sees ..
Ragini: hmm i understand badi maa.
Mishti: Shona and dida r fine…and click pics and send me ok..
Ragini: badi maa..u r not at all angry with me?
Mishti: no bacha ..even if Shona was at ur place she would hv also done the same..aur main apne bache se kaise naraaz rah saktha hun..nw go otherwise ur khadoos papa..will start shouting..
Ragini: ok boss..
Ragini picks up Annu.
Ragini: aaj aapka first birthday hain..cake cut karna hain na hume..
She opens her drawer and take out a photo..it is Swalak’s wedding photo.
She kisses the photo
Ragini: i miss u both..
She comes out with Annu..and goes..
It is seen tht Sujatha was listening to everything.
Sujatha: Ragu u r a real gem just lyk Swara but my son..he is hopelss..tht he left u…
She comes down..holding Annu..
All claps…
Parvathy: annu is looking very beautiful….
DP: come its tym lets cut the cake
Sanskar also comes..
Ragini and Sanskar hold Annu’s hand..they cut the cake…all sings Birthday song…
All claps..Ragini feeds a small piece of cake to Annu..
After sometym..
Ragini is standing in a corner..alone..
Annu is player with rest of the family members Rathore is showing her ..the pics he took during the birthday party.
Sanskar goes to Ragini.
Sanskar: Ragini..
Ragini: hmm…she doesn’t turn..
Sanskar: Ragu..i am really sry pls..i am really very sry..i knw i have hurted u a lot..pls forgive me…atleast for our friendship ..for Annu…
Ragini: mere liye tumhari dosti aur tumhare liye mere pyaar ussi din khatam ho gaya tha…jab tumne mujhe ek dulhan ki sapne dikhakar chod diya tha…aur yahi baath Annu kit oh..i’ll b always there for her..lyk her mother..and don’t u interfere in my life anymore. Mr.Maheshwari…i hope u get it..
She goes….
Chandhan: after tht day Ragu baby took care of Ananya bacha lyk her own daughter..so does Sanskar…they never let Ananya feel tht her parents r not with her…also Ragini baby didn’t marry..becoz she knws no man will agree all this..also she framed a lie she is divorced..and Ananya is her own child……
Viren: and stupid me i just shouted on her..just becoz of this misunderstanding….i ..
Dia: oh so Annu is Swara di’s daughter….
Saiyam: Ragu is really angel..

Viren goes down..he sees Ragini she is carrying Ananya and making her sleep
Viren: Rag…
Ragini stops him..
Ragini: shh..dheere Annu is sleeping..
Viren keeps finger on his lips..
Ragini smiles.
Ragini aks wat happened through actions
Viren holds his ears..
Viren: sry..pls forgive me….
Ragini places Annu on the bed..
Ragini: hmm..i’ll think abt it
Viren: i really didn’t knw all these things before..nw only Chandhan bhaiya told me..
Ragini’s face fades..
Viren: pls Ragu..
Saiyam Sakshi Dia and Manan also says sry to her…
Nxt day..
Viren: Ragu pls …pls ..we r getting late ..
Ragini:but tell me where r we going…
Viren: i’ll tell u all tht first get ready..
Ragini: but Annu..
Viren: don’t wry abt her..i’m with her i’ll make her ready..
Ragini comes out wearing a kurta..
Viren: hmm fine..nw come
Viren holds Ananya..
Ragini: i’m not getting it wat is going on in here?
Viren: Rathore uncle can i borrow ur car?
Rathore: of course lad..
Viren: nw come..
Ragini: acha ..give Annu.
Viren: no..
Ragini: hw will u drive with Annu?
Viren: who said i’m gonna drive?
Ragini: then..
Viren throws the car keys to Ragini.
Ragini catches it..
Viren: u drive..
Ragini smiles..
The both get into the car..
Ragini drives off…
Another car comes there..
I t was Sanskar.
He steps out.
Sanskar (in mind): who was with Ragu?
Rathore: ho Sanskar.
Sanskar: woh everyone was missing Annu so i thought..
Rathore: oh Princess took her..
Sanskar: ok i’ll come after sometym..
He goes..
On the way..
His mind is full of thoughts ..thinking who is the guy with Ragini

Precap: Sanskar jealous???

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