Swaragini-Promises & Lies Episode-09

Hi my very much lovely people hw r u all?…thank u so much for commenting guys..thank u it means a lot to me..so in this chapter i have tried to write some romantic scenes pls read and tell me hw it ws…sry if its boring..
Love Adi
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Recap: Laksh and Sanskar entry
Days pass on…

@Lunch tym..
Swara Ragini and Laksh was sitting..
Ragini: Laksh where is Sanskar?
Laksh: he went to library.
After sometym Sanskar comes..
Sanskar sits near Ragini…
Swara notices this..
Swara(in mind): why did Sanky sat near Ragini even though there was a free chair near me.
After Lunch.
Ragini: Di bye i hv to go to library..
Sanskar: Ragini wait..even i hv to..we will go together..
They both leave..
Laksh and Swara were walking.
Swara: aaj tumhare GF nahi aayi.
Swara: kyu..jalan ho rahi hain kya..if u want to b with me then i’ll leave Sheena..
Swara: stupid..
They goes..

In Library..
Ragini was searching for a book..
Sanskar comes with tht book.
Sanskar: Ragini: u were searching for this ri8.
Ragini takes it frm him..
Ragini: hw do u knw?
Sanskar: i knw….
Ragini smiles.
After collage..
Swara: Ragu..come…
Ragini comes..
They hugs..Sanskar also comes..
Ragini: where is Laksh?
Swara: he went with Sheena…
Voice: Ragu..
Ragini: badi maa..
Ragini goes and hugs Mishti.
Mishti: hw r u bacha?
Ragini: i’m good..hw r u Badi maa..and dida hw is she?
Mishti: gud beta…
Swara: Ragu so hw r u going today ur swooty is in workshop ri8.
Ragini: woh dadi maa and dadu r here with us so..they will come..
They goes..

Ragini: Sanskar u r not going..
Sanskar: u r also not going ri8.
Ragini: but..
Sanskar: no but vat….
Suddenly it starts raining..
Ragini: oh i forgot to tk my umbrella.
Sanskar: come we will sit in the car..
While walking Sanskar keeps his hand on Ragini’s head to save her frm getting wet.
They sit inside the car.
Ragini looks outside.
Sanskar: u lyk rain?

Ragini: no i love it..agar ice cream bhi mil jaathe toh mazza aate…
Sanskar: r u crazy.
Ragini: what is there in crazy?
Sanskar: Ragini tum na pura pagal ho..koyi barish mein koyi ice cream khatha hain kya?
Ragini: haan main khatha hun…
Sanskar: u r really different frm Shona…
Ragini: thts becoz i’m lyk my papa…and di is lyk maa..
Suddenly some one comes and knock on the window where Ragini is sitting..
Ragini looks at Sanskar…
Sanskar opens the window..and leans towards her..
Sanskar: Lucky!
Laksh is standing there all wet…
Ragini: Laksh..
Sanskar: lucky get it ..

Laksh gets inside the car..
So Sanskar is sitting in the driver seat Ragini beside him and Laksh is sitting in the back seat.
Ragini: Laksh u r fully wet…tell me hw is the rain..
Laksh: fab..
Sanskar: but Lucky why didn’t u go home?
Laksh: i was going but suddenly it started to rain..and i took shelter in a bus stop so i got a call from Swara she told tht Ragini is there i the collage ..and i thought u might hv left..also it was raining ..so i came back..
Sanskar: don’t wry bhai..i was giving her company
Laksh: oh i forgot i have smthing for u…
Laksh forwards a packet to her.
Ragini takes it.
Ragini: what is it?
Laksh: open it and see na.

Ragini opens it..
Ragini: Sanskar pich me ri8 nw..
Sanskar: wat..
Laksh: pinch her Sanky
Sanskar pinches her.
Ragini: ouch..its true its not a dream..
Ragini: thank u Laksh ..thanku so much..
Ragini hugs Laksh..
Sanskar: wats it..
Ragini: its ice cream..
Sanskar: wat..

Laksh: do u remember once u told me hw u love to have ice crams during rain.so here i’m
Ragini take on ice cream ..
Laksh: u take 2 ice creams ok..
Laksh give one to Sanskar and he have one for himself.
Ragini hv 2 ice creams at the same tym..
Suddenly her phone rings..
Ragini takes it.
Ragini: dadi maa..

Parvathy: beta its heavy traffic here…we will b late wen we reach there.
Ragini: ok dadi maa…
Laksh: wat happen..
Ragini: heavy traffic..they will b late.
Laksh: Shall i drop u?
Sanskar: bhai its raining..
Ragini: can u pls..
Laksh: c’mon its great to b wet after hving an ice cream..
Ragini: i’m so excited…
Ragini and Laksh leaves in bike.
Sanskar looks at her..she waves her hand..showing him bye….
He sits in the car.
His phone beeps..
He takes it out and opens the msg.
It was from Ragini.
“Hv hot water..otherwise u’ll catch cold…tk cr”
Sanskar smiles seeing this msg …

Nxt day.
Swara: hi Sanky.
Sanskar: hi Shona hw r u?
Swara: gud..where is lucky..aur Ragu..
Sanskar: woh ..both of them didn’t come..
Swara: why wat happen…
Sanskar: both have cold..
Swara: hw..
Sanskar explains her everything…
Swara: this girl she is crazy..and this Laksh..
Sanskar: one second Ragu is calling.

Sanskar hello Ragu..
Ragini: Sanskar is di there..
Sanskar: haa she is here only..Shona.
Swara: haann Ragu.
Ragini: hw many tyms i tried on ur mobile di..
Swara: oh i left it at home ..sry Ragu…Acha hw r u nw…
Ragini: hmm..getting better….Laksh..stop haan..dadi maa….
Swara: Laksh..?
Ragini: woh Swara di..Laksh and his family is here..
Swara: wat..why r they there?
Ragini: Swara di..they came to see me..
Swara: but he is also not well ri8..

Ragini: he is better nw di..Laksh..stop it..stop it..di i’ll call u later..this Laksh is messing up my room..di tell Sanskar tht i’m better ok..bye..
Sanskar: wat happen Shona where is lucky?
Swara: Lucky is with Ragini…
Sasnkar : wat..wat is bhai doing there?
Swara: not only him ur family members are also there.
Sanskar: what…
Swara: haan.
Sanskar: Shona its tym for class u go ..i’ll just check them and come..
Swara: then i’ll also come..
Sanskar: oh no..its ok..i’ll call u wen i reach there ok..or u also come…
Swasan leaves to Rathore mansion

Percap: More about Sansakar Ragini Swara Laksh……

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