Swaragini- You are my Princess, and I am your Groom(Swalak-Ragsan/Raglak-Swasan) Part 2


Hey all. Fatarajo here and I am back with part 2 of this short story. Well it’s neither a one shot nor a fan fiction. It’s a short story and the number of parts yet to decide on it. And the pairs will be all 4 pairs, Swalak, Ragsan, Raglak and Swasan and will try my best to give equal importance to all. And thank you so much for supporting my fan fiction via your lovely comments.

By any chance, if anyone didn’t read part 1 here is the link:-

On one hand, Swara and Laksh were taking rounds and on other hand, Sanskar saved Ragini from the water. Swara seemed unhappy and super confused, and she still continued to take the rounds for the sake of reputation. And Laksh was happy with the fact he was getting married with Swara, but
“Why do I feel something wrong is going to happen?” Laksh questioned himself who seemed happy but from inside as if he had this fear of something which he himself was clueless about.
“But no need to worry, my Swara is with me.” Laksh consoled himself and continued with the rounds.
On the other hand, Sanskar carried Ragini in his arms who seemed to be lifeless. But Sanskar knew nothing can happen to Ragini. He met her recently only but he felt as if he had a special connection with her thats why it hurt him a lot when he saw Ragini in that state.
“Ragini, please wake up!” Sanskar begins and the crowd surrounds him who are just being silent viewers of this drama.
And then while Swara and Laksh were taking rounds and there was only one round. Swara stopped her debate between the mind and heart of hers and she knew she had to do something before it was too late.
“Stop! I can’t get married.” Swara finally had the guts and she raised her voice and stood in support of her heart as she wasn’t happy with the marriage for some reason.
All were surprised.
“Swara?” Laksh with a surprised look asked.
All were shocked as they look at Swara and on the other hand Ragini’s hand drop and Sanskar is suddenly silent.
Here comes the biggest twist in Swaragini’s life.
Swara takes out her veil and you won’t believe it, it was not Swara it was Ragini instead. Yes, Ragini was the one who was taking rounds with Laksh at all this time. This shocked all, as how come Ragini was in the bridal avatar and Laksh’s princess instead of Swara. You all must be wondering where was Swara and who was the one who committed suicide. Yes, it Swara who committed suicide instead.

Sanskar was shocked to find Swara instead of Ragini.
“Swara?” Sanskar asked himself as he was confused what he just saw.
“Wasn’t she suppose to get married with Laksh?” Sanskar was super confused.
Sanskar gets into flashback how he saw some ladies saying that a girl was drowning in water, and Sanskar thought Ragini was committing suicide so he saved her, and he is surprised to see Swara instead.
(Now this part I got inspired from the actual show its same Sanky saved Swara from water, but he assumed it was Ragini who suicide as she was depressed instead, and Ragini and Laksh didn’t get married as Ragini stops at the last moment and reveals her truth)
“Yes, its me not Swara!” Ragini said confidentially this time.
“I was going to cheat my sister, no I can’t do this. I love Laksh but I love Swara more, no I can’t get married cheating Swara and Laksh like this.” Ragini thinks as this is the reason why she stopped despite having a great chance to obtain Laksh forever.
Laksh was still confused like what was going on, how come it was Ragini instead of Swara?
On the other hand, Sanskar still couldn’t believe what was going on.
“Wasn’t Swara supposed to be getting married to Lucky?” Sanskar was still confused what was Swara doing here.
But Sanskar couldn’t see Swara in this state, and he tries to wake Swara up, but she doesn’t responds.
“Please Swara wake up, I will die I can’t see you like this.” Sanskar told himself as he knew he couldn’t afford to lose Swara this time.
Swara doesn’t wakes up and didn’t listen to Sanskar.
“Swara!” Sanskar cries hugging Swara.
Sanskar couldn’t believe Swara have left him forever.

On the other hand,
“What are you doing here?” Laksh asked Ragini.
“What could I do? I love you so much I couldn’t see you getting married with someone else.” Ragini said who was super sad and finally spoke her heart out. She was feeling so much relieved despite the fact she knew the consequences.
Laksh knew that he had only one thing which was running in his mind and he conveyed it through his speech.
“Where is my Swara? Just answer me. I dont want anything else.” Laksh asked Ragini.
Ragini remembers how she pushed Swara into the water, and she realized the grave mistake she done.
“Swara?” Ragini finally gets into her sense literally.
Ragini understood and she kept asking herself how could she do so with her sister whom she loved the most. How could she? Did she got so much selfish in love. Swara did so much for her and Laksh almost nothing. How could she kill Swara for Laksh? Have she gone mad? All this were running on her mind and Ragini ran to save Swara.
All were clueless at where Swara was and where Ragini was heading to. They all followed Ragini from behind. And none had any idea where Ragini was heading to.
Sanskar on the other hand was crying as he still couldn’t believe how he lost Swara. Suddenly his first meeting with Swara flashed into his eyes. Swara was still lying lifeless in Sanskar’s lap.
Swara was in a resort and she was smiling while standing near the pool, suddenly Sanskar comes to her. Swara looks at Sanskar, and suddenly Sanskar pushes her into the pool. Swara screamed and later Sanskar hold her hand and saved her from falling into the pool. They shared an awkward eyelock. It seemed that as if they had some connection but what was it? They both had no idea.
Sanskar got out of the flashback and cried a lot until his eyes become moist. Swara still didn’t wake up.
Laksh is following Ragini and he gets into flashback,
Swaragini and Laksh were practicing dancing for Swara and Laksh’s sangeet. And while dancing, Swaragini were dancing and then suddenly something was about to fall on Swara and Laksh, Ragini saves them and in that pretext she gets injuired.
“Ragini, are you okay?” Laksh quickly rushed to Ragini.
“Yes, I am.” Ragini said who didn’t seem so as she was crying.
“Why are you crying?” Laksh asked Ragini who understood she was still in pain.
“If something happened to you and Swara then,” Ragini cries and Laksh hugs her to make her feel better.
Laksh gets out of the flashback,
Laksh couldn’t believe that Ragini who was worried about him and Swara and supported them the most would be the same one who will try to cause problems for their marriage.
On the other hand, Sanskar realized that Ragini was missing.
“No, what I am thinking? Ragini can never do so. I believe her more than myself. She can never do so.” Sanskar asked himself.

He gets into the flashback,
Sanskar was being arrested, and some people were hitting rocks at Sanskar, and Sanskar with his body defended himself from getting hit and as one big stone was about to hit him, he closes his eyes but he nothing happened to him. Sanskar opened his eyes and was surprised to find that suddenly Ragini became his shield and protected him. She got hit by the stone and her head started bleeding.
Sanskar quickly rushed to care for Ragini, while others went away
“Are you okay?” Sanskar who was super worried asked her.
Sanskar cared for Ragini’s wound and he applied ointment and blew it. Suddenly, Sanskar and Ragini looked at each other and couldn’t get their eyes away.
“No way. She loves Swara so much.” Sanskar asked himself and he kept on arguing that Swara was not dead. Sanskar tried various ways to wake Swara up but she still wont. After all she was lifeless.
Laksh and Ragini finally reached the place and they were shocked to find Swara’s lifeless body.
“Swara!” Laksh was super shocked as he couldn’t believe his princess was dead.
Laksh who was teary eyed gets into flashback,
Swara and Laksh were taking pictures in the photo shoot and Swara was like
“I wont take any picture with you.” Swara said to Laksh/
Laksh was surprised and asked her why, when Swara told him that he was so tall, as tall as a giraffe. Laksh said no worries and he lifted Swara in his arms and they took a picture. And they lovingly looked at each other.
Swara gets up,
“I am so fat. How can you?” Swara who wasn’t so fat was complaining about her weight.
Laksh closed her mouth to stop her speaking and said that
“Your love is enough for me.” Laksh replies.
And they smile and Laksh kisses on Swara’s forehead.
Laksh gets out of flashback and couldn’t believe his Swara was dead.
Ragini was the one who was more shattered as she knew she was responsible for it,
Swara was looking at the moon sadly, and Ragini comes and hugs her.
“Why my Shona is so sad?” Ragini asked Swara.
“I am going to get married soon and then we will be separated.” Swara said sadly.
“No one can separate us in this world.Note Even death.” Ragini told Swara and they both hugged each other.
“Promise me, you will never leave me.” Swara hugged Ragini and asked her.
And Ragini promised her.
Ragini gets out of the flashback and cries.
I was the one who is responsible for all this. I killed my sister. How could I? We promised that we wont let this happen, how could I? Ragini kept on asking.
Ragini comes near Swara’s body, and asked
“I broke my promise, please you dont break your promise. Wake up. If you wake up and keep the promise, even my promise will get mended. Please Swara, please.” Ragini cried her heart out.
Ragini still couldn’t believe that Swara left her and it was not Swaragini anymore. She knew she was the one to be blamed for it but she wanted to see Swara awake and fine just once.
Ragini cried.

Part 2 ends.

Precap for part 3:- Everyone is blaming Ragini for Swara’s death and Ragini is teary eyed and she silently listens to it. Laksh comes to Ragini and said that it was my mistake that I, Ragini looks at Laksh.
Laksh and Sanskar looks at Swara’s picture sadly at separate places. Later, Laksh takes Ragini’s hand and throws her out and just then someone saves Ragini. Ragini looks on surprised.

Hey all, as I said I am yet to decide how many parts. It should be 6 to 10 parts estimated. And well the next part I may be late in publishing but dont worry I will publish it this week only. Most likely Wed or Thu or Fri.

Please do feel free to express your opinions 

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