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sanky’s pov:
well the rain is stop , and i want a hot coffee , in this cold weather, so i went out to a near by cafe , this is the same cafe where i proposed swara or i cheated swara(there collage was in mumbai), it remaind me of that day.
flash back:
sanky see’s swara in cafe , and he started his plan , he saw one boy selling roses and he buy all of those roses,and went near swara

sanky: hi swara
swara: i told u na just stay away from me
sanky in mind: dear swara i have bet with my friends that is will kiss u so sorry but i have to do this.
sanky: swara plz don’t tell like , this just give me one chance i want to tell u something plz
swara: no sanky

sanky:plz swara don’t tell like this , plz listen me one time or else i will harm myself
everyone present there were seeing them , so swara ask him to say
sanky: swara when u yesterday told me about my behaviour , i thought about it whole night and i really realise my mistake swara , i a really feeing soory for those irls and i will ask them to forgive me , but after thinkg about it ,i came to conclusion that i am in love with u , i am really in love with u , bcz u r the girl who make me realise that i was wrong and i should respect girls , plz swara don’t say no bcz i will be broken plz plz (he was just acting , to get the kiss )
swara got tearly eyes that the boy to whom she love from her school days , is know in front of her and proporsing her
swara’s pov: oh my god he is proposing me , i really respect girls feelings and the person or my childhood crush is proposing me this is my worlds best moment oh god plz just stop this time here only , plz god plz( poor swara doesn’t know that he was just acting)
swara:why not sanky , i too really love u

sanky in mind: yeah my plan is working .
sanky slowly started to lean towards her, but swara blushes and run from there .
sanky enters the cafe and sat on one of the chair, someone from back closes his eyes and said i knew u will surely come here
sanky:swara u came here
swara: how do u know that i am swara
sanky laughs

lucky: idiot , if u will talk then he will surely identify u
swara bite her tounge and removes her hand and kiss on sanky’s cheeks
rags: offo swara not bad haan
lucky: kash mere biwi bhi aise hoti
rags too kiss on his cheek , he naughty smiles seeing rags,
meanwhile kavitha enters the cafe, four of them are shock to see her with mr gupta
sanky: good afternoon sir
mr gupta: good afternoon, meet her(pointing towards kavitha) she is my daughter
sanky is shock , same with the three
kavitha smiles but is woried way
sanky: ya we …

kavitha cut his words
kavita: we met for th first time , since meeting u mr…
all four are hell shock
sanky: mr sanskar maheswari
they sat for the coffee.

precap: swasan romance and fb part 4

guyz waht is kavita hiding why she is acting as if she don’t know sanky and all
if sanky was kavita’s friend then he must know who is her father then why he is shock to know that mr gupta is kavitha’s father
keep reding to know it.and guyz sorry for spelling mistakes .

Credit to: NIDA

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