rags went near sanky and sanky saw her
sanky; hey rags means swara came to collage , i mean u both were not comming since 5 days , is everthing is ok
rags slap sanky

sanky:what happen ragini, swara is fine na, she came to collge na plz tell.
rags: your tounge does’t deserve to take swara’s name.
sanky:what happen rags plz tell me, i know what i did but really belive me i am sorry for what i did and i am really in love with her.
rags:with whome u will ask for forgivness,sanky.
sanky: with swara
rags: she can’t answer u
sanky: i know she is not talking with me , but i will try
rags: not only with u but she is also not talking with us , that to bcz of U
sanky: rags plz tell clearly

rags: today i came to collage just to tell u that swara is fighting for her life in the hospital that too bcz of u Mr.what ever u r
sanky’s pov:
” swara is fighting for her live in the hospital that too bcz of u “this were the words which i hear , and this was enough to destroy me , i was feeling like the land below has escaped, i fell on my knees and was shaken . i grap some courage and stood and run toward the parking and after 5 min i came back with my bike and ask rags the name of hospital and we went there , i can see swara fighting for her life . and her family except rags don’t know that i was the reason for it , i slighty took rags hand into my , and drag her to canteen and ask her to explain me everything.
Rags pov:

i could see love in his eyes and his face can only tell how much he love swara, his eyes was red and swollen, and his face got pale and know i am sure that iam reuinte them
rags: 5 days back she came home smilingly and she went o her room, i know that she was just pretending to smile infront of maa and baba, so i followed her she locked the door , and started crying her heart out ” i have no reason left for me know to live , rags is there for maa and baba , i should no i must die , god i am comming to u” this were the words which i could here from her room , i was shock and the first thing came into my mind was lucky and i called him , and till then i manage to send my family to mandir and lucky came and he manage to break the door and we couldn’t find her we hear baba’s scream and we went near gallery and i that scene shake all of us , swara was on the car , with sea of blood and my family saw her . we took her to the hospital and i came to home to search in her room, and lucky followed me , i and i that moment her phone pop up and i saw your msg i which u black mail her , and i directy went near her cupboard and took out her dairy and i came to know that how u cheated her for a bet. i coundn’t see my sis in that condition and i went to my room and tried to kill my self my hanging , but lucky saved me and said he love me and can’t live without me and i realize he love me and ask him not to tell u anything .
sanky was shaken
sumi came there running

sumi:see na ragini what the doctors are telling that if she didn’t react in 24 hours then they can’t to anything , how can they tell like this.
rags and sanky was shaken and rags control her self and console sumi
sanky went to swara’s ward though doctors try to stop him
sanky took swara’s hand in his and sat beside her , he was crying and pleading for forgiveness and sanky fall seelp there my side only holding her hand .
sanky’s dream:
he could see swara going in dark , he called her but she doesn’t stop he run after her and hold her
sanky: shona plz don’t leave me i can’t live without u
swara; leave me sanky

sanky: swara plz , plz i am sorry for what i did , and belive me i am really in love with u plz shona plz.u have to come back for me
sanku: no buts it was my mistake and i am in love with u , and just wanna live with u if u will go then see i will eat poision and wil come to u again and at that time u can’t even die
sanky wakes up and find swara’s finger moving he called doctor and they ask him to go out
sanky come out and finds his family, he see’s towards raglak , lucky says i told them every thing , and they too to swara’s family
but the fact was that they forgive sanky seeing his love and maheswari came to fix swasan marraige date after swara become well.

sanky becomes happy and takes everyone blessing ,doctor comes and says what a miracle she came consious and anyone of u can meet her sanky goes to meet and all family members says thank god

PRECAP: sanky and swara’s emotional talks and same as yesterday’s precap.


Credit to: NIDA

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