swasan are sleeping in there room peacefully hugging each other,sun rays falls on them disturbing there beautiful sleep.swara wakes up and tries to release herself from sanskar hug,but sanskar hug her mare tightly,
swara: sanskar plz leave me
sanky:no way its our first morning baby

swara naughty makes sanskar loose his grip and tries to uncover blanket,but she saw herself naked an shouts , sanskar keeps his hand on swara’s and says now what u will do my beautiful princess, swara feels shy and says i knew this will happen and i kelp my nightdress on the bed side table and she took it out with her rasing her hand,sanskar however you have to wear it in front of me only and smirks swara covers her self with bed cover and put blanket on sanky an runs from there to bathroom ,sanskar laughs nad wore his clothes and waith for swara to come out , swara comes out and dry her hair till then sanskar went to bath, he comesout with the only towel covering him sawra sees and closes her eyes , sanskar comes there an hugs her from back , meanwhile uttara knocks the door and says raglak came back from honeymoon ,sawra runs to open the door and seeing this sanskar againg runs to bathroom for changing.seeing the chance swara went out and hugs ragini and sat with them for chit chatting and teasing them , sanskar comes out of bathroom and doesn’t find swara inside the room and went own and look at swara angrily.swara know’s his anger because at evening he has to live for Mumbai for a very important deal and he wants to spend his whole day with swara , but swara runs from room . Ap somes an tell swara to get ready for her mooh dekhai , she went followed by sanky,they enters the room and sanky looks the room from insie asking her for the 99th time to come with him, but again swara tells the same reason that she has to manage the home , sanskar leaves the room angrily

mooh dekhai rasam finish, but sanskar till know didn’t talk with swara,Ap ask swra to rest ,sanskar thinks know atleast he can talk with her but swra refuses and tells that first she will do her rasoi rasam , which makes sanskar more angery , and he leaves ,
after sometime swara serves everyone and sanskar refuse to take and swara forcefully serves him , after eating everyone praises swara but sanskar didn’t utter a word,Dp ask him and he replies good only and leaves the dinning table, swara tries to go in the room but everytime fget stops by anyone .
Finally its night andd sanskar is ready to go ,swara tries to talk with sanky but ap ask her to call raglak and she went
raglak room
ragini was combing her hairs thinking about there honeymoon an laksh comes from back and hugs her and kiss on her nape wich makes ragini to blush and turn her they both share a eye lock and laksh leans towards her lip and was about to kiss her but but interrupted by swara’s voice an leaves to go down but as per sanky gets his P.A call about something he takes everyone blessing and look for swara and doesn’t find and leaves for the flight before swara comes, both were sad and sanky was angery.

PRECAP: swasan both misses each other and flahbacks

sorry guys if its not good but plz corporate with it thanks for reading
see u guyz soon on sunday

Credit to: NIDA

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  1. patakha princess

    its really…………amazin……gr8.i wish nw everythin happens like this in the track of swaragini

  2. I hope u show swara giving him a surprise at mumbai and then trying to calm his anger down …!

  3. thanks for commenting , let them miss each other they time for surprise

  4. Awesome yaar…waiting for next part

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