Swaragini – PRIDE (OS)


hello friends It’s Balaji with a OS- Pride.
It’s little bit complicated and please read author note.

Let I start the OS.
15 years before
A man who is working hard in a field. He spread seeds of Samba(Variety of Rice) in the wet field.
At that time, a voice comes there”Papa, I brought food for you”
Man raises his head”Laksh…”
Man washes his hand in the water which is flowing near the field. It’s a path for water to flow in fields.
Laksh: papa, come lets eat.
Durgaprasad who was a father of Laksh , a farmer and have a little bit land. By doing Agriculture , he earns money. Annapurna is his wife. Laksh is 13 year aged boy.
Dp: Laksh, are you didn’t go to school?
Laksh: papa, today is holiday because of bandh.
Dp: haan! I forget today farmers called for bandh to force the government for raising the base value for agricultural products.
Laksh smiles.” That’s why I always said to read newspapers papa. But you never accept my words”
Dp: what can I do, Laksh? I didn’t have any time. I have to search workers for agricultural work. You also know naa , no one interested in agricultural work. Getting peoples for agricultural work is so hard nowadays.
Lakhs: don’t worry papa. Papa I have a doubt
Dp: haan laksh
Laksh: papa why you don’t use pesticides and other chemicals? It will help to produce yield naa.
Dp caresses his hair.
Dp: can you give poison to me?
Laksh(shocked and anger tone): papa..
Dp(pats his shoulder): like that I can’t use chemicals in my land. It’s my maa.. It’s Annapurna. I can’t make it impotent by using chemicals.
Laksh still anger in Dp and runs from there.
Dp(shouts):Laksh.. come here.
Laksh returns to dp with sobbing. Dp hugs him tighter” Sorry Laksh.. I shouldn’t say this much harsh”
Laksh: don’t talk like this.
Dp: Laksh.. ok. do you want to know about farming?
Laksh nods positively.
Dp makes Laksh sits in a dry area which is near to his field.
Dp: Beta.. Agriculture is the most blessed occupation. We are the producers. We produce foods for people.
Laksh listens very carefully and interestingly.
Dp: we never use chemicals in our fields. It’s harmful to people and also our field. We always use natural fertilizers like cow dung .
Laksh: so you use natural fertilizers .
Dp nods.

Dp: ok. we can speak later. I am getting late.
Laksh nods and return to his home in his cycle. Dp returns to his work.
After two months,
It’s raining season.
Due to the cyclone, there is a heavy rain in Laksh’s village.
Laksh turns on the radio.
Radio: due to severe depression, there will be heavy rain for another one week.
By hearing this, Dp and Ap sits sad.
Dp: if this rains continues, definitely our field will submerged in water.
Ap: don’t worry Prasad ji. We pray to Ganapathi papa. He will make everything fine.
Laksh coughs and Ap prepares kadha for Laksh.
Days rolled,
Because of Rain,
Dp Land is submerged in water. The rain is stopped. The water starts to drain.
Ap, Laksh and Dp stepped into his field and takes plants his hand.
DP bursts out in cry by seeing wasted plants.
Ap try to console him.
The government officers came and analyzed about loss. The government announced minimum amount to farmers.

In an govt office,
Officer: see Durga ji, Govt has allotted ten thousand for your land as an compensation. If you want this, you should give me thousand rupees as a fees.
Dp(pleases): sir, I didn’t have that much big amount. Please show some mercy on me. please sir..
Officer(mercilessly): if you give thousand rupees, I will proceed. Otherwise.. next..
Dp walks weakly.
Outside , Ap waits for Dp. because they wants that money to proceed their life and clear their debts.
Ap sees Dp:
Ap: Prasad ji, did you get compensation money?
Dp nods no” they ask thousand rupees”
Dp sits in below the shadow of tree.
Ap goes to nearby temple and ties a yellow thread in her neck and takes her Thalli(Mangalsutra in Tamilnadu) and comes to dp.
Ap: Prasad ji, sell this and give money to them.
Dp is shocked.
Dp: purna..
Ap(fakely smiles): this (shows yellow thread) is enough for me.
Dp sell this and give money to officer.
Officer: you said that you didn’t have money. Now where you got?
A voice comes there” give his money to him”
Officer: collector sap..
Officer gulps in fear.
Collector: are you not ashamed to get money from this poor peoples? Are you human or a blood drinking animal? I just want clear all his requests within today. Otherwise, you will face your suspension.
Officer: no no sir.i will clear his sanction now.
Dp holds his hand before”thanks collector sap..”
Collector: it’s our duty.
At evening Dp gets his money back with his sanctioned money.
Dp and Ap returns to house. Laksh hugs them.
Laksh:maa.. papa.. I won speech competition in district level. The state level competition held in Coimbatore.
Ap and Dp sees eachother. Ap signs Dp to fulfill Laksh wish.
Dp: wow!purna do kheer. We should celebrate this.
Ap pecks Laksh cheeks.
Ap: when you want to go?
Laksh:day after tomorrow.
Ap and Dp speaks after Laksh is slept.
Dp: Purna, why did you agree for Laksh travel? We have to spent near 1000 rupees for travelling and other expenses.
Ap: but it’s his first achievement. I don’t want to make it as a failure. Use that thousand for travelling and sanctioned money for field and other debts.
Dp nods.
Tomorrow Laksh and Dp travels to Coimbatore by train.

In Train,
Some peoples are commenting about dressing of Dp and humiliates him as he is a villager . Dp can’t understand what they are speaking. Because they are speaking in English. But Laksh understands their speak and got anger.
The train stucked in midway because of some problems and that peoples are starving,
Person1: I am hungry. Can you have anything ?
Person 2: no.
Laksh comes to near them” are you hungry?”
Person 1 nods.
Laksh offers him some biscuits.
Person 1: thanks..
Laksh: don’t mistake me, Uncle. I heard you speak about my papa. If you hungry means you can’t eat money. You need food. The one which you humiliates, he is a farmer and producing foods. Without Villagers work in field, you can’t eat food .
Laksh says this in a fluent English and leaves the place.
The next day morning, Laksh and Dp arrives the competition place.
Most of the students didn’t take topic about agriculture.
It’s Laksh turn and host calls Laksh on stage.
Laksh: good morning to everyone present there. I had taken my Topic Agriculture. Agriculture is the most blessed occupation. Gandhi ji said Villages are our backbones. He believed that agriculture can give us Economic freedom. At the same time, we also need growth in various domains. Nowadays Farmers counts are decreasing continuously and land area for farming field is drastically reduced for more reasons. Now it’s time to concentrate on Agriculture and we need another green revolution.
Laksh speaks continuously about agriculture for five minutes in English. When he stopped his speech,he just stare the audience. After a minute , everyone in that auditorium stands up and claps.
Judge: I don’t know how you got that much information. You speech is marvelous.
Dp didn’t understand anything but he is very happy by seeing claps.
Laksh got first prize and he got five thousand as prize money.
Laksh runs to Dp’ Papa, I won.. “ shows his certificate.
Dp is very happy and caresses his hair.
Dp and Laksh returns to his home.
The day after tomorrow,
Laksh goes to school.
Dp goes to his land. He sees someone takes measurements in his land.
DP runs to them.
Dp: who are you? what are you doing in my land?
Men 1: we are government staffs. Government takes this land for an industrial project. You can get compensation for your Land.
Dp is shocked. Like Dp, someothers land is also snatched from them.
Days Starts to roll,
Dp and other Farmers protests against government to withdrop the project. But Governnment arrests them and releases after two days.
Laksh felt the tension in his house but he didn’t aware of the problem.
One day,
Ap: Laksh.. I make your favourite lemon rice for you.
Laksh: I will definitely eat it maa.
Laksh takes his cycle and goes to school. In the middle way, he fell down by hitting into stone.
The lunchbox fell down and it’s wasted.
Laksh(in mind): ohh! I didn’t lucky to have lemon rice today.
Laksh feels restless in school.
At evening , he returns to home. He sees a died dog in middle of way and felt pity for that dog.He sees some crowd in front of his house.
He ran to his house and sees Dp and Ap covered in white cloth. They committed suicide because they don’t have any way to earn money on other hands the peoples who gave debts to them, they force them to repay.
Laksh(screams and cry): Maa.. papa..

Days starts to roll,
The government drops the project and returns the land to farmers. By someone’s help, Laksh finished his studies.
After 15 years, Now
The reporters gathered in the hall and some media covers the event as a live telecast.
Reporter: Mr. Lakshya Dev, the great business tycoon who built his empire on his own. Now stepped into Agriculture Industry. It’s the inauguration of his trust on his parents name Annapuran Durgaprasad Memorial Trust.
Laksh enters the place with his family . After inauguration, Laksh starts his press meet.
Reporter 1: Mr. Laksh, what is the reason to start this trust ? and what is it’s main motive?
Laksh: My Father is also a farmer. I know the struggles in farmer’s life. I just want to help farmers. It’s my Trust’s main motive.
Reporter: what is this my main action?
Laksh: it will create a platform to sell farmer’s products without any Intruders and it’s main motive to create awareness amongst farmers. I want do in action not in words.
Reporters wishes him for success of his trust.
Laksh returns to his house.
Laksh enters his house and he hears a baby cry.
Laksh enters the room and have baby n his hands. Baby stops cry.
Ragini: Laksh, I don’t know what the magic you have in your hands. She always stops her cry .
Laksh: she is my maa Rago. My purna.
Ragini smiles.
Laksh: Ragini, are you packed the things?
Ragini: Haan Laksh!
The next day,
Laksh stands in his fathers field and sows seeds in field. He just wear a normal dhoti and ties a towel along his waist. He didn’t wear shirt. No one shouldn’t believe that he is business tycoon Lakshya Dev.
Laksh(in mind): Papa.. I started to fulfill your dreams. I always help farmers. I never allow anyone die like you papa. I felt that you are living with me , when I am standing in this field. Until my last breath, I will live as a farmer. I can be get more identities business tycoon, star of business world but I felt pride when I am called as FARMER’S SON. Yes, I am a Farmer’s son.

A strong breeze flows there and Ragini looks Laksh lovingly and also proud about her husband.

Friends nowadays Agricultural land is drastically reduced. Once we exported agricultural goods to other countries. but now we are importing agricultural goods from other countries. Our production didn’t satisfied our own use. It ‘s just an alarm for us. So please support Agriculture by supporting farmers. I wrote this OS based on Tamilnadu Village . Until Dp death, it’s a true story of my friend. Now he is working with me . he always proud while saying he is a son of Farmer. Without farmers, we are nothing. He produces goods with too much difficulty. They have to face many problems like Intruders. They didn’t get correct money for their goods. They suffered more in the season of heavy rain and drought, because they are depends on nature. Some merciless people just sucks their hardwork like an vampire. Please give respect farmers . I saw someone sees farmers as inappropriate way. They are back bone of our country. Without them, we can’t achieve economic freedom.

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