Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 8


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Here is Episode 8….

Epi starts…..

Ragini is walking to her house…. Suddenly 2 men came infront of her….she turned around to go from different direction but then 2 more men came…
Man 1- where are u going alone?
Man 2-come we will drop u?
Rag- get away from here…leave me alone.
Man 3- don’t worry…What’s hurry…we will leave u alone….but lets have some fun. He grabbed her hand….
Ragini tried release her hand…but in vain….she couldn’t do it. Other man grabbed by her neck… Ragini suddenly shouted- SANSKAAR……

All preparing for the engagement…….Sanlakutt were just just ordering servants around telling them what to do and where to put things…..Sanskaar heard Ragini shout his name….
Sans- who is calling me? I feel like I know this voice…. Using his powers in his mind he followed the voice, which gave him a vision of Ragini being attacked by those mens. He ran in full speed to where Ragini was….

Sanskaar reaches the place in few seconds and sees one of the man trying to kiss Ragini…she was crying and trying to push him off but she had no strength ….Sanskaar runs to the man and grabs him by his neck and slaps him hard….Ragini opens her eyes and is shocked to see Sanskaar there..he starts beating them all…..Whilst he was beating them one of them grab Ragini and has a knife on her neck….Man-leave my men alone….looking at Ragini, who was in tears Sanskaar let go of them…another man gets a knife out was about to stab Sanskaar but Sans stops him and the knife cut Sanskaar arm….the man pushes Ragini on the floor….Sanskaar starts beating them again.one by one Sanskaar beats them all….it was like he was going to kill them…Ragini comes and tries to stop him….

Rag- Sanskaar stop…u r going to kill them
Sans angrily- how dare he touch u like that…I will kill him….Ragini looked at him shockingly….Sans realised what he said and stopped….all of them ran away.
Ragini was crying so much…she looked at Sanskaar’s wound….Sanskaar goes to her.
Sans-R u ok?
Rag nodded and says- but ur not…look ur arm is bleeding. She took a kerchief out of her bag and tied it on Sanskaar’s wound.
Sans-where do u live? I will drop u
Rag- no it’s ok….I will go. I justlive nearby..she turns to leave and she catches her foot in pain…her ankle got twisted from the push….Sanskaar noticed this…
Sans- u can’t even walk….how will u go…He picks her up in his arm and starts walking…Tell me where to go and Ragini tells him the direction…..as he was walking with Ragini in his arms…she looks at him….she is in deep thoughts….

Ragini in her mind- why did I say ur name when I was in trouble? who are u? How did u come here so quick? Why did u get so angry?
Sanskaar read her mind and he also starts thinking.
Sans in his mind-I am thinking the same thing. Why did u call for me? Why couldn’t I stop myself from coming? Why did I get so angry?

They finally reached Rose Mansion….Sans puts her down gently on the bench outside the Mansion….he takes off her flats and holds her feet…
Sans pressing gently on Rag’s feet- is it he paining here?
Rag- Ouch, yes…she closes her eyes….
As her eyes are closed….. Sanskaar heal her ankle with his powers….as he was healing he was looking at her….

Just then KarSamAna come running and see Ragsan…
Karan worriedly- Laado, what happened? R u ok?
Rag- yh I’m fine. Some men attacked me but Sanskaar came and saved me….she looked at him.
Ana- thank u Sanskaar
KarSamAna take Ragini inside… Sanskaar looks at them as they go in when something catches his eye. It was heart shaped pendant Anjali gave to Ragini….
He hold up in the air and looks at it he and remembers it probably got stuck to him when he was holding Ragini….he notices the ‘R’ that carved in to it.
Sans-but her name begins with L.
L for Laado…he keeps the pendant in his pocket and speedily leaves from there.

@Rose Mansion
KarSamAna bring Ragini in and make her sit down…Swara and Anjali comes and sees Ragini and gets shocked.
Swa- di what happened?
Ragini tell them everything.
Sam- but how did Sanskaar get there?
Anj-forget that….thanx to him my Laado is saved. She hugs Ragini.
Anj- Before I forget. Look at this….she gives Parish engagement card to Swaragini. They both read it and get so happy.
Swa- omg can’t believe Adi bhai is getting engaged.
Rag- so he finally he proposed to pari di. Swara I’m so excited.
Swa- mee to di. The theme is masquerade….yaay
Sam-tommoro we will come and pick u and we will all go together
Ana- good plan…even I can’t wait….I thought he will never prospose u know. Ok we should go now Ragini u should take rest.
Kar holds Rags hands- u better take care of ur self. U know na I cant see u hurt….Ragini nods and KarSamAna leave.

Ragini gets up from the sofa and starts walking. She realised her ankle is fine…she thinks how did Sanskaar make it go fine? Just then she gets call from uttara and says hi. She puts the phone on loud speaker so Swara can hear also.

Utt-Hi Ragini tomorrow is my brother’s engagement ceremony and I want to invite u and Swara.
Swa-oh no sorry uttara tomorrow is our brother’s engagement also…sorry we can’t come..
Utt- aww it’s ok I understand…. BTW I didn’t knw u have a bro…
Rag- oh he’s not our real bro but he is like our big bro…u know he saved me and Swara from an accident since then we know. He’s our college’s sponsor also.
Utt- what’s ur bhaiya’s name.
Swa- Adharsh Maheshwari…but we call him Adi bhai.
Utt- omg Ragini….he is my actual brother and it’s his engagement tomorrow…..
Swa- what I thought u already have to brothers. Sanskaar and that der hadi
Utt-yes Sanskaar is my bro and Laksh and Adi bhai are my Bade papa’s sons. So cousin brothers.
Rag-oh right….well then look like we will be coming to ur bro and our bro’s engagement after all. They have nice long convo…

@Forest in a Dark Place
A man slaps the 4 men who attacked Ragini…u cant see his face…
The Man-how dare u touch her? I told u just to scare her…u all are gone now…he shows his Vampire teeth…(yes he is a Vampire)… another man comes and stops him…
man 2- leave them…its not their fault…the plan got failed because of that guy anyways…who is he?
The man- Sanskaar Maheshwari
Man 2- we need to find more about him…that’s what important right now…We’ve waited years for this…

@Rose Mansion
At night Ragini is thinking about Sanskaar…she had a lot of questions but no answers…
Rag- who is he? Why I’m I thinking about him so much…I just met him today and I’m thinking about him….But why did I call his name…I dont even know him…I felt as if I knw that name…at that moment his name just came out….I forgot all the others names….oh god plz help…and I didn’t even say thank u to him….I will say tommoro…she touches her neck and doesn’t feel the pendant….
Rag-oh no where is gone? I think lost when the man pushed me. Masi is going to be upset…I will make her understand and she goes to sleep…

Uttara’s phone is ringing….Lucky comes and see the phone screen…it says Shona….he picks up the phone….
Swa-uttara need to ask u something
Lak-excuse me…dont u think ur so rude. When u call someone u say hi or hello first….
Swa- who are u….she thinks she called wrong number and sees her screen it says Uttara…
Swa- u are also so rude checking someone’s phone. Who are u anyway.
Lak-wait I heard ur voice before…ohhh u junglibilli….I remember….u can’t be nice to anyone …why u calling my sister?
Swa-Der Hadi u? Oh god why are making me talking to him?….listen I have no interest in talking to u I wanted to talk to Uttara…
Lak- no I won’t give the phone….
I don’t do favours for anyone especially junglibillis
Swa- u stop calling junglibilli or else I will kill….

Lak laughs- how can u….I am at home and ur probably at ur home… BTW u also stop calling me der hadi and I will stop calling junglibilli.
Swa- that will never happen. I will call u der hadi only….becuz of u I forgot my question I was going to ask uttara….u idiot… And she cuts the call
Lak on the other side- total nutcase….mad girl

Sanskaar in his room is thinking about Ragini….
Sans- why did she call? I dont understand…..we dont even knw each other….he takes of the kerchief she tied and heals the wound…takes out the pendant and looks at it and the kerchief….how will I give these to her….I have not interest in talking or meeting her…I will have to think of a way…he also sleeps…

@Rose Mansion-Next Day
Swaragini come downstairs all ready…they look stunning….
Swara is wearing cream colour chiffon saree with silver border…she’s wearing silver earrings and the pendant in her neck…her hair is straight and her fringe is at the side like puff hiding a little of her forhead…. Ragini is wearing peacoack colour saree…with golden border….she is wearing matching accessories…her hair is fully curled with straight fringe on one side…both wearing high heels…
They come and see Anjali not ready….
Swa- miss universe what happened? Why are u not ready?
Anj- I have to tell u both something….I just got a call and they want me in Delhi for a week…there is a conference there…so I guess I will miss the whole wedding as well.
Rag- oh no that mean we will be alone…
Anj- don’t worry I will be back soon as possible. Ok plz take care of ur self…when u come back I will be gone…plz make Adi understand I knw he will be upset…
Swa- ok miss universe…we will take care of ourselves
Rag- and we will call u everyday ok..
They both hug Anjali and kiss her cheeks.

KarSamAna come to pick them up…..they sit down in the car and wake Anjali good bye…
Kar- someone is looking gorgeous today…
Sam- I know right….All 3 are looking fab today.
Ana- what do u mean today? That mean we don’t look nice everyday…
KarSam bite there tongues…
Kar-no no u 3 look nice everyday
Sam- yh that’s what I mean
Swa- if ur compliments are over can we go…
Kar- ok lets go and he drives off…

Epi ends….

Precap-The engagement ceremony…Swaragini introduced to Maheshwaris …partner changing dance….. Ragsan dance…Swalak dance…SamAna dance….KarUtt Dance….a little romance with Ragsan and nok jhok between Swalak…

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