Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 7

Hello everyone, I’m back with episode 7….

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Epi starts…..

@Rose Mansion
Two boys and one girl enter the mansion with presents in their hands. They were hiding from everyone. One boy goes and puts his hand on Swara’s eyes and the other boy puts his hands on Ragini. Swaragini smiled. They knew who they were.
Swa- Sammy(Sam) I knw it’s u
Rag- Karan (Kar) this is u right?
Sam and karan take their hands off. Swaragini turn around and see Karan, Sam and the girl. The girl was called Anamika (Ana)
Ana- wait how do u know it was us?
Swa- we can tell by their hands.
Rag-come on yaar we have been best friends for so long.

Kar- that’s true
Swa- so finally u 3 came back from ur holidays. That too only for 2 days.
Sam- of course, how could we miss our bestie’s birthday.
KarSamAna- BTW Happy birthday princess. here is ur present.
Kar smilingly- finally 22 han
Rag smiled back- yes finally

Karan and Anamika are brother and sister. Swaragini and KarSamAna are best friends since start of college. They knew each other too well. Karan is more close to Ragini as they are the same age and Sam is more close to Swara than Ragini. SwaAnaSam are the same age.

(Karan will be played by Shivin Narag. Anamika will be played by Adaa khan and Sammy will be played by Abhishek Malik)

Anjali comes to them and gets happy to meet KarSamAna. She greets them and they all have small talk.
Anj-ok lets go now I think we should cut the cake now got. SwaSam went and bought a dark chocolate cake. Ragini’s favourite cake.
Rag-wow my fav cake
Swa-of course. U knw na it’s my have fav also. Both of them laughed.

Adilakutt also bought dark chocolate cake. As it is sanskaar’s favourite.

Both Ragsan were about to cut the cake in their own home. Before Ragini cut the cake she remembers something and goes in to flashback.

Flashback starts….
It was the same day Sumi and Shekhar were going to leave Swaragini with Anjali….Sumi was in her room crying vigorously. Ragini (4 yrs old) come to her. She wipes Sumi’s tears.
Sumi looking at Ragini- I know u are too small to understand but I will still tell u. Ragini looked at her and listened carefully as if she can understand what Sumi is saying…..
Sumi tears in her eyes- Ragini, me and papa are going far for sometime….u live with ur Anjali masi…u have to take care of ur sister Swara….never leave her alone….give her so much luv….(lots of tears rolled down sumi’s eyes)she continues…mama and papa will be back soon…don’t annoy auntie ok…..be like good girls. Promise me. She let forward her hand and Ragini placed her hand on Sumi’s hand…it was a promise. Ragini gets tears in her eyes now…eventhough she was 4 she was understood what Sumi was saying to her. But she too young to speak.
Sumi wiped her tears and hugged her tightly.

Sumi- no Ragini don’t cry….if u cry then how will I go? U don’t know how I am feeling right now. It is like someone stabbing my heart. Sumi started crying vigorously again.
Flashback ends….

Ragini get tears in her eyes as she remembers Sumi…but she quickly cleans them before anyone sees it….
Swa- di, quickly make a wish and blow the candles…
Ragini closes her eyes and wishes- plz mom dad come back.I miss u a lot. I am still waiting foru to comeback….mom u promised me u will come back…plz come back. Wishing that Ragini blew out the candles and cut the cake. Everyone claps… She gave the first bite to Anjali and then Swara.
Swanj also gave Ragini cake.

Utt-bhai, come on make a wish and blow the candles.
Sans closes his eyes and wishes- plz god let me know who that small girl is in my dream. I really want to know…who she is? How is she related to me? Plz let me know. He opens his and blows the candles. He then cuts the cake and with both hands first give to Sumi and Sujatha and then to everyone else. Lakutt gets some cake cream and puts on Sans face…all start laughing.
Lakutt- bhai now that u r 22 we get to give u 22 punches. They both start punching Sanskaar on his arms. Lucky on one arm and Uttara on other arm.
Sumi-bas bas…leave my Sanskaar alone now.
Lakutt- Miss world that’s not fair… U always take sans bhaiya’s side…
Shek- awwww, leave them na. Ur Mr world is with u.
Lakutt-yaaay…See, see Sanskaar bhaiya but sans pulled his tongue at them cutely.
Sans- who care? I have miss world with me. He kisses Sumi on her cheeks. Just like that party continues….

After few hours…Both parties have finished…all the guests have gone home…..

@Rose Mansion
Anjali brings Swara to Ragini’s room…she has 2 small boxes in her hands…she gives one to Swara and one to Ragini. They both opened the boxes and there were 2 beautiful diamond heart pendants. Swara’s pendant had ‘S’ carved on it and Ragini’s pendant had ‘R’ carved on it.
Anj- I especially got them made for u 2…I hope u like them
Swa- like them? I love it.
Rag-mee too- they are so beautiful.
Swaragini both kissed Anjali on her cheeks and gave her tight hug. After that Anjali went back in her room. Swara was still with Ragini.
Swa-di, before u blew out the candles u. U wished for mom and dad to come back. Didn’t u?
Rags-how do u knw?
Swa-becuz I saw the tears in ur eyes and I also knw that every year u wish for them to come back.
Rags nodded. Swaragini both got tears in their eyes.
Swa- I wish they were here di. I miss them. Even though I don’t have much memories of them. Why did they have to go?

Rags- same swara. But plz don’t loose faith in them they will come back. I trust them. The power of our love is so strong for them that it will bring them back. U knw what why don’t u sleep in my room today. Swara smiled a yes. Both sister went to sleep. After a while Ragini got up and saw Swara sleeping. She got her shawl and went to her room balcony….

Sanskaar just woke up from his same dream. He decides to go to the balcony.
Both Ragsan were in the Balconies. They were both staring at the moon….the moon looks so beautiful. Wind started to blow. Ragsan enjoyed the wind opening their arms out. The night passes

@MM-next day
All were at the dinning table having breakfast…..
Adi-sanklakutt u 3 need to go to human college… U all have to pretend to be humans. I have already got ur admission there. It’s called ‘Mount College’. ( sorry guys couldn’t think of a different name so I used it from PKYEK)

Dp- that’s right…make sure u don’t use ur powers. He was especially looking at Lakutt.
Dp- Sanskaar as ur the eldest u have to take responsibility of them.
Sans- yes bade papa.
Adi- ur car is ready for u outside. no racing here. All 3 nodded sadly.

@Mount College
Swaragini have already reached college. Sanlakutt arrive…
Lak- so this is Mount College
Utt- not bad.
All 3 entered. Everyone were staring at them. Their entry was superb….girls were looking at Sanlak lovingly. They wanted Sanlak. But sanlak carried in walking ignoring all. Uttara was walking behind them a little far. Boys were looking at uttara. One boy whistles. Uttara goes and gives him a tight slap.
Utt-give respect to girls….if ur sister was walking past and someone boy whistled. would u have liked it? Boy put his head down in shame.
Boy- sorry and he goes from there.

Swaragini with Anamika and were watching this….they were impressed and they went to uttara.
Swa- hi, I’m Swara…what u just did was awesome…
Ragini-yes he deserved it. BTW I’m Ragini and this is Anamika…
what’s ur name?
Utt- Uttara…nice meeting u all.
Ana- ur the new girl right?
Utt- yh. First day
Swa- why don’t u join us for lunch later on at 12 ok?
Ana- yh u should come.
Utt- ok I will see u then…and she goes from there.
Ragini- I like her. She can be our friend. She’s like us.
SwaAna- hmmm yh she is.
The bell rings and all go to lesson.

@Ragini’s Class
Teach-right class today we are going to do small test in partners….to see who is more compatible. It will be done in front of the whole class. Its not a real test though. Ragini and Niti u will do it. I will ask questions and whichever one answers first will the points.Ragini and Niti sat down and the test started….teacher started the test. Ragini was getting all of them right whilst Niti couldn’t even answer one. Outside the classroom a boy was coming in the corridor to Ragini’s classroom. As he got close, Ragini’s heart beat rised….He entered the classroom…all including Ragini turned to stare at him. He looked around the classroom when his eyes finally saw Ragini. The boy was non other than Sanskaar. Both Ragsan were just looking at each other. They had a eyelock for a minute. They forgot everything around them….both felt their heart beat rise very fast. The teacher went to sanskaar. Ragsan both realised and broke the eyelock.
Teach- u r that new boy Right? Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Sans- yes.

Teach-u r late. Next time if ur late u will stand outside class. Ok?
Sans-ok and he went and sat down on a seat opposite Ragini.

Ragini thinks what’s happening to me? When I look at him I feel I have connection with him. but how can that be? This is the first time we met.
Sans- its the same feeling I had yesterday. He looked at Ragini…why do I feel I know her? But I dont? I was in Paris remember. He brushed of his thoughts and sed to himself- I think u got too much heat. What are u thinking? U r not interested in girls. But why do I feel interested in her?
The teacher asked Ragini the next question but Ragini was too busy looking at sanskaar and too deep in thoughts….sanskaar answers the question.
Rag to herself-how can I forget the answer. I’m never like this. Oh god plz help. She was look at sanky.
Sans to himself- why is she looking at me like that? Is it becuz I answered the question. She’s making me nervous….and I’m gonna loose my cool….he was also looking at Ragini
Finally the class finished… Ragsan got off their seat and they made eye contact for few seconds. Ragini thinks those eyes…I’ve seen those eyes. No Ragini u r going mad stop thinking all this.
Anamika comes and breaks their eye contact.

Ana- Laado lets go na we need to see Shona’s dance rehearsal. Ragini and Anamika went from there.
Sans-laado? What type of name is that? He also went from class thinking that.

Meanwhile in the Dance class Swara was Dancing on the stage. She was dancing on Chittiyan Kalaiyan song…..she was doing rehearsals for the annual day function….just then Lucky enters the the class….he looked around…not bad he thought….then he heard the song and went near the stage….he saw a beautiful girl dancing. It was Swara.
Lak- wow so beautiful.
Swara was twirling so much she got dizzy and was about to fall but Lucky quickly ran to the stage on full speed and saved her.They both stood there for a minutes. Swara in Lucky’s arm. First she couldn’t see his face becuz her hair was on her face but then she moved her hair and they both had an eyelock for about 2 mins. After hearing the song both realise and compose themselves. Swalak both started dancing….their eyes met whilst dancing….they both finished if the dance. Both danced very well.

When the dance finished Swara went the other side of the stage…she turned back and saw lucky coming towards her….she gets a bit worried….he comes and puts his hands on her shoulder…..Swara thinks he’s about to do something to her and she slaps him….Lucky was hell shocked….no one ever dared to slap Lucky.

Lak-what do u mean? And how dare u slap me? What did I do?
Swa- what u did? Ur asking me? U touched me…I’m not that type of girl who falls anyone they see…u saw me alone and thought why not take advantage of that.
Lak- oh hello…Miss whoever u are….even if u r the last girl on this planet I wouldn’t wanna see u. I’m Laksh Maheshwari…I don’t go after girls they come after me…understand. I was trying to help u but it’s ok I dont think u need help…RagAna saw all what happened…
Rag- Shona what did u do? She and Anamika went to to Swara
Lucky leaves from there.
Ana- dont move swara
Swa- why?

Ragini runs to her and takes off a lizard which was on Swara’s shoulder…she shows it to Swara who gets shocked.
Rag- this is why?
Swa screams- aahhhh di throw it away. Ragini throws it away.
Ana- u idiot he was trying to take it off u and u just slapped him
Swa- Oh No what have I done? Without listening to him I sed so many things. Why do I have a such a loud mouth?…
Rag- u need to apologise to him…I’m sure he will forgive u.
Swa- ur right di next I see him I will say sorry. She thinks how is she going to face him now.
Ana- say later right now we need to go to uttara we told we would meer her lets go. All 3 went from there. They were waiting for uttara in the cafeteria.
Sanlakutt enters the cafeteria…. SwaRagAna see them and think why is uttara with sanlak…
Uttara goes to them and Sanlak go different direction.
Ana- how come u were with them?
Utt- oh they are my bros

SwaRagAna shocked and say WHAT.
Swa- oh no….sorry uttara I didn’t mean to but….she tells everything to uttara…
Utt- it’s ok swara. Just apologise to him I’m sure he will forgive u.
Ragsan were just looking at each other from far. Lucky goes out of the Cafeteria and Swara decides to go and apologise to him.

In the fields Lucky was about to make a phone call when Swara comes…her head is down…lucky looks at her.
Lak-why u here now? U need to put more blames on me. Swara nodded no.
Lak-then? Listen I dont have time for u Sona, Mona (he didn’t remember the name properly when rags sed it)…aah whatever I will call u junglibili
Swa- haw. How dare u? Have u seen ur self u der hadi (half bone…I’m not sure if that’s right sorry).
Swa- I came here to apologise as I found out the truth and I thought ur not that type guy but now I’m not going apologise.
Lak- what did u call me junglibili…he moves closer to her and pins her to the wall..u called me der hadi han…BTW I dont need ur sorry. I don’t even wanna see ur face…both angrily turn around and go in different directions….Swara comes back in the cafeteria angrily… RagUttAna look at her and ask what happened?
Rag-shona u sed sorry na?
Swa- sorry my foot…who does he think he his…u know di he called me junglibili. Sorry uttara but ur bro is not like u..u r nice and he is der hadi. RagUttAna laugh
Uttara laughingly- now we are friends na I will be on ur side…
Swa-awwww she goes and hugs uttara…she says not friends but best friends.
Utt- ok ok but u 3 didn’t give me ur number…
Swa- oops. SwaRagAna give their numbers and uttara gives her. College finishes Ragini comes to Swara…

Rag- listen shona I will come a little late I have some work…u take the car I will come by walk ok.
Swa- ok di but come early…they both hug and go.

@Rose Mansion
A man knocks on the door….Anjali opens the door and the man gives her a card and then he leaves….Anjali goes inside and opens….she smiles reading it…it was Parish’s (Adharsh(Adi) and Parineeta)invitation card for the engagement.
Anj- oh finally. I thought this day will never come….but I’m so happy for him…I will tell Swaragini….they will be very happy… She remembers how meeting Adi when he was new in India.

Anjali is the head teacher of Mount College. Adi was the college sponsor. He met swaragini a few months after he came to India 3 years ago…he saved them from an accident…since then Adi was very fond of them and Rathore family were fond him.( sorry guys forgot to mention that Swaragini’s surname is Rathore…Anjali changed their surname from Gadodia to Rathore) They both treated each other as families. Adi was like a son to Anjali and big bro to Swaragini….they were also like Adi’s sister and Anjali like his mom. Anjali doesn’t know Adi is Dp and Ap son.

Epi ends…..

Precap-Ragini in danger…someone saves her….Swaragini go to Parish’s engagement…

Thank u all for reading. Thank u also to silent readers…Hope u enjoyed the epi…plz do comments…its ur comments that encourages me to write?….

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