Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 6

Hi friends…..b4 I start I want to clear one this is a RAGSAN and SWALAK ff?…I have already mentioned in my first epi. Many of you are asking me change the pairs. I am sorry but I can’t do that. I am a die hard fan of Ragsan and Swalak??.

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Ok now without wasting anymore time. Lets begin.

Epi starts….

@Vampire Academy (VA) in Paris (for Vampires only?)
The Academy is in the middle of a jungle. No one knows about it accept vampires as there is a protection wall so humans can not see the school but vampires can.The Academy teaches all sorts of thing. Mainly focuses on getting young vampire’s to control and use their powers. But they also teach what humans study. This is so they know everything human learn in school and colleges so no doubt is raised on them. Sanlakutt came running towards VA in full speed. Sanskaar won as usual. He always wins.
Lak-that’s not fair bhai. U always win. U are always cheating.
Utt- I agree with lucky bhai. Tell us ur secret na.
Sans smirkily -there is no secret. I only win becuz I think of winning and u both lose becuz u think of making me lose.
Lakutt raised their eyebrows-hmmmm so that’s the secret.
Utt- lak bhai now we knw wat we need to do next time
Lak- of course.
They all go in and all are looking at them enviously. Sanlakutt were the richest vampire students in VA. Sanlak were the hottest, Daring and Handsome guys of VA. All the boys would look at them enviously and the girls will be falling for them. Utt was hottest girl of VA. She would get many love letters from boys but she didn’t give them any intention. The girls were jealous of Uttara. Sanlakutt were the very popular in the Academy. They were the VA toppers in both Vampire and human studies.

Just then a bunch of girls came and gave roses and said Happy Birthday to Sanskaar. But Sanskaar ignored them. He wasn’t interested in girls. He was calm and caring with his family but puts on a very cool and don’t care type act with others although he is very kind hearted.

Sanlakutt went to their class rooms. Laksh went to his healing class. All were practising how to heal any wound. That was laksh’s weakness. He was good at everything but not healing. Healing only works if u do it with feeling from ur heart. But that was hard for laksh. He was a flirt so he doesn’t have many feelings. His teacher Mr Khurana was tired of laksh not knowing how to heal.
Mr K- laksh for god sake plz do it today. Put feelings in.
Lak- But I know it won’t work. I dont have feelings. All laughed. Just like that the lesson finished.
SansUtt waited for lucky outside his class.
Sans- we need to go home quick. Bade papa called and sed come quick there is something important he needs to tell us.
Lakutt- ok lets go. All 3 went back in speed.

@Paris-SR mansion
All were packing up stuff in suitcases. Sanlakutt came and saw what was happening. Sans went shekhar.
Sans- whats happening Mr world
Shek- we are going India. There is some good.
Lakutt- Really? But why?
Shek-cuz ur Adi wants to get married. He has selected a girl for him. Sanlakutt were shocked but happy.
Sanlakutt- we want to see bhabhi’s pic please.
Shek laughingly- bachoo he is ur bro. He didn’t send any pic. He wants us to see face to face and b4 u ask we don’t know her name either. Ok go now and quickly pack ur suitcases
Sanlakutt made sad faces cutely but they so excited. They ran to their rooms and quickly packed.
All were ready and went to the Airport.

@In India – Rose mansion
Swara had took a day off so she can prepare for the b’day party. She made an excuse to Ragini. Ragini went to college.
Anj- is everything ready? And wat about the guest? When time are they coming?
Swa- preparations are nearly done and guest will be coming at 7. U don’t worry and relax
Anj- Acha meri maa(ok my mother) swara smiles at her.

@The Airport
Maheshwaris, Sumi and Shekhar have arrived in India.
Ap where is Adi?
Dp- he said he will come to pickup.
Suj- let him come. I will pull his ear and ask why he didn’t even visit us once in 3 yrs.
Rp jokingly-and I will pull his other ear. He has chosen a girl for himself. I will pull his ear and ask him. Why he wants to join us men in this phasi ka phanda?
Dp and Shek agreed.
The wives looked at them angrily but then started laughing. The sun was shining bright it was a hot day.
Lucky to uttara- yaar it too hot here. He winked at her and uttara understood. They went a little far from elders and blew lightly in the air. Cool wind started. It wasn’t hot anymore. Just then a White Mercedes came and stopped in front of the them following behind were 2 more Mercedes.

A man in came out of the first car.He was hot and dashing….it was Adharsh (Adi)….he came running to his family hugging them. All were happy to see him. Sujatha and Rp went to him and pulled his ear
Adi-OUCH, he quickly got away and ran behind Sumi and Shekhar making them the shield.
Adi- Mr world and Miss world plz save me or I’m gone today.
Shek turns to him and holds his ear- no no this time I’m with them.
Adi making a cute sad face- Miss world see what Mr world is doing.
Sumi comes in between and stops shekhar.
Sumi- leave my Adi alone. We are seeing him after 3 yrs and u all are pulling his ear. All 3 of them stopped.
Ap- are we going to stay here and not go home?
Adi- sorry sorry. Come sit in the car. Mens all sat in first car, ladies sat in the 2nd car and all the AdiSanLakUtt sat in the third car.
Sanlakutt- ahem ahem ahem.
Adi knew why they were doing that but pretended he didn’t.
Adi- what happened? U all are coughing. U all want water?
Lak- bhai no twisting and turning we will ask direct questions. SanUtt agreed
Utt- what is Bhabhi’s name?
Lak- how does she look?
Utt- what does she do?
Lak-show pic of her now
Sans- if u keep asking questions how will he answer.
Adi-i will not say anything now U will find out in the party. I will introduce her straight in the party.
Sanslakutt- PARTY? What Party?
Adi- what is today? Sanslakutt gave him confusing look.
Adi- idiots its Sanskaar’s birthday na so I have organised party for him.
LakUtt- wow can’t wait. Sanky just smiled. They reached GM and MM. Sumi stepped in GM. Her eye filled with tears she remembers swaragini playing, their childhood. Ap and Sujatha noticed this went up to her. They hugged her.
Sumi- I miss them so much. I hope they are ok.
Ap- we know even we miss them.
Suj-why wouldn’t they be ok? They are in safe hands. Sumi noded and wiped her tears. AdiSanLakUtt came.
LakUtt- we are going to look around both mansions.
Sans- but not me I want to explore the forest. Adi lets him.
Sanky went all around the forest he admired it. He loved nature.

After a while sanky is walking on the footpath. On the other side of the road Ragini was coming back from college also walking on the footpath(her car broke down so that’s why she is walking). Ragsan were close to each other but didn’t know. Suddenly a cool breeze came both Ragsan felt it. They felt each other’s presence. They felt happy…but they dont why they felt that. They felt that someone they know is close by. Ragsan looked around but don’t see each other. Both started walking again. They were now standing at the traffic lights opposite each other. The light turned green and everyone started crossing the road.

Ragsan went past each other…..their hands touched. Their heartbeat was rising fast and fast. Ragini’s hair kept coming on her face becuz of the wind so Sanskaar couldn’t see her face. They didn’t bother to look around carried on walking. After crossing the road Ragsan put hands on their heart.
Ragini- why is my heart beating so fast? I never feel happy on my birthday but why am I feeling happy now? She was smiling unknowingly and made her way home.
On the other side same with sanskaar happened.
Sans-what is happening to me? My heart beat is rising and I am feeling happy. But how can that happen I never feel happy on my birthday. He also smiled and went home.
Both went home happily for the first time on their birthday. They felt the thing that was missing on their birthdays is now found.

@Rose Mansion
Ragini reached home. She was still smiling. Then she saw all the lights were off. She opened the door and the lights came on.
SURPRISE- everyone shouted.
Swanj went running to Ragini who was surprised.
Swa- how was our gift then?
Ragini-Superb. U did all this for me. Thank so much she hugged her and sed I luv u.
Swa- I luv u too di. Now stop before someone gets jealous. Anjali looked at them with fake anger. Swaragini hugged her.
Swaragini- we luv to Miss universe. Anjali smiled and hugged them back.
Anj- go Ragini get ready quickly. Ur dress and accessories are ready for u. Get changed quickly. Ragini went upstairs and got changed.

Sanskaar came downstairs in a suit. He was look damn hot. All the guests were waiting for him. They all came and wished him. Many girls were just looking at Sans trying to get a chance with him to dance but he wasn’t interested. Laksh was already dancing with girls. Adi called Sanslakutt. He gathered his family.

Adi- I know u all wanted to meet her eagerly and ur wait is now over. There she is, the love of my life. He was pointing at a girl who was coming towards them in a long black gown, her hair were beautifully tied in a bun. She had black and silver accessories. She was so beautiful like a fairy.
She came to the family and says Hi. All smiled seeing her.
Ap caresses her face- so this my DIL. She is so beautiful. The girl blushed.

Adi- her name is Parineeta.
Suj- Parineeta, nice name. I like it.
Pari-Thank u. I really wanted to meet u all. Adi has told me a lot about u.
Sumi-really but Adi hasn’t told anything about u.
Rp- very bad Adi
Adi- that’s because I wanted u to meet her tell me what u think. BTW Pari is a teacher in Vampire Academy.

There is also a Vampire Academy in India, which Adi had made, he owns it. Adi is the head teacher of the Academy and Pari is one of the teachers who work there.

Dp-well jodi does look awesome.
Adi and parineeta (Parish) smile.
Shek- but when is the engagement?
Pari- it is the day after tomorrow
All the elders- ok the we should start preparations from tomorrow. They all left blessing Parish.

Sanlakutt come to Parish.
Utt- wow bhaiya. Bhabhi is so beautiful. That’s why u didn’t show any pics. Adi smiled.
Sanlak- yes we agree with uttara.
lak- bhai u have to tell the story. How did u meet and all?
Parish look at each other. Adi starts telling the story whilst Sanlakutt are listening carefully.

@Rose Mansion
Ragini comes down wearing a long dark blue dress with matching accessories, her hair were straight and open. She wore high heel. She looked gorgeous.
Anjali comes and puts kala teeka at the back of her ear.
Anj- hope u get no evil eye.
Swa-wow, u are looking amazing
Rag-not more than u.
Anj-my both princess are gorgeous. ok come now lets go the guests are waiting. Swaragini went and Anjali stood there in her thoughts talking to herself.
Anj- wish u were her Sumi. So u could see ur daughters. they have grown up so fast. I have tried all my best to make sure they don’t feel u r not there. Anjali gets teary eyes and she goes in flashback.

Flashback starts.
All gathered up as Anjali told them that she will come up with a solution and she did.
Anj- ok I will tell u wat solution I came with. She keep her her hands on Sumi.
Anj- I think we should separate Swaragini and Sanlak for the time being. All looked confusingly at her.
Dp- what do u mean?
Anj- what I mean is that we can separate them so that whoever is after them will not know what happened the children. Whoever is behind them needs all 4 together to get their powers. If they are apart it is no use. They will stop looking. I thought to take Swaragini to the human world and live with them as normal humans until everything is cooled. I have to do this becuz no one knows me. U should all go faraway with Sanlak. All were shocked.
Sumi- di how can I live without my Swaragini. They are my life.
Anj- and right now someone wants to make their powers their own life. I understand it will be hard for u. It will be hard for any mother. But try to understand all of u. Ur children’s lives are in danger. I’m only saying to keep them separate until the kids have grown up and they know the right and wrong. Then they will be powerful to defeat anyone.
Shek with tears in his eyes- I agree with di. It is for the betterment of our children. All agreed. Sumi cried vigorously. Ap,Sujatha and Anjali consoled her. They were crying also.

The next day all were ready to leave. Sumi and shekhar hugged Swaragini cryingly and handed them to Anjali.
Anj- I’m sorry Sumi I know u are very hurt.
Sumi-no di. I can understand. plz take good care of them and fulfil all there wishes she kisses Swaragini on their forhead.
Anjali swooshed her finger and sparkles came out her finger. She rubbed her hand gently on Swaragini.
Anj- they are now normal human being but they will be Vampires again once Swara becomes 20 yrs old and that’s maybe when we can tell the truth. Also we should not contact each other in any way. All agreed.
The family left with Sumi and shekhar. Anjali made her way out of the forest with Swaragini where All 3 lived as humans.
Flashback ends

Whilst Anjali was remembering the past. Swara called her.
Anj – Swara beta I’m coming beta and she goes.

Epi ends…..

Precap- Sanlakutt first day in Swaragini’s college……Ragsan first meeting……Swalak first meeting….Anjali receives an invitation to Parish’s engagement….

Thank u all for u lovely comment. I hope u like this epi. Thank u all for reading also the silent reader. Luv u all. Plz do comment?.

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