Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 5


Heyy… I am back with another episode. Thank u all for ur lovely comments. Enjoy this epi?

Epi starts…..
Swaragini are in their blue BMW…Ragini was driving, Swara puts on music….the song sooraj dooba hai yaaron starts playing.
Swaragini’s favourite song. Both were enjoying the song on their way to college.

As swaragini both got out of the car. All the boys were staring at them. Swaragini were the hottest and popular girls of college…All the other girls looked at them jealously. Ragini went to went her fashion designing class and Swara went to her Dance class. Both sisters loved music also.They were college toppers in all their subjects.

In Paris…..
A big mansion is shown….3 men are sitting at the dining table have their lunch. One man looks at his phone making a call. He is non other than Dp and the other 2 men are Shekhar and Rp.
Shekhar- where’s Sanskaar and Lucky
Rp- u na their usual routine….one of them is gone horse riding and the other is gone bike riding. They will be back in the evening.
A girl comes and goes to Rp. She is Uttara (utt)

Utt-dad, plz can you sign this letter. It’s for today’s trip I told u about.
Rp- yes of course and he signs the paper.
Utt-thanks dad and she leaves saying that. All 3 also leave for work.

In paris a boy is riding a horse very fast. His face could not be seen because of the helmet. He stops and gets off. He takes off his helmet and revealed his face….it was Sanskaar. He was hot, dashing and handsome. He saw the time and made his way home.

On the other side in Paris there was another boy riding a bike in full speed. He was carefree. He stopped outside a Mansion. It was called ‘Swaragini Mansion’. The boy took of his helmet and it was….Lucky, he was also damn handsome and dashing. He went to name board of the Mansion and talked to himself.
Lucky looking at the name ‘Swaragini’. He say- why? Why is this called Swaragini? This is my house but no one in our family is called that. Who is it?.

Lucky always has wondered why the mansion he lives in called ‘Swaragini? He asked his parents many times but they never sed anything. He parked his bike and in speed went inside the mansion.

Uttara had already came back from her trip
Utt-bhai ur here?
Lucky- nahi nahi, some bhoot is here.
Utt-ha ha very funny. Where is sanskaar bhai?
Sanskaar- here I am my princess.Giving Utt a big hug.
Lucky- bhai, how can u forget me?He made a sad face.
Sanskaar-awww how can I forget u champ. Come here. All 3 of them hugged.
Utt-I miss Adi bhaiya. Wish he was here. Its been 3 years since he has gone India and did not even come back to visit even once.
Sanlak- we miss him too.

Just then Sumi, Ap and Sujatha entered coming back from work. They were the very famous fashion designers in Paris. Their designer labels was ‘SR Collections’.
Sujatha-arey why r u 3 standing at the door?
Sans-Mom we just came from riding.
Suj-oh right. Let’s get freshened up quickly I think the dinner is ready.
Sumi- wait, did u all get ur Rose essence dose today?
Sanlakutt-they ran to her and hugged her and said yes miss world.
Sanlakutt called sumi miss world.They were very close to her. Sumi also loved them very much like her own kids….especially Uttara…she reminded her of Swaragini.

Sumi- well done! Now u will get ur fav dessert made by me.
Sanlakutt- ICE-CREAM??yaaay. They loved ice cream made by sumi.
Ap- but first dinner. Ok
Sanlakutt making sad face- Ok
Dp, Rp and shekhar came and they all had dinner.

@Back in India-Rose Mansion (RM-Swaragini’s house)
Swara and Anjali were planning surprise birthday party for Ragini. It’s her birthday tomorrow.
Swa-we can have the lighting here and the whole mansion will be decorated with lilies
Anj- Great and I have already talked to the caterers so that’s done. Everything is going according to plan.
Ragini comes in the room. Swara and Anj start talking about something else.
Ragini- masi I am going to sleep I have a class test tommorow. She said good night to both. All went to sleep.

@In Paris SR mansion
Sumi and shekhar are in their room. Sumi has tears in her eyes.

FB starts 18 years ago-
A day after the next full moon, A lady comes to GM. Sumi hugs her happily.
Sumi- Di u are here? What a pleasant surprise? She hugs the lady again. The lady hugs her back and her face shown. She was Anjali.
Anj- hahaha I knw u would be surprised. Well how did u like the surprise?
Sumi- superb. U knw how much I missed u?
Anj- not more than me
Sumi- awww. oh no look at me I’m just here talking and didn’t even call u in. Come in didi. Anjali comes in. Shekhar is happy to see her. Shekhar, Dp and Rp has always thought of her as their sister. She was the eldest and they were all very fond of them.
Shekhar-Today u are here na we will have dinner together with Maheswari family. But we wont tell tell them u r here. It will be a surprise for them.
Anj and Sumi- ok?

Shekhar calls Dp
Dp- hello shek. Yes what happened?
Shek-today is dinner at my place. Exactly at 7. Ok?
Dp- ok. I will tell all. But why are u sounding so happy?
Shek-it’s a surprise. u come here u will know. Ok bye now see u then
Dp- ok ok. See u.

Maheswari family came to GM and rang the bell. The servants opened the door and let them in.
Sumi came and welcomed them.
They were all sitting.
Rp- shek u sed there is surprise. Well where is it?
Shek- ok sumi I think we should show them. He went in a room and bought Anjali. All got surprised. They were very happy.
Rp and Dp ran to Anjali and hugged her. They had lots to talk about.
Sumi- we should eat first then we can all talk.
After dinner….all were sitting down Anjali was holding Ragini and was talking everyone
Sujatha- Didi we need to tell u something. All agreed.
Anj-what is it? Everything alright?
Ap- thats the thing di. Nothing is alright.
Anj- tell me properly everything.

Rp told everything that happened.
Anj was shocked.
Anj- we need to come with a solution quick. Else it could be too late. Let me think through the night and we will discuss this tomorrow. But for tonight we all sleep peacefully and don’t worry. I am here na. All got a little happy.
Flashback Ends….

Sumi- u know shekhar tomorrow is our Ragini’s 22nd birthday. I wish I was able to see it. I knw we cut the cake on their birthdays every year but it’s different.
Shek also crying- I knw very well Sumi, how can I not knw my princess’s birthday….I wanna know how my swaragini are.
Sumi- mee too shekhar.
Shek-lets sleep u are looking very tired.
They both slept.
In sans room Sans was sleeping.

He was dreaming of a girl(4yrs old Ragini but he doesn’t know who she is). In his dream he saw himself playing with Ragini after a while Ragini is gone missing. Sans wakes up sweating. He thought who is that girl. The little boy was me but who was she? Do I knw her? How is she connected to me? Thinking of that he saw the time was 12am. He thought he should sleep and went to sleep. This wasn’t the first time he had this dream. He has been having this same dream for 18 yrs. First he couldn’t see the faces but now he can see clearly but he doesn’t know the meaning of those dreams.

@In India- Rose Mansion
It was 12 at night. Swara and Anjali went Ragini’s room quietly. Her room was light purple and Mint green, it looked awesome. Swanj went to Ragini’s bed and shouted Happy Birthday. Ragini woke up. She was happy seeing them but same has sanskaar she felt that something is always missing on her birthday but she don’t know what.
Swara hugged her – happy birthday di. U knw ur the world’s best di.
Anj-hmmm true
Ragini making a cute face- where is my present?
Swa-u will get it tomorrow when u come home from college ok ladoo.
Ragini-ok but let me sleep now. I have class test tomorrow.
Anj- come swara let’s go. Let my princess sleep.
Swa- huh, what about me?

Anj- yes my drama queen. u are also my princess. Both Swaragini kiss Anj on her cheeks and after that they all went to sleep.

@Next morning in Paris, SR Mansion.
Everyone is were standing in sanskaar’s room besides his bed. Sujatha sat on the bed next to sans and asked him to wake up. He woke up and saw all in his room.
Sans- mom, dad, miss world, mr world (shekhar), badi mom what are u all doing here?
Lucky sleepily- what we do every year. He yawned. Dp glared at him.
Sans- what do u mean?
All say Happy birthday sanskaar. But sans wasn’t much happy. He was never happy on his birthday. He always felt something missing on his birthday but he didn’t know what.
Sans- thank u all he smiled for the sake of his family. He never showed this feeling to them.
Utt- bhai, today is the last day of college let’s go. Get ready quickly.sans nodded. All went out and sans got ready for college. He waited outside the house for LakUtt. They finally came.
Sans-ready, steady, GO. all 3 ran in full speed. Everyday the have a race to college.

Epi ends……

Precap- Sanlakutt in Vampire Academy…….Maheswari family, Sumi and Shekhar go India……a party in Rose mansion……Ragsan feel each other presence…..A party in Maheswari Mansion

Guyz, I hope u enjoyed the epi. In the next epi u will find out the reason why Swaragini are faraway from their parents. Anyways. Plz comment. Its ur comments that encourage me too write. Thank u all for reading ?

Credit to: Lila

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