Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 4


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Epi starts…..

One year later…
There was a huge jungle….a woman was running after 2 girls…the woman was crying and shouting don’t go plz…stop….we can’t live without you….the girls turned around and said ma save us. Both girls had tears they let forward their hands. The woman was still trying to reach them but she couldn’t…she felt as if someone is pulling the girls faraway from her…..
SWARAGINIIIII…shouted Sumi waking up. It was her dream. Sumi was sweating all over…the dream felt very real to her, she felt scared. From her shouting shekhar woke up.
Shekhar-mishti wat happened? He hugged her…sumi was unable to speak. She was very terrified. It was the third time this week she had the same dream….
Shekhar- was it that dream again?
Sumi noded yes.
Shekhar- sumi don’t worry it was just a dream. Nothing will happen to our Swaragini. Saying this he made sumi asleep. She slept peacefully keeping her head on his lap.

@Next morning in MM
Everyone was having breakfast.
Sujatha-our children are growing up really fast it’s was like yesterday they were born. Ragsan are 4 years old and Swalak are 2 years old.
All agreed….
After breakfast the ladies were working as they were working they felt like something bad was going to happen but they didn’t give it a much thought left it . All the children were playing inside the mansion. Adharsh (Adi) was 9 years old (Adi played by Faisal Khan)…he was practicing his powers but he was with them. (4yrs old ragini played by Harshaali Malhotra and 4 yrs old Sanskaar played by Khushmeet Gill. Pix are shown on the display pic) Ragsan as usual was playing quietly with their powers. Making each other laugh showing new tricks. Whilst Swalak were just using powers on each other…sometime Swara would twirl her finger and Mud would fall on Lucky. Sometimes Lucky would twirl his finger and water would fall Swara. Both always did tricks on each other. Although they were only 2 yrs
old they use their powers the most in the house.
The day arrived. The day when the moon is aligned with all the planets. The day the person 2 was waiting for. The full moon came out.
The children were playing with Adi in the tree house…the tree house was a little faraway from the mansion. Their parents did not worry as they have sent a servant with them.

All were sitting down talking to each other and enjoying a cup of tea.
Dp saw the full moon and got worried. Something came his mind.
Dp- shekhar what day is it?
Shekhar told him the date.
Dp- OMG, how can I forget this? Rp and shekhar today is the night that comes every 50 years. All stared at him worriedly.They knew what this meant.
Sumi terrifyingly- our children are not here. They are in the tree house.
Ap- we need to get them before anything happens.
Dp- Rp and shekhar you go and get the children whilst I find a way to protect us all somehow.
Rp and Shekhar speedily went to the door to get out but they bounced back. They couldn’t get out. There was shield around the whole mansion. It was stopping them from going out. Even their powers wouldn’t work because of the shield.
Rp and shekhar when to others
Rp- bhai, we can’t get out. There is a shield around the mansion.
Shekhar- even our powers won’t work.
Sumi started getting tears in her eyes…my dream is coming true she said.
Ap- what dream?
Shekhar- she had a dream that someone is taking swaragini away from.
Sumi- I’ve been getting this werid feeling since this yesterday.
Sujatha and Ap were shocked.

Ap- I’ve been also getting a strange feeling.
Sujatha- same with me, it was as if something bad will happen.
Shekhar, Rp and Dp were now fully tensed.
Rp- this isn’t a coincidence that today is that night, there is a shield around the mansion and u all 3 were getting a bad feeling.
Shekhar- this means our children are in danger.
Dp- we need to find a way to get out of here.

@Tree House
Adi and Ragsan were playing with a ball. Swalak were laying down and looking at the stars. This was the first time they were laying quietly and holding hands?. Adi then accidentally threw the ball faraway.
Adi and Sanskaar went to the servant.
Adi- uncle, our ball fell faraway can u get it? We will come with u and show u where its is.
Serv-ok beta, lets go

Up in the tree house swaraglak were alone…Ragini put the protection shield around herself and Swalak.

A few minutes later there was a noise like someone climbing the tree. It was a man he broke the light bulb and he went near Swaraglak. It was too dark to see.
Man in Adi’s voice- ragu, put the shield down it’s ur Adi bhaiya. Ragini put the shield down. The man came close to them. Ragini sensed he was dangerous as he got close. She was about to put the shield again.
Ragini whispered-Sanskaar

Sanskaar heard her. He pulled Adi’s hand and pointed to the tree house.
Adi- what happened Sanskaar? Something wrong. Sanskaar just pointed to tree house and said t-t-trouble. Of course he couldn’t speak fully. He was just 4 yrs old
Adi- What? We need to go and check on Swaraglak. He told the servant lets go back to the tree house there is a problem and all 3 went in a fast speed.
The servant was standing under the tree house and AdiSan were climbing the tree. When someone came and made the servant unconscious. AdiSan got up the tree.
Adi-Sanskaar put the shield on all.
Sanskaar put the shield on all. Adi came in front of the man and did his karate moves. He kicked the man and he fell. The man got up angrily and pushed Adi over. Adi became unconscious.

Whilst all was happening in the forest, everyone in MM were thinking how to get out.
Suddenly Sujatha remembered something.
Sujatha- omg, how can we forget this?
Ap- forget what?
Sujatha-remember di, when both mansions were built we made an underground tunnel that linked together both mansion. If we go through it we can get to GM and get out. There is only shield on MM but not on GM.
Dp-that’s a good idea. Let’s go.
They all went to the tunnel door and went to GM. They saw through the windows that were guards outside.
Sumi-me, Ap and Sujatha can handle all of them you 3 go and get the children. All 3 hubbys went out through the door in full speed. The guards fell down as they were standing at the door. They were about to follow them just then the wives came and started fighting all the guards one by one.

@Tree House
The 3 hubbys reached and saw Adi was laying unconscious and sanskaar standing in front of the man showing his Vampire teeth angrily. Rp, Dp and Shekhar were shocked as it was impossible for a 4 yrs old to have teeth. But they did not need to worry about that right now. Rp went to the Adi and healed his wounds but Adi was still unconsious he told sanskaar to get in the shield. Shekhar and Dp grabbed the man from the neck.
Dp- who sent u? Tell us now or ur dead.
Man- I won’t tell.
Shekhar angrily- I don’t think he’s gonna talk like this. He swooshed his hand there were scratches on the man’s face. The man screamed in pain. He still didn’t talk. Dp and shekhar kicked him of the tree house. Few more mens came. Dp, Shekhar and Rp fighted will all and killed them but the one shekhar scratched ran away.
Ap, sujatha and Sumi came there they went to the children and hugged them.
Sumi- who were they?
Shekhar- we don’t know.
Rp- whoever they were will come back. This isn’t over.

Suddenly a hologram of a man came on the sky. But you couldn’t see his face.
Man – he’s right. This isn’t over. I failed this time but next time I will attack with full power. I will get what I want. I always do. He laughed evily and the hologram was gone. Leaving both families horried and scared.


18 years later….
In big mansion, a beautiful girl is praying. Her hair is open and curled from bottom. She is wearing a long mint colour skirt with a sky blue top. She has mint coloured scarf around her neck matching her skirt. She wore long dangly earrings, she has light make up on. A woman calls her- Ragini beta. Come here and wake up ur lazy sister or she will get late again for college. Yes guys that’s our beautiful, gorgeous Ragini.
Ragini-ay masi (coming aunt) saying this she quickly finished her praying and went running to a room. The room was baby pink and blue. The wallpaper was pink and had blue flowers were all over. They room looked awesome. On one wall there was a vampire poster. A pretty girl was sleeping one the blue coloured bed. She was smiling cutely. She was our Swara
Ragini- Swara betaaa sarcastically, get up or u will get late.
Swara sleepingly- what di? Let me sleep. Its getting interesting.
Ragini pinched her and said is it interesting now? She started laughing.
Swara woke up- OUCH, di that really hurts. I sed na I am getting up.
Rag tauntingly-ha han, I could see u were getting up.
Swa- u knw di, I had a dream of vampires again.
Swaragini both loved vampires. They never knew why but they felt so attached to it. They even pretended sometimes that they are vampires.
Rag-kash, swara hum vampires hotay.
Swa- yes di I agree.
Rag- ok forget this. Anjali masi is calling. Look at the time madam.
Swa-omg, I’m gonna be late. She went to the bathroom and quickly got freshened up.

@Dining Table
A woman came from the kitchen with breakfast. It was Anjali, masi of Swaragini, ( role of Anjali will be played by Daljeet kaur bhanot)
Ragini took a toast and started eating fast.
Anj-Ragini beta, where is swara?
Rag- she’s getting ready masi. Look here she comes. Swara came downstairs in a long pink skirt with yellow top. She also had light make up, her hair were straight open and she had a hairband on. She looked gorgeous.
Anj- come swara, eat breakfast. Swa- no, we are getting I will eat from college.
Anj- ok but make sure u do.
Swaragini took Anj’s blessing and sed bye. They both left for college.

Epi ends…

Precap-swaragini enter college…2 boys are introduced…Flashbacks of 18 yrs ago….

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Credit to: Lila

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