Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 3


Hey guys I’m back with Episode 3
B4 I strt I wud lyk to say I am huge fan of Eva, Sindhu rm, Nidhi, Shailu and Megha. U all write with feelings. I love ur ffs. Sorry I was going to mention this on epi 1. I forgot?.

Epi starts….

Everyone were at dining table for breakfast….
Dp-shekhar and Rp it’s been one month we all need to go and get monthly dose from Vampire Services Hospital (VSH). It is important for Ragsan now as they are one month old so they can have their first dose of red rose essence.
monthly dose from Vampire Services Hospital (VSH). It is important for Ragsan now as they are one month old so they can have their first dose of red rose essence.

Rp- yes bhai, I will make an appointment with Dr Raichand.

Dr Raichand (Dr R) is their family doctor for men and Dr Sakshi (Dr S) is family doctor for the ladies.

Ap- Don’t worry about that. I have already made an appointment for all with both doctors. We can all go after breakfast.
Dp-ok that’s great.

The ladies went to different room with ragini and the men went to different room with sanskaar.
In the mens room all had their injection but not sanskaar and Rp.Both were just staring at the needle.

Dp-come on Rp it’s ur turn.
Rp didn’t budge he was still and staring at the needle. Even though Rp has injection every month he is always scared of it. Dp and shekhar both have to use their powers to make him sit still.

Shekhar- yaar Rp ab tu tum ek daddy bhan gy ho aur abhi bhi injection se dar rahe ho.(You have become a father and still ur scared of injection)
Shekhar took sanskaar in his arms and Dp made Rp sit still using his powers, holding Rp’s arms.
Rp -bhai plz leave me. Plz
Dp-u know na this is very important
Rp-ok bhai but still he was scared. Finally he got his injection done and now it was sanskaar’s turn. Who was making a cute and emotional facial expressions at all 3 of them.They understood he was scared of injection.

Shekhar- Dp yaar I think sanskaar has also gone on Rp.
Dp-hmmm true
Dr R bought the injection near sanskaar but sanskaar winked at the injection and it flew across the room.
Sanskaar was using his powers being one month old.
Dp and Rp covered his eyes so he can’t see the injection. Dr R quickly gave the injection to sanskaar. He screamed but then quietened down.

They came out of the room laughing. Their wives were waiting for them in waiting area.
Sumi- Why are u all laughing so much?
Shekhar told the event that happened in the room.
They all started laughing
Sujatha- now u have one more to handle. She was taunting Rp. Our ragini was so quiet. Like a good girl she got the injection.
Shekhar- well she is my daughter.like father, like daughter.

Like this living their daily life 9 months were gone.
Ragsan were growing up fast. They were now 10 months. Both were crawling when Ap came to them. She saw something on the back of their necks it was a mark like tattoo. She called everyone and showed them. They all new what it meant.
Shekhar- so our Ragsan are the 2 out 4 from chosen charmed ones.
Dp happily-the legend is true then. Yes they are the 2 charmed ones.

The marks that ragsan had. on back of their necks was a mark that only charmed ones have. Total in the world there are 4 charmed ones who are chosen to protect the all the good vampires on Earth . Ragsan were 2 of the 4 charmed ones. But who were the other 2? ( u will find out later).The charmed ones hold an ultimate power that no other vampire have.This also meant Ragsan were more powerful than their parents and any other vampire out there. It’s a power that the bad vampires desire for themselves to rule the earth.

All were very happy after knowing that Ragsan were charmed.

2 years later (leap)
@VS Hospital
Ap was in labour. She was in OT whilst all waited outside. Sumi was also pregnant.
All of a sudden the light came from the room and a baby crying.
Dr S came out holding a cute baby boy in her arms.

Dr S- congratulations u have a baby boy she sed to Dp.
Dp’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness. He held the baby in his hand and looked at him. The baby’s dark chocolate coloured eyes stared right back at him.
Rp and Shekhar- congratulations
All were hugging each other.

Next day….naming ceremony for the baby boy. All were sitting down when suddenly Sumi started getting labour pain. Shekhar held her in his arms and rushed in a fast speed to the hospital. he reached the hospital in few seconds. He took her to the Operation Theatre. Rp, Dp came running in speed. They all were waiting for the doctor. Sujatha was at home with Ap and the kids.

The bright light and a sound a baby crying came from OT. The OT light turned off and Dr S came out room…

Dr S- This ur daughter. Congratulations u have another daughter Mr Gadodia. Shekhar was in 7th cloud….he was sooo happy. He has always wanted 2 daughters.

Shekhar- Thank u doctor. Can I meet Sumi?
Dr S- yes u can after we move her to the normal ward.
Dp and Rp- congratulations. Ur wish came true shekhar.
Sumi is now home…All decided to keep both baby’s name now.
Ap said to Sumi- she looks a lot like our Ragini.
Everyone agreed to that.
Rp- let decided the name now. I really want to know
Dp- I want shekhar to keep my son’s name.
Shekher smilingly-As u all know I wanted to 2 daughters and my wish came true just a day after ur son was born Ap bhabhi. Therefore I would name him…..LAKSH and with love we will call him Lucky as he was lucky for me.
All smiled.
Ap-thats such good name looking at lucky, who was smiling mischievously.
Shekhar said to Dp- I have always thought u as my elder brother and with that respect I want u to name my daughter.
Dp happily- I have decided to keep ur daughter’s name as…..SWARA.

Rp- wow great name… Now Swara and Ragini will be like SwaRagini together.
Sujatha. Nice work hubby…. The way u combined their names was awesome..
Everyone like the name SwaRagini that Rp kept. Swaragini music plays………….

Just like that another 10 months past. Swalak were very mischievous. They used their powers on each others. Whilst Ragsan played calmly with each other. They always seemed together. Ragsan have started talking a little. Ragini’s first word was sanskaar. And sanky’s first word was ragini. But both couldn’t say the names properly.

Sumi, Ap and Sujatha came in the room fastly… Sumi and Ap took Swalak apart as they were using their powers on each other.
Sujatha- arey, what shall we do with two? They are always fighting or using powers. Saying this she went to Swalak pulling their cheeks.
Sujatha- learn something from ur siblings. Look at them. How they are playing calmly like good children but u 2 are like devils.
Swalak eyed each other angrily as if they understood what Sujatha said. Ap and Sumi weren’t concentrating on what was happening around them. They both were looking at Swalak’s neck. Then they look at each other and both understood the look.

There was the same mark at the back Swalak’s neck. Same to the one Ragsan had. The wives called their husbands and told them everything….

Dp- I can’t believe that the 4 chosen charmed ones were from our family. He was happy. They all were. It was like a proud feeling. But they all also had a little fear in them.

Shekhar- now we know, who the charmed ones are…but there is one problem…(all understood what he meant.) we need to be more careful now as of now even our children’s have enemies. Their lives are in danger.
Rp- …And it’s our duty to protect them. All noded their heads.
As they were talking…again someone were taking their pix. Especially of Ragsan and Swalak. It was the same person who took the party pix. This time you could see the person’s hand it was a little burnt.
Somewhere far away in the forest was another big mansion called ‘Kapoor Mansion’
the person who was taking the pix showed person 2 the photographs he took.
Person 2-so they are the charmed ones. Looking at Swalak and Ragsan pix.
Person 1-yes sir, what will u do sir?
Person 2-I will not do anything now but next yr.
Person1- why next yr sir?
Person 2- because next yr is the night that only comes once in 50 yrs. It is when the planets are aligned with the moon. No protection power works. Only the the charmed ones have protection power that day. But they are children they won’t know how to use it. (person 2 was underestimating Ragsan and Swalak. He didn’t know that even as kids ragsan and swalak are very clever) we will attack when there is no protection which is that night when the full moon rises. we will use this advantage to get what we want.
He started laughing evilly.

Epi ends…..

Precap- one year leap….Ragsan playing…Swalak messing about with other…and then the attack

Thank u all for reading. I hope it’s not boring…plz tell me if u r getting bored. Also plz comment about how the epi was. Even the silent readers plz comment. I wanna know what u think.

Credit to: Lila

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