Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 2


Hello beautiful people…Thank u all for liking my ff and supporting me. Thank u to silent readers also. I’m back with Episode 2 so enjoy?.

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Epi starts….
The sun rising from the east… making the sky look beautiful.

@GM and MM
Sumi wakes up…she turned to her left and saw her cute daughter and husband sleeping peacefully. She wakes shekhar up. He immediately woke up.
Shekhar smilingly-good morning dear.
Sumi-good morning. Get ready quick before baby wakes up. Shekhar noded yes and went to get ready for breakfast then naming ceremony.

@The dining table
Both families were having breakfast except Sumi. She was making her daugther ready. Sujatha was was holding her son and struggling to eat as her baby son was fidgeting and moving around and kicking in her lap. Sujatha couldn’t keep him still. Until Sumi bought her baby to the dining table. The baby boy stopped fidgeting and stayed still.It was as if he knew she was in the same room. He smiled cutely and was quiet. Sujatha was astonished as she couldn’t stop him but as soon as baby girl came he stopped. In Sumi’s lap baby girl was also smiling. Everyone looked at both babies and understood they were special in some way and they had this unexplainable bond. All went back to eating.

Although they are vampires they like to do things(cooking, rituals, eating, etc) like humans and one main reason they do this is so that no one suspects they are vampires. Their identity should be kept hidden always. Shekhar, Rp and Dp are the most powerful vampires alive. They have a lot of enemies. Who want their powers. Maheshwari and Gadodia Family are modern and stylish. They all wore suitable clothes and only wore traditional clothes on special occasions. Normal days the ladies wore long maxi dresses and the men wore trouser and long coats. (in my story) Good vampires only drink animal blood but they can also eat normal human food but as both families loves human food they eat that so they don’t drink animal blood they find it disgusting. Gadodia and Maheshwari family take red rose essences every month to keep up their strength. This is because blood gives them strength but as they don’t drink animal blood they have to have essence of red rose. Essence of red rose has the same or even more strength and energy as blood. It can be very dangerous to their lives if they don’t take red rose essences.

@Naming Ceremony
The ceremony was just between the familiy. They all sat together.
Ap- What are u going to call your daughter sumi?
Sumi and Sujatha were smiling at each other. They have already decided the will keep each others baby’s name.
Dp- that’s a brilliant idea
Sujatha held the baby girl in her hand and says she is so beautiful like her mum….I will keep her name…….RAGINI.
All loved the name very much.
Now it was Sumi’s turn. She took the baby boy in arms.

Sumi- He is very handsome but very mischievous as well like his father. I have decided to name him……..SANSKAAR.
All were happy with the names.
Shekhar-this calls for a celebration. lets have a grand party for our newest members of the family. We should invite everyone (vampires). After all they all should know that Sanskaar and Ragini are the next in line for being the leaders of vampire clan.
Rp- yes obviously we will have a party. Each and every corner of this mansion will be fully decorated beautifully.
All agreed with this. The ladies were the most happy and excited. It’s been a while since they had a party.
Later in the evening whilst everyone was getting ready for the party, the servants were cleaning and decorating the whole mansion with pink and white net curtains and balloons. The flowers were also pink and white. The mansion looked so amazing.

Adharsh (Adi) was playing with sanskaar and ragini, who were both laying on bed holding hands and baby talking. It was like they are having a convo that only they both understand.
Dp on the other hand appointed extra guards to secure Ragsan in the party.

Guests started coming in with presents…all were waiting eagerly to see the babies. In the bar, Shekhar, Dp and Rp were drinking champagne with their friends. They were wearing suits with ties. After a while Sumi, Sujatha and Ap came downstairs dressed in long floral dresses and their hair was left open in curls. They looked so gorgeous that their husbands were mesmerised seeing them and there mouth were left open.?

Sumi coming towards shekhar and whispered in his ear teasingly- shekhar close ur mouth or a fly will go in. Shekhar composed himself coming back to his senses.
Sujatha went to Rp-what happened to u? Why is ur mouth opened? All the guests are staring. Rp looked around so many people were looking at him weirdly. He closed his mouth and smiled.
After that Ap went to Dp he was shocked. He has never seen Ap in open hair before. She always has it tied up in ponytail or a bun.
All 3 husbands were blushing?

Shekhar to dp and rp- lagta hai ke aaj chand zameen par uthar aya hai. (looks like the moon came down to earth today). Rp and Dp noded and said yes, our wives look very beautiful. Their wives heard this and all three of them gave teasingly smile to their husbands and went from their.

After a while…Dp clinged his glass. Getting everyone’s attention to him.
Dp- ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure u all may know why this party is being held and u all are waiting to the see the heir to being the next leaders of our vampire clan. Well the wait is over… Please welcome….Sanskaar and Ragini…all started to clap. Dp moved aside and with his powers he moved the curtains on the stage to the side. Behind the cutains were. Sujatha holding Ragini and Sumi holding Sanskaar. Adi was holding Ap’s hand walking along with Sujatha and Sumi on stage. Shekhar and Rp twirled their fingers around and rose petals started falling on Ragsan on stage making a grand enterance for them. Everyone in the party were very happy to see Ragsan. All praised them so much. Ragsan were indeed looking very adorable. Ragini had a small pink and white dress with flowers and Sanksaar wore small (babysize) white sherwani, in his pocket was baby pink kerchief matching Ragini’s dress.

Whilst all were busy praising and looking at the babies Ragsan. Everyone in the mansion were being watched by someone, who was from the window was taking pictures, full family pix and individuals pix. Most pix were taken of Ragsan. After hearing the security guard the person ran away in a very fast speed. As if they were never there. The party finished. All the guest went home. In the mansion all got changed in to their night clothes and went to sleep.

Epi ends…..

Precap- Ragsan growing up…..2 yrs leap…2 more babies being born….

Sorry I was meant to right about Ragsan growing up in this epi…dont worry I will in episode 3.Thank u all for supporting and reading my ff. I hope u like this epi. keep smiling, enjoy and plz comment even the silent readers.

Credit to: Lila

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