Swaragini- The Power of True Love Episode 1

Hi Guyz, It’s Lila here. This is my first ff. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy writing it. I will try update daily. I’m saying sorry in advance if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes….Also I have already decided the pairs and they are Ragsan & Swalak. I am a die hard fan of these couple. Plz don’t ask me to change the pairs and Plz support me. I will make sure I don’t disappoint anyone. Plz enjoy and comment. I will be waiting for your feedback?

Let’s get started then…

Quick Intro-
All the characters are them as the Tv show Swaragini. All will be vampires?but there will be humans too later on.
Shekhar Gadodia, Durga Parsad (Dp) and Ram Parsad (Rp) are the head of vampire clan. It is there job to protect other good vampires from their enemies and lead them. They all are good vampires. Shekhar and Dp are childhood best friends they have stayed with each other since then. They can give their lives for each other.
First few epi will be on the children’s childhood…later it be shown when they are grown up.
Episode 1-

Far away in the city of Dehradun…..2 Big mansions in the middle of the forest joined together as they were one…a forest that no one goes to even at day times. Humans believe there are ghosts living in the forest…

Coming back to the mansions, one was called Gadodia Mansion (GM) and one was called Maheshwari Mansion (MM). It was peace and quiet as if no one lived there then suddenly there were voices of 2 women screaming in pain. The voices were of Sumi and Sujatha screaming due to labour pain. Both of them were in labour.

Suddenly 2 men came running in a speed of sound to their wives. One was Shekhar Gadodia who ran to his wife Sumi and other was called Ram Parsad (Rp) who ran to his wife Sujatha. Both men were worried for their wives…Annapurna (Ap) was getting the room ready for delivery. Whilst Dp appeared from thin air behind him were 2 lady doctors (also vampires) so they can help both Sumi and Sujatha deliver the babies.

Sumi and Sujatha were holding hands whilst both in pain. They and Ap were best friends. Outside the room were Shekhar and Rp who were worried. Dp and Ap consoling them telling them to be happy as they were going to be fathers. Suddenly a small 5 years old boy comes running to Ap. It was Adharsh (in short I will say Adi) son of Dp and Ap. Adi was very excited as he was waiting for the arrival of the baby so there will be someone to play with him. As Adi is young his vampire teeth need to develop. Vampire teeth are developed when children are of 6 yrs.

Adi: Mom, when will the baby come?

Ap: soon beta you go to sleep and when you wake up tomorrow baby will be with u and all of us. Saying this she made Adi sleep in her lap.

After few hours a very bright sparkly light came from the delivery room shining, both mansions. It was so bright to see anything(vampire babies sparkly light up when they are born)…but cries of the babies could be heard. Outside the room all were surprised to see so much light. It’s true that vampire babies light up when born but this light was very bright and different from others.

Sumi and Sujatha are unconscious and will gain consious in an hour. The lady doctors came out bringing 2 adorable babies…one was a boy and one was a girl. As the doctors were holding the babies, the babies held each other’s hand as if they knew each other.

Their eyes were closed but they could feel each other’s presence. The doctors were surprised seeing this. They came out the room bringing the babies in their arms.

The first doc passed Shekhar his baby…it was a beautiful baby girl
On the other hand the second doc gave Rp his baby, which was a cute and handsome baby boy.

Doc 1- They both were born on same time, same moment.
All were surprised for a moment.
Shekhar: I can’t believe I have such a beautiful daughter. The baby smiled at her dad. I will give you everything in the world my princess because u have given me all the happiness coming in to our lives.

Ram: I’ve been blessed with a son. He looks handsome like me. See..look ..same same.
All started laughing…
Dp and Ap: congratulations both of you.

Suddenly both babies started crying. Everyone tried to stop them but they were crying so much and wouldn’t stop. Shekhar and Rp got close as they were passing by with the babies and the babies stopped crying. All realised that when the babies are close together they stop crying. There was a connection between them. They were inseparable. All were happy.

1 hour later Sumi and Sujatha got conscious. Shekhar and Rp both the babies to them and they both got extremely happy seeing their child. Tears of happiness were rolling from both mum’s eyes.

Epi ends…

Precap- Family deciding names for the babies…babies slowly growing up.

I really hope you guyz enjoyed this first episode. I am really nervous about what you think of it. Also my vampires will be a little different to other story or movie vampires. Guyz dont worry about the pairs I will make sure I give equal importance to both couples. Plz comment I would love to know what u think of my ff.

Thank u 4 reading

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    The scene I loved the most was when the two babies came together and stopped crying when they were close to each other.
    And one more thing, is there a reason that the parents were surprised that both the babies, the boy and girl were born at same time, same moment??

    1. Well they were a little surprised as there can be few minutes difference but there wasnt as It was exact time that why they were surprised.

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