Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi (Part 5)

Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi

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Part 5

Ragini/Mishti, Rudra and Anjana was coming to the saree shop where Nandita & Divya are. As they were about to enter, Ragini/Mishti saw AP, Sujata and Swara standing. Shocked, she stood at the entrance. Anjana looked at her and pats on her shoulder.

Anjana: Kya hua, di?
Ragini/Mishti: Nothing, Anju. Just feeling tired and stressed.
Rudra: If that’s the case, I’ll send you home first. Then, I’ll pick them up. Anju, please tell this to Bade Ma and Ma.
Anjana: Ok, Bhai. And Mishti di, please take good rest.
Ragini/Mishti: I will, dear. Happy shopping.

Anjana enters the shop while Rudra and Ragini/Mishti heads towards the parking. At the saree shop, Anjana tells Nandita and Divya about Ragini/Mishti. As they were continuing their purchase, AP and Sujata looked at the saree which was beside Nandita.

Sujata: Jijji, this saree is so nice. Why don’t we buy it for our Swara?
Swara: For me?
Sujata: Of course. You are our house’s bahu.

Sujata was about to take the saree when Nandita takes it.

Nandita: I’m sorry. But we have taken this saree.
AP: You are the Senguptas, right?
Divya: Yes, we are. But I’m sorry but I can’t recognize you.
AP: We are the Maheswaris. Our son, Sanskar have done a contract with your son, Rudra Sengupta.
Nandita: Di, I think they are the Karma Company’s, MD’s family.
Divya: Oh yes. Namaste.
AP: Aap yaha?
Anjana: We came to do some shopping for tomorrow’s party. And that saree is for…. (looking behind)…. Aap?

AP, Sujata, Swara, Uttara, Nandita and Divya looks at Laksh who just came there.

Laksh: Aap? Yaha?
AP: They are the Senguptas.
Laksh: Ohhh, then that man must be Rudra Sengupta.
Anjana: Yes.
Laksh: Where is your Bhai and Bhabhi?
Nandita & Divya: Bhabhi???
Anjana: Mishti Bhabhi was not feeling well so Bhai went to drop her.
AP: Your son is married?
Anjana (before Nandita could speak): Yes, my Bhai got married a few months ago.
AP: So, this saree must be for your daughter in law. What was her name again?
Nandita: Mishti Mitra….
Anjana: ….. Sengupta. Mishti Mitra Sengupta.
Swara: What a coincidence. My mother’s name is also Mishti.
Divya: That is really a coincidence. Even Mishti’s mother’s name is that.
AP: I forgot to introduce everyone. This is Sujata, my sister-like devrani. That is Uttara, our daughter and Swara, our bahu.
Swara (looking at Laksh): It’s Swara Sanskar Maheswari, aunty.
Laksh: Ma, have all your purchases done?
Divya: Who is this?
AP: This is my son, Lakshya.
Nandita: Iska biwi?
Swara: She was my sister.
Divya: What do you mean by “was”, beta?
Swara: She passed away. Few days ago.
Nandita: We are so sorry for that.
Swara (only to Laksh): My Ragini died because of you. You killed her. The blind love she had for you killed her. You are my sister’s murderer.
AP: We will take leave, first. Namaste.

The Maheswaris leave from there while Anjana explains whatever happened in the men’s store. Nandita and Divya smiled looking at each other.

Nandita: Di, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Divya: Yes, Nandita. But it is too soon. We need to wait some more.

At the Sengupta Mansion, Ragini/Mishti was accompanied by Rudra.

Ragini/Mishti: Rudra, you can go now. You still need to pick up them from the mall.
Rudra: No way. I mean…. I cannot just leave you like this in such condition. First, let me drop you till you room.
Ragini/Mishti: Rudra……

Rudra held Ragini/Mishti by her shoulder and brings her to the room. Seeing this, Ragini/Mishti got nostalgic how Laksh held her at the music academy when he came to meet her. Finally, Rudra makes Ragini/Mishti sit on the bed once they reach her room.

Rudra: Here ypu go.
Ragini/Mishti: Thank you.
Rudra: Dost ko kabhi thank you nehi bhol thi hai. you take some rest, I’ll get you some water. The jug is empty.

After Rudra left, tears begin to skip from Ragini’s eyes.

Ragini/Mishti: Hey bhagwan, why are you making me suffer. No, actually I deserve it for whatever I did with my family and my sister.
Rudra (coming in): If you have anything to share, I’m here for you.
Ragini/Mishti: Nothiing like that, Rudra.
Rudra: Mishti, I need to tell you something. The first time I saw you in the hospital when you gain your consciousness, I sensed the pain in your eyes. I know that it is your personal matter but you can trust me. Hiding your pain is not the way to forget it. if you ever want to talk about it, I’m there for you.

He places the water jug and was about to leave when Ragini/Mishti holds his hand. He turns around and sees her while she looks up at him. Rudra kneels down to Ragini/Mishti while she was still holding his hand. Ragini/Mishti starts telling him about her past like how her marriage was fixed with Laksh, how Swaragini became one to unite their parents, how Laksh fell in love with Swara, how Sanskar brainwashed her, how she did all the bad deeds, how she pushed Swara in the river, how she married Laksh, how she made Swasan married, how everyone got to know her truth, how she tried to drown herself in the river.

Hearing whatever Ragini/Mishti said, Rudra assured her by holding her hands in his.

Rudra: Mishti, it’s not your fault. Whoever would be in your place will also do the same deeds. There is no need to think about all those incidents anymore. It’s a high time for you to move on in your life. We are here for you. Ma, Bade Ma, Anjana and……. ME.

Ragini/Mishti looks at Rudra. The share a cute eye lock.

The screen freezes there………

To be continued………………

Precap: At the party, Ragini/Mishti was coming out of her room. At the same time, the Maheswaris enter Sengupta Mansion. Ragini was about to come down the stairs when she stands shocked.

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