Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi (Part 4)

Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi

Part 4

Sengupta Mansion:

Ragini/Mishti was on the bed, crying, thinking about her family, her so called true love, Laksh. Suddenly, she hears a knock on the room door. Wiping her tears and adjusting her shawl, she went to the door and opened it. The first thing she saw was a bouquet of flowers in front of her. She came forward to touch it when the bouquet tilted a bit, revealing a face hidden behind it.

Ragini/Mishti: Aap?
Rudra: Ya, I know. Surprise!!
Ragini/Mishti: What is this for?
Rudra: This?? To thank you for being my…. I meant our lucky charm.
Ragini/Mishti: But….
Rudra: Ya, I know that you don’t think yourself as one but still that’s the truth you cannot deny. So, accept this bouquet along with my friendship.
Ragini/Mishti: Friendship??
Rudra: Yes. Who can say no to make friend with such a sweet, innocent person like you. Will you give me the honor? (forwards his hand)
Ragini/Mishti: Yes, sure.
Anjana (coming up the stairs): Di!! Bhai!! Get ready, quick! We are going for shopping.
Ragini/Mishti: Shopping??
Rudra: Yes. I was about to tell you that tomorrow there is a small party on this new contract we got here.
Anjana: And we are going to buy new clothes for it. Chalo na, di.
Ragini/Mishti: No, you guys carry on. I’ll be at home.
Rudra: Let’s go, Mishti. Vaise bhi, you don’t say no to your friend.
Anjana: ….. and your sister.
Ragini/Mishti: Accha, I’ll get ready.

Maheswari Mansion (Laksh’s room):

Laksh was sitting on the bed, having a cup of tea while working on his laptop. As he reaches out to take a file from the side table, the tea cup falls on his pants.

Laksh: Oh!! Ragini?? Ragini!!!
Swara (hearing him shout): Won’t you let her be in peace even after she died???
Laksh: Swara?? I knew you would come. After all, you too love as much I do.
Swara: If you think that I came here for you, then it will the biggest misunderstanding of your life, Mr. Lakshya Maheswari. I am here as the daughter in law of this house. As Sanskar Maheswari’s wife.
Laksh: No, Swara. You can’t do this to me. I love you. I know I was stupid to believe that Ragini.
Swara: Don’t dare to utter her name from your sinful mouth. You have lost the rights to say her name.

She leaves from there while Laksh goes after Swara, calling for her. At that time, Annapurna calls Laksh down.

Laksh (coming down): Ji, Ma.
AP: Beta, all of us are going for shopping. Tomorrow we are going to the Senguptas’ party.
Sujata: Haan, chora. Take us. Your Chacha will not agree to bring me with him.
Laksh: Ok, Ma.

At a shopping plaza.

Nandita: Di, we will go that saree store, Mrs Varma told us.
Anjana: And I am bringing Mishti di with me to my favorite boutique.
Rudra: What about me?
Nandita: You go to any men’s store.
Anjana: Ma, you know na that Bhai only wears what we choose for him. He is a zero in choosing something.
Divya: I don’t know until when this boy will be like this.
Nandita: Will you find the bride on your own or for that also you will wait for us to choose?
Rudra: Bade Ma, stop teasing me.
Anjana: Chalo, bhai. This time you will wear what Mishti di chooses for you.
Ragini/Mishti: Me? But how can I?
Anjana: Why not, di? You are also a part of this family. Let’s not waste time and carry on with our hopping. Come on, bhai.

Anjana, Rudra, Ragini/Mishti went to the men’s store while Divya and Nandita went towards the saree store.

Here, Laksh parks the car at the parking area and comes out with the Maheswari ladies (including Swara). They enter the same shopping plaza where the Senguptas along with Ragini/Mishti are.

AP: Laksh, come with us.
Laksh: No, Ma, I’ll just hang out over here.
AP: As you wish, beta.

The ladies when into a saree store while Laksh was walking around. He stops in front of the same shop Ragini/Mishti is with Rudra and Anjana. He was about to walk in but at the moment his mobile rings. In the store……

Anjana: So, Di? Which one will you choose for my Rudra Bhai?
Ragini/Mishti (seeing a black tuxedo): This one.
Anjana: Awesome, di. How do you know that Bhai loves Tuxedos especially black colour.

Ragini/Mishti looks at Rudra who was already watching her. Both of them shares a cute yet awkward eye lock.

Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ik lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
Mujhko alfaaz bana lo
Dil ki aawaaz bana lo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana
Nasha hoon main behakne do
Mere kaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ik lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana

As Rudra and Ragini/Mishti were lost in each others eyes, Laksh ended his calls and pushed in the door and came into the shop, making Ragini/Mishti feeling uncomfortable.

Ragini/Mishti: Why am I feeling as if someone I love is around me?

She looks around but finds no one there.

Anjana: Di, are you okay?
Ragini/Mishti: Yes, I am fine. Just feeling somewhat dizzy.
Rudra: Then, you should have a seat, first. You wait over there. Anju and I will pay the bill and come.

Ragini/Mishti goes from there and while Anjana and Rudra goes to the cashier counter. Meanwhile, Laksh who was walking by the counter, saw the black tuxedo.

Laksh: Excuse me, how much is this?
Cashier: Sorry, sir. But this have already been selected by someone else.
Laksh: Do you have any other tuxedo like this.
Cashier: Sorry, sir. But this is a limited edition product by our company. Maybe you can talk to the person that selected this. There he comes (showing Rudra).
Laksh: Excuse me, can I just buy this?
Rudra: But I have already selected it.
Laksh: I know that. Maybe you can just let it go for me this time.
Anjana: We can’t. Bhai, pay for it and let’s go.
Laksh: Reconsider about it, please.
Anjana: Can’t you get it in once. We can’t let you buy this as….. as my bhabhi selected this for my bhai.
Rudra (low tone): Bhabhi?? Who??
Anjana: And if she got to know that gave her choice to someone else, she will be heart broken.
Laksh: Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe this is not meant for me.

Laksh goes from there while Rudra pulls Anjana closer to him.

Rudra: What is all this? And who did you meant by your bhabhi?
Anjana: The one chose this for you.
Rudra: Mishti??
Anjana: Bhai, this is a trick. You saw how he went away.

Rudra shook his head and paid for the suit. They then went to Ragini/Mishti who was sitting near the fitting room.

Ragini/Mishti: All done?
Rudra: Yup. Now, it’s your turn. Let go and join Ma and Bade Ma.

The trio went out from the store while Laksh was still outside there, busy on his phone. He turned and saw Rudra and Anjana walking with another girl (Ragini/Mishti).

Laksh (in mind): Maybe that is his wife.

Laksh turns around, continuing to talk in the phone.

The screen freezes on Ragini/Mishti & Laksh.

Precap: The hit and miss continues.

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