Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi (Part 3)


Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi


Part 3

The next day.

Dida’s house.

Sharmishta was in the kitchen with Dida when they hear someone ringing the door bell.

Dida: Shomi, go and see who is there.
Sumi: Ji, Ma.

She washes her hand comes to open the door and finds Sanskar standing there.

Sanskar: Good morning, Ma. May I come in?
Sumi: Come, Sanskar.
Sanskar (after sitting): Voh…. Ma…. I came to meet Swara. Actually, we both need to meet the lawyer.
Swara (coming from her room): Lawyer? Why, Sanskar?
Sanskar: For our divorce procedures, Swara. I know that you never wanted this marriage to happen.
Swara: But, Sanskar…..
Sanskar: Don’t worry about me, Swara. I have lost my love once. The second time will not be that painful.
Sumi: Swara, do you really want this divorce?
Swara: I wanted it, Ma. But, now I don’t. I want to give my marriage with Sanskar a chance.
Sanskar: Are you sure, Swara. If you don’t want it we can just…..
Swara: You just wait here. I’ll bring my bags.
Sumi (after Swara went to her room): Sanskar, I am sending my daughter with you because I really trust you. Please, don’t break it.
Sanskar: Don’t worry, Ma. I’ll not give you a chance to complain about (takes her blessing).
Dida: Achcha, have this sweet before leaving.
Sanskar: Sure, Dida.
Swara: Chale, Sanskar. Bye, Ma. Bye, Dida. I’ll visit you both often.

Swara and Sanskar leaves to MM.

Sengupta Mansion.

Divya, Nandita, Anjana and Rudra were at the dining table for lunch.

Rudra: Ma, how is Mishti?
Divya: She was sleeping in the morning when I went to her room.
Nandita: It is already her medicine time and she haven’t had anything. Let me wake her up.
Rudra (finishing his food): Bade Ma, let me go. You have your food.

Rudra excuses himself and goes upstairs to Ragini/Mishti’s room. He knocks on the door and finds it open. He slowly pushed the door and went in. Rudra looks at Ragini/Mishti who was still sleeping peacefully.

Rudra (comes near her): Mishti wake up, please. It is already lunch time.

Ragini/Mishti too slowly opens her eyes and gets shocked to find Rudra in her room. She places the dupatta around her neck while Rudra turns away.

Ragini/Mishti: Ji?
Rudra: Voh…. It is already lunch time and you need have your medicine…… so, I came to wake you up.
Ragini/Mishti: Oh my god!! 1 pm? I’ll get ready and come down.

Rudra nods and goes out of the room while Ragini/Mishti went inside the washroom. After 10 minutes, Ragini/Mishti comes out of the washroom in a pink salwar suit. She then comes down to dining room and greets everyone.

Ragini/Mishti: Sorry,aunty. I over slept today.
Nandita: It is ok, beta. How are feeling now?
Ragini/Mishti: I’m feeling much better, aunty.
Anjana: Mishti di, you are looking so pretty in this suit.
Ragini/Mishti (smiles): Thank you, Anjana.
Divya: Beta, are you vegetarian or…..
Ragini/Mishti: No, aunty. I’m a vegetarian.
Nandita: So, then. You should eat this (veg items). I’ll serve you.
Ragini/Mishti: It is okay, aunty. I’ll have myself.
Nandita: Bilkul nehi. You do what I say. Eat everything that I’m gonna serve you. You need strength after having you medicine, right?
Ragini/Mishti: But, aunty…..
Divya: Eat well, beta. It is for your own goodness.
Anjana: Di, just eat them or else Ma and Chachi will feed you forcefully.
Nandita: Actually, that is a good ideas. You wait here. I’ll wash my hands and come to feed you. Di, till then you do the honor.
Divya: My pleasure (takes the plate and start feeding Ragini/Mishti).

Ragini/Mishti gets too emotional and overwhelmed by all the love the Sengupta are giving her, especially Nandita and Divya. She gets teary eyed.

Anjana (noticing her tears): Di, what happened? Why are you crying? Is the food spicy?
Ragini/Mishti: No, Anjana. I just remembered my mother (thinks of Janki & Sumi).
Divya: Don’t worry, beta. We are here for you. Now, eat.
Nandita: Di, give the plate to me. I’ll feed her. Can you get her the fruits? And Anjana, go to Mishti’s room…. Bring her medicine. And you, Rudra…. Pour some water for her.
Rudra: Ji, Bade Ma.

After finishing the food, Nandita asked Ragini/Mishti to have the fruits and medicine. Later, as the ladies were sitting in the living room, Rudra came down, calling out for Divya and Nandita. Anjana and Ragini/Mishti looks on.

Anjana: Bhai, is everything fine?
Rudra (gets her up and swirls her): I am more than fine, Anju. In fact, I am the happiest man in the whole world now.
Nandita: What happened? Say it clearly, beta.
Rudra: Bade Ma, I got the contract. The contract I have always been dreaming about.
Divya: Are you talking about Karma Private Limited?
Rudra: Yes, Ma! And the MD of the company is merging it with his uncle’s company soon.
Nandita: This is a miracle for sure that he accepted our quotation.
Anjana: Miracle happened after Mishti di stepped into this house. She is surely a lucky charm for us.
Ragini/Mishti (boggled): Me? Lucky Charm? No, Anjana. Everything happened because of your brother’s hardwork. Not me.
Rudra: Actually, Anjana is telling the truth, Mishti. I was trying to get this contract for about three years but in vain. Later, I did even lost hope but this happened suddenly. You can’t deny that you are my…… I mean our lucky charm.
Ragini/Mishti: I can’t be anyone’s lucky charm. My whole family hates me. My Papa, My dadi and everyone I love. I can’t be your lucky charm.

Saying this, Ragini/Mishti ran up the stairs to her room.

The screen freezes on the Senguptas.

Precap: The hit and miss.

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