Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi (Part 2)


Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi

Part 2

A huge mansion was shown with decorations. Inside the mansion, a few people were seen busily arranging some things.

Lady 1: Are all the things taken? You haven’t forgotten anything, right?
Girl: No, Chachi. I have checked the list. All the items are there.
Lady 2: Di, let’s leave to the temple or else the good time will get passed.
Lady 1: Haan, let’s go. Today is a very special day for our Rudra. It is his 28th birthday and Swamiji said that he will find his perfect match soon.
Lady 2: Hope so, di. But, where is Rudra?
Girl: I’ll call Rudra Bhai.
Lady 1: Haan, go. Ask him to come down now.
Lady 2: Tell him that we are waiting in the car.

The girl runs upstairs to a room and knocks on it. A manly voice asked her to come in.

Girl: Bhai, chalo na. Chachi said, it’s already late.
Man (face not shown): Anjana, I am coming. Let’s go.

The man (Rudra) leaves with the girl (Anjana) from the room and comes down. He gets into the car and starts driving to the temple. Reaching the temple, they went to meet the Pandit.

Pandit: Namaste.
Lady 1: Namaste, today is my son’s birthday. We came to do a puja on his name.
Pandit: Sure. Beta, there is a river by the temple. You should take a bath after the havan is completed.
Rudra (face still not shown): Ji, Panditji.

The Pandit prepares for the havan. At the same time, at baadi, Swara, Sumi and Dida were shown completing Ragini’s last rites while mourning.

Back at the temple, the havan was completed and Pandit takes Rudra (face still not shown) to the river.

Pandit: Beta, get in the water for three times.

Rudra takes off his kurta and hands it to Anjana. He goes to the water. He gets in and up for twice. The third time he got in, he took a long time to come out.

Lady 2: Di, where is Rudra? Why isn’t he showing up?
Lady 1: I don’t know. Rudra!!
Anjana: Bhai??

After a while, the calm water gets disturbed and a man comes out, seeing him the ladies get relieved. Finally, the man’s (Rudra) face was shown (played by Shakti Arora). He looks down to his hands, and the ladies followed his gaze, gets boggled.

Lady 2: Di, a girl??
Lady 1: Rudra??
Rudra: Ma, I saw in the water. She isn’t breathing. We need to take her to the hospital.
Lady 2: You are right. Let’s go.

Carrying the girl (Ragini) in his arms, he walked to the car. He then rushed towards the hospital. Reaching there, Ragini was taken to the ICU.

At baadi (Dida’s House), Swara was lying on Dida’s lap while Sumi had her head placed on Dida’s shoulder.

Swara: Dida, how can Ragini leave us like this? Why didn’t she think about us before taking such a drastic step?
Dida: Baas, Shonu. If we keep on mourning for her then she cannot rest in peace.
Sumi (wiping her tears): No, I’ll not mourn. Shona, don’t cry. At least let her be in peace there.

Before, Swara wanted to say something, the three of them heard a knock on the door. Swara went to open it. She gets boggled to see the Maheswaris and Gadodias. Shekhar was about to enter….

Sumi: Stop right there!! Don’t even think of coming into this house. I can’t let my daughter’s murderers to step in here. Just leave from here. And don’t ever think of coming back as I don’t wanna see your faces.

She closes the door on their faces.

At the hospital, Rudra and his family were shown waiting near the ICU ward. After a few minutes, the doctor came out.

Doctor: Can I know who is she? Because we need to have a record. If this is a suicidal case, then we need to wait for the police to arrive.
Lady 1: No, doctor. She is a family friend’s daughter. She lives with us.
Doctor: Okay, then. Please give her details to the nurse.
Rudra: How is she, doctor?
Doctor: Nothing to worry about. She is on her IV drips now. Soon, she will gain her consciousness.
Rudra: Thank you.
Nurse: Can I know her name?
Rudra (thinking for a while): Mishti….. Mitra.
Nurse: Age?
Rudra: 22 years old.
Nurse: What is your name and who are you for her?
Rudra: I’m Rudra Sengupta and I’m her family friend.
Nurse: That is it. We will inform you once the patient gains consciousness.

After about one hour, the nurse came out and informs that they can meet Ragini/Mishti. The Senguptas went in to meet. They came in and saw her on the bed. They waited for her to wake up. Rudra was walking here and there by the bed when suddenly he feels some is grabbing his hand. He looks at Ragini/Mishti and notices her eyeballs moving. Rudra can feel the hold is getting tighter as if she is scared. He asks her to open her eyes. And her eyelids slowly opens up. Rudra had a straight look into her eyes.

Rudra (in mind): Her eyes…….. They are full of innocence. But why do I feel that there is more than just innocence in it. Why do I feel that she has a lot of grief, sadness and loneliness, buried deep in them.

Rudra’s thoughts were jolted by Anjana.

Anjana: Ma, Chachi. She is awake.
Lady 1 (comes there with Lady 2): Are you fine, beta?
Ragini/Mishti: Yes, aunty. But how did……
Lady 1: My son saw you drowned in the river. So, we brought you here.
Ragini/Mishti: You should have left me there. I don’t deserve anyone’s love or sympathy.
Lady 2: Baas, beta. There is no need to talk about it. Now, you need to rest.
Doctor (coming in): Looks like you are awake. Mishti? How do you feel now?
Ragini/Mishti: I’m fine, Doctor.
Rudra: When can we take her home, doctor?
Doctor: You can bring her back today itself if you want. But, make sure that she takes proper rest.
Rudra: Sure, doctor. I’ll complete the discharge procedure. (after the doctor left) Ma, Bade Ma, you both wait here and Anjana come with me.
Lady 1 (after Anjana and Rudra left): Beta, we didn’t know your name so, we had to give you one for the hospital records.
Lady 2: Vaise what is your name, beta?
Ragini/Mishti: Aunty, I’m really sorry but I don’t want to be called by my real name as it only gives me pain.
Lady 1: It’s okay, beta. From today, your name will be Mishti (Ragini gets nostalgic about Sumi).
Ragini/Mishti: Nice name, aunty.
Lady 2: And about us, I am Nandita Sengupta, Anjana’s mother. And this my sister, Divya Sengupta, Rudra’s mother.
Ragini/Mishti: Thank you so much. I’ll go after my discharge.
Divya (Lady 1): Where will you, beta?
Ragini/Mishti: Where my destiny takes me.
Nandita (Lady 2): And that place is Sengupta Mansion.
Ragini/Mishti: But, aunty………
Nandita: Baas, no more arguments on this matter. You are coming to our house with you and that is final.
Divya: Agree to come with us beta.
Ragini/Mishti: But, aunty. I don’t want to be a burden to you.
Nandita: Did we told that you’ll be a burden for us? If you respect us, then you’ll come with us. Choice is yours.
Ragini/Mishti: Okay, aunty.
Nandita: Good. And from now, don’t call yourself a burden to us. You are like our family.
Divya: Where is these Rudra and Anjana?
Anjana: We are back, Chachi.
Divya: Where did you both went?
Anjana: After finishing the procedures, Bhai and I went to buy some clothes for Mishti di.
Nandita: Good job. And now, Mishti…. Get dressed. We will wait for you outside.

They started to leave while Ragini/Mishti gets down from the bed. As she was weak, Ragini/Mishi loses her balance but Rudra holds her before she could fall. Both of them had a small eyelock before he made her stand properly and walked her to the washroom.

The ladies waited outside while Rudra was still in the room waiting for Ragini/Mishti to get changed. After a few minutes, the washroom door knob was opened and Ragini/Mishti comes out in a light yellow suit, which made Rudra awestruck. He helps her to walk by holding her shoulder.

The screen freezes on Rudra and Ragini/Mishti.

Precap: Getting to know the Senguptas well. Sanskar comes to meet Swara at Dida’s house.

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  7. Love your story. Agree with Dc1. You should have been the writer of swaRAGINI!! continue the wonderful story

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