Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi (Part 1)


Swaragini: Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi

Part 1

What if the serial is not as it is now?? This story is fictional and if there in any similarities in any scene, they are just coincidences. Nothing more than that. This story is basically on Ragini (because I’m her fan) but Swara (not being bias) will be there too.

My story will begin after Laksh gets to know Ragini’s truth (post Swasan marriage). So, let’s begin.

Laksh (showing the video prove): This is the real Ragini. How can you stoop this low? And what did you said? You love me? No Ragini. You have given the name of love for your obsession. You are not the Ragini I knew. I really hate you.
AP: Ragini, what is all this? Why did do this? How can you give us this much betrayal for all the love we showered on you?
Parineeta: I saw you as my younger sister but you have lost my trust today. I feel guilty for believing in you.
Dadi (goes to Ragini & slaps her): What have you done? You have made me feel ashamed in front of everyone. Is this what I thought you since you were a kid?
Swara: Dadima…….
Dadi: Shh, Swara. Don’t support her. She have done so much that she doesn’t deserve anyone’s love nor sympathy.
Shekhar: I’m sorry, Durgaprasadji. I’m really feel ashamed of Ragini. I’ll bring her back to baadi….
Dadi: No, Shekhar. This girl will not enter my house!!
Sumi: But, ma. Where will she go?
Dadi: I don’t care about it, Shomi. She is dead for me from now. She is no more a Gadodia.
Swara: Dadima, please reconsider your decision. Ragini (turns and find Ragini not there). Ragini??? Ragini!!
Sumi: Where did she go? This too late in the night.
Sujata: Let her go.
Sanskar: Mom, it can be dangerous for her to be alone in this time. I’ll go and look for her.
Swara: I’ll come with you. My sister needs me.
Sanskar: Let’s go.

Swara and Sanskar went out of MM.

Dadi: We will take leave now. Laksh, if you want you can get the divorce papers ready.
Laksh: Ji, Dadima. I’ll get mine and Sanskar’s ready.
AP: Sanskar’s??
Laksh: Ma, Sanskar and Swara were forced to get married. They don’t wanna live together.
DP: But, it’s their marriage. Let them make their decision.

Here, Ragini was shown walking soullessly on the road.

Haal-e-dil mera puchho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera puchho na sanam
Aapke ishq ki madhosi mein
dooba hai ye aalam..
Haal-e-dil mera puchho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera puchho na sanam

She walks straight near the flowing river and stands at the edge. She closes her eyes and tears starts to skip out of her eyes. Dadi’s words echoes in her ears again and again. “She is dead for me from now”. She closes her ears not bearing to hear the words again. She looks at the calm river and closes her eyes. Ragini recalls her happy moments with her family, Swara and Laksh. Opening her eyes, she walks into the water. As she was walking in, at a point, Ragini totally drowned inside the river.

There was some bubbles on the surface of the water………. Then it disappears.

Here, Swara and Sanskar were in the car searching for Ragini, but it was in vain. They can’t find her anywhere. Finally, Sanskar stops the car at the roadside.

Sanskar: Where did Ragini go? We have looked all over the places.
Swara: This is all my fault. If never attempt to bring her truth out, Ragini would not gone missing like this.
Sanskar: Swara, we never expected this kind of reaction from them. You are not at fault. Stop blaming yourself, please. We should keep on searching for her.

He starts the car and drove off.

It was the next day morning. The Gadodia came to MM as Laksh got the divorce papers ready. Swasan were still not back since yesterday.

AP: Swara and Sanskar still not back. What if they didn’t find Ragini.
Swara (coming in): You’re right, Bade Ma. We can’t find Ragini. But…….
Sumi: But what, Shona?
Sanskar: Some beggars have seen Ragini walking towards river yesterday. They saw her walking into the river and drowning.
Sumi (shocked): WHAT!! Ragini??? Nothing will happen to my daughter. She is fine, na?
Sanskar: We have informed the police and they have sent a rescue team. Let us hope she is fine.

As they were all waiting for the officer’s phone call, Sanskar’s phone rang.

Sanskar: Hello…. Yes,speaking……. What??……. Ask them to search again, please….. We will come there. (cuts the call).
Swara: What happened, Sanskar?
Sumi: Was they able to find Ragini.
Sanskar: No, they weren’t able to find her. But the swimmers have found a bangle and a chain. The officer wants us to confirm whether it is Ragini’s
Laksh (just entering MM after meeting the lawyer): What Ragini’s?
Sanskar: Voh…..
Sumi: What will you do after knowing? (seeing the divorce paper in his hands) There is no need for that papers now.
Laksh: What do you mean, Ma?
Sumi: Ma?? How am I your Ma when my daughter is not there. She is not here……. She is gone. Ragini (cries)
Swara: Ma, nothing will happen to our Ragini. Come let’s go there. I’m sure what they found from the river is not Ragini’s.
Sanskar (hearing beep from his phone): Swara, the officer have sent me the pictures of the bangle and chain. Have a look and confirm whether it is Ragini’s.

Swara gets boggled looking at the pictures. She drops the phone in shock.

Swara (low voice): Ragini……
Sumi: What happened, Shona. The items are not Ragini’s, right.
Swara: The items are Ragini’s, Ma. She have left us all (cries while hugging Sumi)
Sumi: N…. No. My Ragini cannot leave me like this. (looks at Laksh) You are happy, now? She is gone now. Her love for you have killed my daughter today. And Ma, Shekhar……. Don’t you feel bad? Oh, I forgot that you have already said that she is dead when my daughter was alive. That is it. Shekhar, we were together now only because of Ragini. She accepted Swara as her sister. She gave me her mother’s place which is not something anyone will do. She have done many sacrifices and now it is my turn. You are my daughter’s murderer and I would not leave with one. That is why I am breaking all my relationship with you. From today, I am just Sharmistha Bose and my daughters will be Swara Bose and Ragini Bose.

She takes off her mangalsutra and hands it over to Shekhar, shocking everyone. Sharmistha then held Swara’s hand and brings her along going out of MM.

The screen freezes on Swara, Sharmishtha and Shekhar’s face.

Precap: New entries.

Credit to: SSathya97

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