Here is my last chapter!!! Thnx for comments and to my silent readers…I will post my new ff’s intro soon!!
Abhay is sent to jail…Raglak’s baby is born
Before I start the chapter, I just want to introduce the next generation in the family
Pragya : Adarsh and Parineeta’s daughter – 8 years old
Sanskriti (kriti) : Swara and Sanskar’s daughter – 6 and a half years old (named after sanskar)
Swayam : Laksh and Ragini’s son – 6 years and four months old (named after Swara)
Aarav : Ansh and Rasika’s son – 5 years old
Raksh and Raksha : Swara and Sanskar’s twins – 5 years old (named after Laksh and Ragini)
Arsheeta : Adarsh and Parineeta’s daughter – 2 and a half years old ( named after Adarsh and Pari)
Shika : Laksh and Ragini’s daughter – 2 years old (named after Ansh and Rasika)
Aadhav : Ansh and Rasika’s son – 2 years old
So these are the kids of our protagonists…What do you think?? Uttara is married and is living in New York now. Pulomi too is married and she is living in Singapore. So they won’t be a part of the story.
One more thing you need to know about them is their relationship. They are split into 3 :
1) Pragya, Kriti and Swayam : Behave exactly like Swara. Ragini and Ansh….Always fight when they are alone, but stands up for each other in front of others
2) Aarav, Raksh and Raksha : These three behave like Sanskar, Laksh and Uttara….Aarav is the responsible one who manages the mischievous twins.
3) The youngest in the family : Arsheeta, Shika and Aadhav : Too small yet…But are always together…
Chapter 25
A woman gets up from bed and goes to her favourite spot in the room. She looks at the pictures lined on the wall. Pictures of her with her husband, her children and other family photos. She then turned to Godess Durga’s photo and thanked her for this wonderful life. Just then,
Husband : Madam! Everyday you get up and go there, look at all those pictures, then turn towards Durga Ma and thank her. Why?
She turns and looks at Sanskar, who looks adorable and is sitting holding his legs. Swara smiles at him and goes to him. She sits besides him and leans on him. She holds his hands.
Swara : You see me everyday, Sanskar? I come here everyday as soon as I wake up so that I am reminded of what a wonderful life I have…My family right from Dadaji to little Aadhav! I think of how lucky I am and so I thank God.
He smiles at her, picks her up and takes her near the wall again. He hugs her from behind and both of them look at the pictures.
Swara : Sanskar! Look at how many amazing memories we have. I can never forget any of them. Kriti’s first birthday, The twins’ birth, Ansh’s first anniversary, Dadaji and Dadi’s 60th anniversary, Swayam taking his first steps…..
Sanskar : Everyone of those memories Swara are etched into my brain. And not only the big occasions, even the small ones like when Raksh first spoke or Kriti got hurt for the first time….
They reminisce their past. Sanskar turns Swara towards him and they have an eyelock. He cups her face and kisses her.
Just then,
Voices from outside the door : Mumma!!! Badi Ma!! Look what happened? It is his fault… No her fault…
Swara looks at Sanskar and laughs.
Sanskar : And it begins. I don’t think we can call it a normal day without these two fighting.
Swara : Haan Sanskar! These two are exactly like Uttara and Laksh or Ragini and Ansh. They always fight. But when I scold any one of them, the other immediately scolds me. (HEaring the voices grow louder) Coming!!!!
They open the door to find Kriti and Swayam completely covered in flour.
Swara (stunned) : Oh My God! What happened?
Sanskar starts laughing. Swara glares at him.
Kriti who was a daddy’s girl went to him.
Kriti : Papa! Look what Swayam did. He dropped all the flour on me. Aap usse dantiye…
Swara : Kriti! Don’t tell anything about my charming boy.
Swayam : Jhooti! Badi Ma! Sanskar Papa! I didn’t do anything. Kriti did everything. Kriti, Stop telling lies.
He starts to go after her, but Swara stops him.
Swara : No way…Kriti, Get down from there. You are spilling flour everywhere. Now tell me exactly what happened.
Swayam : We got up early today to make a cake.
Sanskar(surprised) : Cake? Why?
Kriti (in a condescending voice) : Because we wanted to eat one, Papa!
Swara (amused) : Then?
Kriti : Swayam told me to put 2 cups of flour in a bowl and i did that. I put sugar, milk and water but nothing happened.
Swayam : I told her to put 5 more cups but still nothing happened. So I tried putting in it as well but no cake was there. Kriti got mad and she put a spoonful of flour in my face. And so I put flour on her.
Kriti : Swayam, I didn’t put first. You did.
Swayam : No, you did….
They start arguing again…Swasan look at each other amused.
Swara : These two are exactly like Ragini and I…
Suddenly a scream is heaard from the kitchen.
Ragini : Aaaaah! What the hell is this? Kids…
Swayam and Kirti look at each other.
Both : Oh no!! Ragini chachi!! Mumma!!
Sanskar looks at their faces and motions to Swara, who smiles and asks them to walk downstairs.
Swara : Chalo Ab! Even I want to see the kitchen.
Swara takes them downstairs. As soon as they see Ragini, They hide behind Swara…They enter the kitchen which has turned from spotless to a mess of water and flour. Laksh and Sanskar enter and burst out laughing.
Sujata : Why are you both laughing?
All the other ladies in the house enter and look at the mess. They are struck speechless. Meanwhile Ragini spots Swayam and Kriti and brings them out in front of everyone.
Swayam : Mumma!!

Ragini : Oh My God! Swayam, Kriti! What is all this…You are white….You spilt so much flour. Swara, Sanskar, Laksh.. You are laughing? Arre, kuch toh bol inko…
Swayam explains everything again. The elders smile seeing his innocent explaination.
Ragini : Swayam! I know you only did all this. Kriti is a good girl. She won’t think of all this.
Swara : Ragini! Always blaming my darling nephew. Kriti is as mischievous as him. (looking at Kriti) Chachi ki chamchi, Sacch bol…Kriti hides behind Ragini and Swayam behind Swara…
Swayam : Look Badi Ma! Mumma is blaming me for what Kriti did.
Kriti : Swayam! You only did this. Chachi, Look at him. He does everything and then blames me.
Swara and Ragini start arguing with each other. The elders smile and leave.
Annapurna : When these kids are present, even Swaragini become kids.
Kriti and Swayam look at each other, wink and escape from there. Soon only Laksh and Sanskar are present. They glance at each other.
Swara : Ragini! Why do you always blame my boy? You are spoiling Kriti…Hamesha uski side leti ho tum!
Ragini : You also take only Swayam’s side na Swara? Toh phir?
Sanskar : Oh God! Enough! Look! Those two even ran off and disappeared but you two are still arguing.
Swaragini look at each other sheepishly.
Laksh : Bhai! No wonder Kriti and Swayam fight..They take after these two….And if Aarav, Raksh and Raksha join hands, Then that’s all. We are finished.
Ansh and Rasika enter.
Ansh : Wow Di! Kriti and Swayam? (pointing to the mess)
Swara : Who else? Aarav and Aadhav? With Raksh and Raksha? Ok….
She starts to clean up the mess. Ragini and Rasika come to help her. The men make a move to leave when Rasika stops them.
Rasika : Ek minute… Ansh! What is this? Even you can help us na? They are your children as well.
Ansh : Rasika! We don’t do all this. We are men. ( sticks his tongue at her)
Swasan and Raglak settle down to see them fight. Whenever Anika fought, it was always an entertaining sight. Sanskar brought a bag of popcorn and the four dug in.
Rasika : Achcha? You don’t do all this? What do you want to do, Mr Gadodia?
Ansh : Rasika! What is this? Mujhe ye sab nahi karna…Chod do na yaar! Tang mat kar…
Rasika : Ansh! Aaj na tum ye saaf kar. I’m going to go shopping with Di and Ragini. And I don’t want to talk to you. Jao tum…Kitni s*xist ho tum!
Ansh smiles at her and holds his ears…
Ansh : Sorry! Sirf Mazaak tha! Maaf kar pls?
Rasika smiles and slaps him lightly. Ansh holds her hands and pulls her towards him. They have forgotten Swasan and Raglak who sit there looking delighted.
Rasika : Ansh! Chhod…
Ansh ( in a lazy voice, fiddling with a strand of her hair) : Kyun? You asked na what I want to do? I want to…..
Ragini coughs and Anika jump. Ansh looks at them sheepishly while Rasika blushes and leaves the room. Swasan and Raglak laugh and tease Ansh.
Aarav, Raksh and Raksha enter.
Aarav (To Ansh) : Papa! I want to go out now.
Raksh : Yes Mamu! Chalo! We will go to the park.
Ragini : It is only 7 and you all want to go to the park? First go get ready, then we still have the morning pooja and breakfast to get ready. You all know why everyone’s early today. So no going anywhere. We will get you ready as soon as we finish cleaning the kitchen.
Parineeta enters.

Parineeta : Ragini! You get them ready. You are the strictest among us. I will help Swara clean this mess.
Ragini nods and goes to the children’s rooms. She gets everyone neat and ready, except for Shika! While she is struggling to bathe Shika (who hates water), Laksh enters.
Laksh (To Shika) : Good morning, My Princess! Papa ko miss kiya?
Ragini : Laksh! switch on the shower. Fast. This girl is as slippery as an eel.
Laksh smiles inwardly and acts like he can’t move the nozzle. Ragini, frustrated comes and helps him. Laksh triumphantly switches the shower on now and water falls on Ragini.
Ragini : Laksh! What childishness is this? Switch it off. Shika! Shika! Come back…Laksh!
Laksh enters the shower and puts a finger on Ragini’s lips. She quiets down. He holds her by the waist and pulls her closer. The water is still dripping on both of them. Ragini blushes and turns away, but Laksh pulls her even closer. Their lips are about to meet when…
Rasika : Ragini! Shika finished bath? She is running around in the corridor….(seeing Raglak, covers her eyes) Oh Shit! I am soo sorry…I…er….
She runs from there.
Laksh : Oh no! Such a good chance, ruined.
Ragini hits him lightly on the head.
Ragini : Badmaash! Chalo! Get dry varna you will fall ill. Romance baad me.
Swara : So is everyone ready?
Durgaprasad : Yes beta! Aa jao tum…
Swara : Ji Bade Papa! Ek minute…So are you all standing properly? Only Dadaji, Dadi, Badi Ma and Bade papa are sitting down on the sofas. Mom-Papa are standing near Bade Papa and Ma-Baba near Dadaji. Then Adarsh bhaiya-Parineeta bhabhi, Ragini-Laksh and Sanskar and I will be standing behind them on that platform. Rasika-Ansh will be in the bottom with Pragya, Kriti and Swayam..The rest of the kids are going to be bottom-most. Does everyone understand that?
Sanskar : Swara! Ab chalo! It is perfect and everything. Come on..Let’s take the picture. (turning to the photographer) You please take the photo. Everyone’s in their proper position. Swara..Come.
Swara : Sanskar!……
Sanskar takes her and makes her stand next to him.
Photographer : Everyone smile !!!!
And with this, I end my first fan fiction….. I thank you all once again for the love and support…Will soon be posting the intro of my next ff…Until then, Byeee……<3 <3

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