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Swara’s secret is finally revealed. She realises that Sanskar is her lawyer.
Sanskar : Congrats Swara! You have started to achieve your dream.
Swara( smiling ) : Thank you! I can’t believe it. My childhood dream is finally going to get fulfilled.
She turns to leave when Sanskar stops her.
Sanskar : In the nearby town, there is a party going on. I am going. Please come with me.
Swara is about to refuse when….
Sanskar : Don’t stop today Swara. You are going to achieve your dream. Don’t hide today. Come with me. Live a little. Chalo.
Swara( closing her eyes and thinking) : Only for today. Only for today, Swara! Nothing will happen in one day.
Swara ( aloud ) : Ok. Let’s go…

Swara and Sanskar enter the party. Sanskar looks handsome in a black and white suit. Swara looks stunning in a golden and black sari. She is wearing light make up and had a modern yet traditional look. Sanskar keeps looking at her and smiling.
Swara : What?
Sanskar : Kuch nahi! After you!
They walk around. Sanskar introduces Swara to some of his acquaintances. People are dancing in the middle. Suddenly someone pushes Swara and Sanskar to the dance floor and tells them to dance. Swara smiles and refuses. She turns around to leave when someone stops her by holding her Sari palu. She turns around.
Sanskar pulls her palu back and she lands in his arms. They start dancing to Teri Meri Meri Teri from Bodyguard. Their dance is very sensual and intense that everyone stops dancing to see them. Swara looks at Sanskar with some confusion while Sanskar looks at her with intensity and love.
They finish dancing by Sanskar lifting her up in his arms. They continue to share an eyelock until people started to clap. They were shaken out of their reverie. Everyone praised them and called them the best jodi. Swasan smile and thank them.
Swara drags Sanskar over to a corner.
Swara : Why did you dance with me Sanskar?
Sanskar : Aise hi! C’mon Swara… I told you to let go today. Don’t worry.
Just then slow ballroom music plays. Sanskar offers his hand to Swara. Swara looks at him with some doubt but Sanskar’s eyes reassure her. They dance. His hand is on her waist and her hand on his shoulder. Swara feels her tension feeling to slip away and she hugs Sanskar who envelopes her tightly. They close their eyes and remain that way for many moments. They reluctantly break apart after some time. Swara goes tearfully to the juice bar.
She drinks orange juice spiked with vodka by mistake. She comes to Sanskar.
Swara (giggling) : Sanskar…oops
She almost slips but Sanskar catches her.
Sanskar : Swara? What happened? ( He inspects her closely) Are you drunk?
Swara : No way. I had orange juice. You are drunk, my Teddy!!
Sanskar : Teddy?? Don’t call me Teddy.
Swara (whining) : You are my Teddy. You are.
She again slips. Sanskar tells they had better leave and carries her out. On the way home, she falls asleep. Sanskar is happy to see how peaceful she looks. He carries her to her home where the maid opens the door. He places her in her bed. He tries to leave but Swara holds his hand and refuses to let go.
Sanskar : Swara! Go to sleep.
Swara ( in an innocent voice) : Will you stay here Sanskar? I have been alone for so many months. Will you stay here?
Sanskar: Swara…
Swara (Same tone) : What happened to us, Sanskar? We were so happy together. How did this happen? And now, I can never be happy again. What will I do? I….Love….You….Sanskar! Please…don’t…..leave….today…at…least!
She falls asleep still clutching his hand.
Sanskar( tearfully ) : My Swara! I won’t leave you. Not today, never.
He gently kisses the top of her forehead and sits down besides her. Both of them sleep peacefully for the first time in months.

Sanskar wakes up in the morning to see that Swara is not there. He freshens up, goes downstairs to leave when he sees Swara’s maid crying.
Sanskar : Why are you crying? What happened?
Maid : Saab! voh Swara didi ko….( she cries)
Sanskar : Swara ko kya? Tell me.
Maid : Two men arrived and asked for Swara. When she met them, they dragged her to the village Panchayat stage without telling the reason. I think she is trouble.
Sanskar : What? Swara, I am coming.

Swara : Yeh kya badtameezi hai? What have I done?
Thakur : You? You have done that which no woman with character will do. You spent the night in the arms of a man despite being unmarried. You are not a self-respecting woman.
Swara : Enough! There is a simple reason for all this…It is not what you think.
Thakur : Really? Then what is all this?
He shows pictures of Swara and Sanskar dancing, them hugging, Sanskar carrying her to the car and finally him kissing her on the forehead. The villagers are shocked. They start muttering about her.
Thakur : I thought you were a girl with spirit and character and you defended Pulomi. I was going to make you my bahu. But now? Who will have a respectless woman like you? You decided to adopt Pulomi’s baby but whose name will you give to the baby?
Sanskar reaches there at that moment and is shocked to hear the thakur’s words. But he believes his Swara and knows that there’s some reason behind the marriage to the thakur saab’s son. He joins Swara.
Thakur : Look how shamelessly your lover has come to join you. You are going to raise a child without a father. What sort of a woman does that? You aren’t fit to be called a woman.
Villager : She should be punished.
All the villagers agree.
Swara ( joins her hands) : Please believe me. I haven’t done anything.
Sanskar : What are you all telling? She has done nothing wrong. Don’t blame her.
Just then, a man coming with a knife and holds it to her neck.
Sanskar : Swara! Leave her alone…What are you doing?
Man : She should be killed for her sins.
He presses the knife against her neck. A small trace of blood appears. Swara is shocked and remains still.
Sanskar shouts : ENOUGH!
He pushes the man away and takes the knife. He wipes swara’s blood with his finger. She looks at him in tears. He drops the knife. He takes a broken glass bulb that was lying on the ground and presses his palm against it. He starts bleeding.
Swara ( Stunned) : Sanskar!
Sanskar( shouting to the villagers) : Today, you accused a woman of being shameless and destroyed her reputation. I will give it back to her.
He looks at Swara.
Sanskar : My blood and your blood have mixed in my hand. Today I will give you your rights and respect as a woman. After today, no one can ever doubt you again.
Saying that, he takes his finger and applies the blood as sindoor on Swara’s maang.
Sanskar ( To the villagers ) : From today, She is MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. Tomorrow we will have the wedding with all the proper functions in the temple. No one wil dare doubt Swara after this. Come on Swara.
Sanskar takes Swara leaving behind the stunned thakur and villagers. They go to his house.
Sanskar : Swara….
A tight slap across his cheeks. Sanskar looks at Swara shocked.
Swara : Why Sanskar? I admit you did it out of concern for me. But now Ma, Baba, Bade Papa, Ansh…Everyone is in danger. Why Sanskar? You should have let me be.
Swara drops to the floor and starts crying. Sanskar looks at her with confusion and shock.
PRECAP : Sanskar promises to make everything right. Anika and Raglak scenes
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