Hey everyone!! Hope you all liked the previous chapter… What did you think of the secret? Did you feel disappointed? I couldn’t bear to make Swara pregnant which might have been more sensational, so decided on this track instead.
Pulomi’s mother : Behenji! you helped us but how will we take care of the baby? I already have 5 children besides Pulomi. And if she doesn’t get marry well or work, we will suffer. We have to abort the baby.
Swara( shocked) : No! That is a sin. I will take care of Pulomi’s doctor and medical expenses. As for the baby, I will………
Swara : As for the baby, I will adopt him/her. I will accept him as my own. I will be his mother if you and Pulomi have no objection.
Pulomi’s mother and Pulomi( In a tearful, grateful tone) : God must have sent you to us. You have done so much for us. You are our devi.
They bend down to touch Swara’s feet but Swara stops them.
Swara : No auntyji! You are older than me. You should not call me behenji. I am like your daughter. Please don’t embarass me. Pulomi, You are like my younger sister. It will be my honour to raise your baby. One more thing, I will make sure that Pulomi has a nice job and will cover her expenses. Please don’t worry.
She hugs them both.
Swara : Pulomi, Tomorrow we will go and meet a good doctor. I will pick you up at 10:00am.
Pulomi : Ji didi!
Swara’s phone rings. She looks at the caller ID and sees Ma. She tears up and picks up the phone.
Swara : Ma? How are you?
Shumi : Swara beta! What happened to you? You promised to call me once a week and whenever you had some trouble. You haven’t called in over three months now. Whenever I call, you hang up and send some message. I am really worried about you, beta. What happened? Tell the truth.
Swara(thinking) : Sorry Ma! I can’t tell you anything. If I tell you the truth, then…
Swara ( aloud ) : Nahi Ma. Nothing has happened. I just needed some time. Don’t worry about me. I am fine.
Shumi : Swara? Has Sanskar come there? Have you met….
Swara : Ma! I have to go meet the lawyer now. I will call you later okay. Don’t worry about me and take care of baba, dadi and Ansh. I will call you when I’m free.
She cuts the call and cries. She thinks about what happened after taking Pulomi to the doctor.
After dropping Pulomi back home, Swara goes to her house. Twenty minutes later, A man bangs on her door and says that the Thakur has taken Pulomi to his house. Swara rushes over there and enters a big hall.She sees no one.
Swara : Thakur Saab! What have you done to Pulomi? Where is she?
Thakur Saab : I have not done anything to her. I asked that man to tell a lie so that I could get you to come here.
Just then all the doors and windows close.
Swara : What are you doing? Let me out.
Thakur Saab throws a bunch of pictures at her. She picks them up and sees pictures of her mom, dad, Ragini, Ansh, Sanskar and the rest of the Maheshwari family.
Swara : Kya hai yeh sab?
Thakur :You sent my son to jail. You made my family bow in shame. I will now destroy your family. I will send men to kill them.
Swara : Stop! You cannot do that. Your fight is with me, not them. I have left them forever. Let them live in peace. What do you want instead?
Thakur smiles.
Thakur : You are getting wise. I want Pulomi’s death and my son’s release.
Swara is shocked. She shouts at the man.
Swara : How dare you? I have already told you that if anything happens to Pulomi, the police will arrest you. As for your son’s release, that is in goernment’s hands now. Leave me and Pulomi alone. You have to pay for your sins.
Thakur : Im sorry beti. I cannot do that. You have insulted me and you have to pay for the insult. But I like your boldness and bravery. Foolish but brave. I will offer you one last deal. My son will come out in 2 years. You have to marry him then and he will give you your punishments. You may bring Pulomi’s son also with you. I heard that you are going to adopt him. This is my final offer. Otherwise….
He points to the pictures.
Swara is stunned. She looks at the pictures and cries. She thinks I cant let anything happen to them.
Swara ( aloud ) : I accept. I will marry your son and get the punishments. But nothing should happen to the baby. The police will come if something does.
Thakur smiles.
Thakur : Good choice.
Swara : I tried to do a little good. But look how it turned out. I can’t let anything happen to Pulomi’s family or my family. I have to do this. Chote thakur saab gets released in 15 months. By then, I have to finish my music school.
Just then she gets a message from her lawyer.
Meeting postponed to 3:30pm. Lohri Gardens
Sanskar has enquired about Swara in the village but all seem scared to talk about her. But he learnt that Swara has protected the self respect of a molested girl who is 5 months pregnant now and that she takes care of the expenses of the family. HE wants to go talk to the family but decides not to in the end.
He sends the message to Swara about the change in meeting
Swara( wearing a red sari with a blue sleeveless blouse) reaches the gardens and is surprised to see Sanskar. He comes towards her and smiles at her. She is even more surprised.
Sanskar : Surprised? I am your lawyer.
Swara : What? I changed lawyer firms. How is this possible?
Sanskar : I quit that job 2 weeks after you left and took the job at this firm, Swara. Now shall we go? Mr Luthria must be waiting.
Swara : No. I can’t have you as my lawyer. You’ll never leave otherwise.
Still smiling, Sanskar : It’s too late now Swara. If you cancel this meeting now, then you will have to wait 3 months as Mr Luthria is leaving on a business trip tomorrow. So, your choice…Me or your music school. Which will vanish.
Swara glares at Sanskar.
Swara : Don’t spoil this meeting. Let us go now.
He tries to take her hand but she moves forward.
Sanskar (smiling) : till when will you run, Swara? You are softening. I can see that. soon you’ll be my Swara again. I will make sure that happens.

PRECAP : Swasan only….Pls read it… It is gonna be a huge episode

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