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From now on there’ll def be more raglak….Ansh is also a strong character so there’ll be lots of Anika moments as well..but don’t worry…Ill do full justice to all 6 characters. http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-path-happiness-chapter-6/
Sanskar vowing to get back his Swara. Ragini accepted by everyone. Ansh gets his bike back
Sorry for the comment in the earlier chapter about it being a short chapter…it became long…
The next morning, Ansh takes Rasika’s scooter which has been fixed and goes to her house. He rings the doorbell. The girl opens the door.
Rasika : Aap? Have you fixed my scooter?
Ansh : Ji. I have. Take it. And give me my bike.
Rasika : Alright. Just one sec. First, I will make sure that my scooter is fine, then ill give you ur bike.
She checks the scooter. Ansh smiles to himself. He thinks, Alright Miss Scooter, now lets have some fun.
Ansh : Satisfied?? Now give me my bike.
Rasika goes inside, takes his key and points towards the garage and tells him to take it from there. He goes there and looks inside. He chuckles and then shouts.
Ansh : Where is it?
Shocked Rasika : I parked it right here…What happened?
Ansh : Jhooti…First you ask me for help, then you take my bike and ask me to spend my hard earned money to fix yours and now you lost my bike. How dare you?
Rasika : Arrey…I parked it right here. I don’t know what happened to it.
Ansh : Stop making excuses…. What’s your name?
Rasika : Rasika Sharma…Why?
Ansh : I am going to write a complaint to the police about you..
He turns. Rasika suddenly becomes docile and says.

Rasika : Please dont do that. My Bhaiya is an invalid and there is no one else to take care of him. I will give you money, but not right away. Please dont go to the police.
She cries. Ansh turns towards her and melts. He cups her face.
Ansh : Dont worry…Im not going to do anything…Last night, I came here and took my bike back. I only wanted to tease you but I hurt your feelings instead. Sorry.
He makes a puppy dog face that she laughs instead of shouting. She tell him that they are friends now. As she turns to go inside, Her dupatta gets stuck in Ansh’s watch. She turns. They have an eyelock. They both simply fall in love.
Rasika : Sorry!
She tries to untangle her dupatta, but he lifts his hand and does it himself while staring into her eyes. She smiles shyly and runs back
Ansh : Wait! Tom dinner 7:30….Chaloge??

Rasika nods. Ansh is extremely happy
Swara thinks about her mission and all that has happened in the last five months…
Swara has just settled in her house. She plans to name it Nightingale Haven. As she roams about the village, she suddenly sees a panchayat formed and talking about some issue.
Swara : Chalo. Lets see what’s going on.
She goes there and is shocked to see a young girl, about 18 or so crying bitterly. The girl was clinging to her mother. Swara went to the girl and asked what happened. All the other elders were talking amongst themselves and did not notice Swara.
The mother : The thakur saab’s son molested my daughter Pulomi about 3 months ago. Now she is pregnant. For the past three months, we have been asking for justice, but because he is the thakur saab’s son, they are scared. My daughter wants to attempt suicide but I stopped her. Aap kuch kijiye na behen..

Swara is shocked at this. Just then the thakur’s son comes towards Pulomi. He takes her by the hair and moves to strike her when Swara holds his hand mid way. He drops his hand in shock. She then slaps him thrice without stopping
Swara ( enraged ) : How dare you? you made fun of a woman’s self respect. Refusing to step up and do the right thing. Who the hell do you think you are?
Thakur’s son : Eh ladki. don’t talk about matters you dont understand. You are new here. Leave Pulomi alone. She has to pay for her sins. She is pregnant without being married. She has to die.
Swara slaps him twice more. The thakur comes and shouts at Swara. Swara unheedingly takes Pulomi and steps up on the stage.
Swara : You all are elders. You know better than me what justice is. Then how can you support injustice? Even if you’re scared of the thakur.

She gives some analogies about God and justice and all. The elders feel she is right and the thakur’s son is arrested. He looks at Swara and says he will be back.
Thakur (looking at Pulomi) : Ladki! From now on, Watch your back. You will pay for this.
Swara : I have already submitted a form to the police saying that if anything happens to Pulomi, you and your son will be responsible. You can’t do anything to her.
The thakur stares at her with hatred and leaves.
Pulomi : Didi! I want to die. Please let me.
Swara ( shocked) : But why? Now everything is alright.
Pulomi : I am young and unmarried. How can I take care of a young child? I am the eldest in my family. I cannot let my mom-dad take the shame. Please let me die.
Swara( firmly ) : No you wont.
She again goes on the stage. Everyone turns towards her.
Swara : Suniye! From now on, If anyone insults Pulomi or her family, they will be arrested by the police. Leave them in peace.

Pulomi’s mother : Behenji! you helped us but how will we take care of the baby? I already have 5 children besides Pulomi. And if she doesn’t get marry well or work, we will suffer. We have to abort the baby.
Swara( shocked) : No! That is a sin. I will take care of Pulomi’s doctor and medical expenses. As for the baby, I will………

Guys, There is still more to come…If you feel like I should stop, Please say so!
More Swasan scenes next time for sure

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