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From now on there’ll def be more raglak….Ansh is also a strong character so there’ll be lots of Anika moments as well..but don’t worry…Ill do full justice to all 6 characters.


Swasan and Raglak moments
I know I gave a precap…but this is gonna be a short chapter shown from Sanskar’s and Laksh’s POV
In Sanskar’s room
Sanskar : Swara Gadodia. Here in Parna. How I missed her for the past five months. My Swara, My princess is back. I told her I don’t love her anymore but God and I both know that is the biggest lie I’ve ever told. You have felt too much pain to realize that now Swara, But even you know that I still love you and you still love me. What happened in the last five months Swara? Why are you so distant and secretive? Why do you have a gynaecologist’s number? So many questions. I have to find out the answer. But how? She is not ready to see me or talk to me.
Suddenly he remembers the reason he came to Parna. He checks his lawyers file and it says deal with the Luthrias for a new music school.

Sanskar : Music school? That has to be Swara. Yes. I now have a reason to be with her. I should also enquire about her in the village, so that I know exactly what has happened to her. I will call my firm and make sure that they tell swara that she has no other choice other than to work with me.
ANSH 1:30 am
Ansh remembers the girl’s address and goes there with his friend Nikhil.
Ansh : Miss Scooter, You took my bike na. Now see what Ansh Gadodia does.
He breaks into her house, opens the garage and takes his bike using his duplicate key. He then goes back home.
Ansh : Miss scooter…Kal U r gonna be in so much trouble.

Everyone wakes up to the sound of aarti so early in the morning. They hear the sound of a bhajan( The same one that Swara sang during the music jugalbandi). Ap and Sujata remember Swara and wonder who is singing now. They go to the Mandir to see Laksh and Ragini performing Aarti together. The rest of the family joins them. They all are looking in astonishment at the couple. Only Ap looks happy and unsurprised. The aarti is finished.
Ragini : Bhagwan Ji! You have given me two gifts. One, the precious bundle that will arrive in less than 6 months. Doosra, The confidence that I will never go in the wrong path again. I have done so many mistakes that I can expect forgiveness. But I will do my level best to ensure that I try to get it. My husband has told he will forgive me if Swara forgives me. So please, Give me the strength to find her. Give my family the strength to accept me.
Dp : Ragini Beta.

She turns.
Dp : If Laksh has decided to give you a second chance, then we too shall give you. I hope that you really have changed and you won’t disappoint us ever again.
Ragini : Papaji. Never again.
She takes everyone’s blessings and goes to her room.Laksh follows her, takes her tablets and gives it her.

Laksh : Here you go Ragini. Have your tablets, then take some rest. Breakfast should be ready soon. after breakfast we will see what to do about Swara. One more thing, Ragini. you may feel hurt knowing this but this time, there will be complete honesty between us. I don’t love you. Nor do I love Swara. You don’t have to feel insecure. I will be your friend for now. we will see how this relationship progresses. And for the last time, No more wrongdoings.
Ragini : Yes Laksh. I promise to be truthful from now on. If I am hurt, I will tell you and we will fix it together. I won’t try to hurt the person who hurt me. And I don’t deserve your love, not even friendship. That you have decided to give me a chance is a great deal to me.
Laksh : I think a handshake is proper for this new start.
They hold their hands out but Laksh shakes too fast that Ragini slips and Laksh holds her by the waist. They have an eyelock. They straighten up and smile awkwardly.
Laksh : I have to make a call. I willsee you later about Sanskar and Swara.
He leaves the room.

Swara is still in bed. She suddenly wakes up and sees the time.
Swara : Shit! You have the meeting with your lawyer in an hour. Get ready soon Swara. Shit. How did I sleep so late?
But she knows why she slept so late. She was thinking about the past. Sanksar, her marriage, Sanskar, the past 5 months, Sanskar, Sanskar, Sanskar. She can no longer deny that she loves him.
Swara : But this still changes nothing Swara. You have to fight your emotions inside and the people of Parna outside. An entire family is depending on you. You also have to prepare for the biggest change in your life. You cannot bring Sanskar into this. Let him be.

PRECAP : FInally, SWARA’S BIG SECRET…Flashback…..laksh’s POV….Anika

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