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Ansh and Shumi come to Maheshwari house. Raglak moment. Swara thinks about sanskar. She gets discharged from hosp and goes to sanskar’s house.
Swara enters Sanskar’s house and asks a servant where he is. the servant points to a room and says that Sanskar bhaiyya was training. She enters the room.
(( Imagine the room to be full of pillars. In the middle is a boxing bag. The room is dark and dim.))
Swara sees Sanskar shirtless and drenched in sweat, punching the boxing bag. She quietly walks around the room. Sanskar is oblivious to her. She hides behind a pillar and stares at him from the side. Agar tum saath ho plays. Sanskar still doesnt see Swara and walks to the opposite side where a bucket of water is kept. He lifts the bucket and pours it over his head. He takes a towel that is nearby, dries himself and wears a white shirt, top buttons left loose. Just then
Swara : Sanskar
Sanskar : Swara! When did you come? Are you alright now?….
Swara : I came to pay you back for the doctor’s bill. That’s all. And I hope you will leave from here. Please. I dont want to see any of you again. Seeing you causes me to feel hatred and I don’t want to feel that.

Sanskar : Wow! You really have not changed. You still love me. How much will you try to run from the truth Swara? How much? The pain that Urvashi Maasi and Kavita caused you turned you against me? Why Swara? Why?
Swara starts to tear up but then pushes it back and catching Sanskar’s collar pushes him to the wall.
Swara : No Sanskar! I dont love you. Leave me alone. I dont want you in my life. I hate you( in a voice that’s trying to convince herself), I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
But she’s not able to look at him and say this.
Sanskar takes her hands and turns and pins her against the wall. He moves closer to her and says
Sanskar : Liar. You can’t even look at me and tell that you hate me. You love me too much. But the pain you’ve received from everyone has finally broken you up. You are scared Swara.
Swara : No..No..
She tries to escape but Sanskar’s hands are still pinning her to the wall. Suddenly her stomach growls. They look at each other and start giggling.
Swara then realises what is happening.
Swara : I’m going home now. Here, take the money.

Sanskar : Swara, wait. Do you have anything to eat at home?
Swara : Not that it’s any of your business, but no. I will make food once I go.
Sanskar : Then eat here. There is food. You are still weak…
Swara : I AM NOT WEAK.
She starts to storm out of the room but suddenly holds one of the pillars dizzy. Sanskar who was watching all this holds her and takes her to the dining hall.
Sanskar : Dekha? Now you sit and eat.
He feeds her some spoons of khichdi, then Swara feels strong enough and eats up the rest.
Swara : Thanks. But this doesn’t change anything.
Sanskar : I didn’t expect it to. Bye.
As Swara is leaving, a card falls from her bag. Sanskar picks it up and sees
Dr Lakshana Rao
Sanskar : Gynaecologist? Whe does Swara have her card?
Ragini is in the garden sitting. She talks to her baby.
Ragini : You are only 3 and a half months old. But I love you so much already. You were the one who opened my eyes. You showed me right from wrong. But I realised everything too late. My Swara is gone. How will I ever apologise to her? I have lost her forever.
Just then she feels something in her stomach. She looks down and smiles.
Ragini : You are right. I will find her. I will. I will beg her for forgiveness. Then I will bring her back as my Bhabhi and Swaragini will be united again.
She sings Chadaniya Lori lori to her baby. She doesn’t know that Ap and Laksh have heard her every word from his room

Ap : Look beta! I really think she has changed. C’mon. Do something. You don’t have to forgive her right this second. But try. You can move past this.
Laksh : I dont know Ma.
Ap sighs and leaves. Laksh looks at Ragini smiling and singing to her baby , No their baby , and feels something melting in his heart.
He goes down to the gardens and sits next to her. She doesn’t know that he is there as she has closed her eyes. She is still singing. He holds her hand and Ragini looks at him shocked.
Laksh : I don’t know if you’ve changed Ragini. But I still want to give you a chance.
Ragini : Laksh?
Laksh : Yes, For our child, I am ready to forget everything. But before I do that, you have to get Swara’s forgiveness. Only after that I will forgive you. Swara has suffered a lot. First because of me, then you and Sanskar. After she found happiness, We destroyed it again. You, me, Kavita and your maasi. She has every right to hate us. And I have every right to hate you. But We will first get Swara’s forgiveness. Then we will move on.
Ragini ( in tears ) : Yes Laksh… I agree with every statement.Let Sanskar come back. Then we will get my Swara back. I will do anything to get her forgiveness.
They shake hands and smile. Their first contact in 5 months.

PRECAP : Swasan and ansh…

I have decided to name the girl Rasika….From now on they will be ANIKA…
Should I stop with the story?? Is Swara pregnant?? What will happen to raglak?? Just wait for the next chapter

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