What did you guys think of Ansh’s character? Have you chosen a name for the girl yet?? This time we will see a bit of everyone…Raglak, Swasan and Ansh…Please give me ur opinions….if you dont like it, ask me to stop.


Introduction of Ansh
Ansh goes in his bike to meet his friend at the mall. As he is going, he sees a girl wearing a white salwar with a blue dupatta and jhumkis signalling him to stop the bike. He stops the bike and asks her, ” Ji, What happened? Why did you ask me to stop?”
The girl : Actually, My scooter stopped working. Can you see and fix it.
Ansh ( thinking) : Ansh Gadodia! This is your chance. Impress her and Lottery lag jayega.
Ansh (aloud) : Sure. Don’t worry. I will fix it. Actually, you know what? My friends all call me Mr Fixit.
He does all sorts of nonsense and when he tries to start it, the brakes broke. He held the brakes in his hand and looked sheepishly at the girl.
Ansh : Sorry. Yeh toh toot gaya.
The girl : Now look what you did. Mr Fixit? Tum toh Mr Break-it ho. Now give me the keys to your bike.

Ansh (giving the keys) : Why?
the girl : You get my scooter fixed and then take your bike. Here’s my address.
She gives him the address and leaves with the bike. He stares at her in shock.
Ansh : Arrey! She left? Ansh, Ye tune kya kiya? uss ladki ki itni himmat! She took my bike? I will teach her a lesson.
He takes the scooter, leaves it in the garage shop. He then picks his mother up in his car and they reach Maheshwari House.
Ap : Ansh beta, Sharmishta Ji! Please come in. We have not seen you for so long. Please sit.
Shumi : Ji, Actually I was thinking the same thing. That is why I came today to see Ragini and ask about Sanskar and Laksh. How are they?
Ap : Ragini is fine. I took her to the doctor today. She is resting now. Laksh is as usual. Sanskar has gone to Parna village to meet with a client for a fortnight….
Shumi : PARNA?? But that’s where Swara……
Luckily no one pays much attention and Ap continues telling about everyone else.
Ansh goes to Ragini’s room.
Ragini : Ansh! How are you? When did you come?
Ansh : I came just now. How are you Ragini? I heard you went to the doctor today. What did she say?

Ragini : She said that everything’s fine. Have to change my medicines, that’s all.
Just then Laksh enters the room.
Ansh : Hi Laksh. Everything ok? Ragini, I have to leave now. But we’ll meet up tomorrow. I’ll call you later. ( He gets a phone call and excuses himself)

Ragini : Yes Laksh. You wanted something? You never come here.
Laksh : Yes. What did the doctor say? Is my child ok?
Ragini tells him what the doctor says. Laksh turns to leave when..
Ragini : Laksh. Can I please ask for a favour?
Laksh : What do you want?
Ragini : In that top shelf, there is ayurvedic cream for my back. I wanted to ask Ansh to get it but he left before then. My back is really hurting. Can you please get it?
Laksh : Sure, Wait. What did you do for your back to ache?
He gives the cream to Ragini.
Ragini : Nothing. This is normal during pregnancy. Thank You. ((Dont know if that is true or not..Just fiction))

She tries to apply the cream but is not able to reach the correct spot. Laksh notices this and takes the bottle from her hands. He takes a little bit of the cream and applies it gently. Ragini turns and looks at him surprised. He sees her and they have an eyelock. Laksh suddenly pulls away from Ragini and says
Laksh : What are you looking at? I am a human. I will not treat you like an animal. But don’t start imagining this as love or whatever.
He leaves the room.
Ragini : One day, I will earn back your trust Laksh.
Swara’s head is bandaged. She is about to be discharged and she asks the receptionist for the doctor’s bill.
Nurse : Ma’am! Your bill has been paid in full by Mr Maheshwari.
Swara( Irritated ) : What? How can you take payment from some stranger? Don’t you people have rules?
Nurse : Im sorry Ma’am. But from the way he looked at you,…
Swara : Whatever! I dont want to hear it. Leave it now. How much did he pay and has my car come?
Nurse : Yes, It has come. Ma’am! here is your bill. Also, once you go home, please have something to eat otherwise you will feel dizzy.
Swara : Ok…Thank you.
She drives back home to Nightingale Haven and keeps cursing.

Swara : What the hell is happening? Why is that idiot here? I left Kolkata to escape from him and here he is. God, Don’t you like me or something? Why do you keep trying to break my heart? NO SWARA.. Your heart does not belong to Sanskar anymore. You hate him remember.
She remembers him applying sindoor in her maang
Swara : Aargh… Stop it…Now you have to see him again to pay him back. How much worse can this day get?
Thinking all this, she completely forgets to eat something and storms over to Sanskar’s bungalow, Tiger-Lilies.

PRECAP : Swasan moments, Raglak moments

So guys, what do you think??
and have you thought of a name yet for ansh’s love interest?
Next episode is gonna be a dhamaka episode.. but there is still a long way to go for Swara’s big secret..
So should I stop? or continue?

Credit to: Anjali

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