I think many of you may not have liked how I portrayed Ragini, but this is necessary. Please feel free to post any comments and if you think I should stop, Please say so.
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Swasan surprised to see each other and their argument. Swara faints and Sanskar takes her to the hospital. She tells him to leave. Raglak intro. Ragini has changed and is trying to win back the love of her life.
Shumi is doing aarti for Goddess Durga. Dadi has reconciled with her and accepts her as her bahu again. Shekar and Dadaji have gone to the shop.
Shumi : Beta Ansh. Where are you? take Prasad.
Dadi : Arrey Sharmishta! When has your son ever got up so early to take prasad and all. Leave him. Come, We will go dry these chillies.
Just then a neighbour shouted, ” Kaki Sa, O Kaki Sa! Look what your grandson has done. ”
Dadi ( comes out with Shumi ) : What is it Nimma! Why are you shouting? What has my Ansh done?
Nimma : Arrey. He has told my husband that I went to Mr Das’s House yesterday and did something very bad there. Now my husband is mad at me. Your grandson’s mischievousness will kill us one day. Usse kuch toh samjhao Sharmishta.
Shumi ( Laughing inwardly) : Ji Nimmaji. Ill tell him.
“Tell who what, Ma?” said a man. A man, devilishly handsome with a deep rich voice. He is a year younger than Ragini( Ragini is a year younger than Swara). He is ANSH GADODIA, College heartthrob.
All the neighbours now are watching them.
Ansh : Tell who what, Ma? Nimma Maasi, Kya hua?

Nimma : Kya hua? Arrey, You destroyed my marriage by telling lies to my husband.
Ansh : Me? I did no such thing.
Nimma : So I’m lying, is it?? Wait a minute. Suhas ke papa, Ek minute bahar aaiye!
Her husband( comes out, sees Ansh and his wife) : Ansh beta! You only told about Nimma cheating on me in Mr Das’s house. Thank you so much. Iss aurat se chutkara toh mili.
Ansh : Kaka, I said no such thing.
Everyone turns to him in surprise.
The husband : But….
Ansh : I said Maasi was doing something bad..meaning she took 4 extra laddoos…and you thought this…chi chi chi uncle…by the way Maasi, aap kitna khate ho. Aap ke stomach burst ho jayega.
all the neighbours start laughing.
Nimma : So tell me, Suhas ke papa, Mujhse chutkara?? I wont leave you today.
She takes the broom and starts chasing him.
Laughing, Dadi and Shumi drag Ansh inside.
Shumi : Ansh, Always you have to do something. You cant sit quietly?
Dadi : Dont scold my laadla beta.
Ansh : arrey kya ma? Someone has to crack jokes. Ever since Swara di…….
Shumi tears up. Ansh looks guilt-stricken. He had not meant to spoil the mood. Dadi leaves the room to weep.
Ansh : Sorry Ma. Don’t worry. Swara di will be fine in Patna. She told she’ll call us when she is ready right? She’ll call soon.
Shumi thinks to herself , Beta, Swara is nearby only. I have spoken to her. She is suffering in that village. But she is not ready to come here and she doesn’t want you to know that she is there as you would go there immediately. My girl is strong but she has taken all her pain and turned it into hatred against poor Sanskar and Ragini.

Shumi (aloud) : Ansh! Today we will go see Ragini.
Ansh : Ok Ma. I have to go out now but I will be back in an hour. We will go then.
Ansh, Shumi and Annapurna(Ap) are the only people who trust Ragini now.
Shumi : Buy some fruits for her. It is good for the baby.
Ansh hugs her , promises to buy the fruits and leaves. Shumi says ” Swara, Jaldi aajao.”
PRECAP : Swara goes to Sanskar’s house. Ansh meets a girl, Raglak moment
What do you people think? This story will have more Raglak and Swasan from now on.
What name should I give to Ansh’s love interest??
Chapter 4 will be updated soon…. Love you swaragini fans..

Credit to: Anjali

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