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Chapter 23
The baby is named Sanskriti…Abhay returns

Chapter 24
Rasika : Swara Di! Just look how big Kriti has grown. Wow! She looks amazing…
A voice is heard making all the three jump.
Voice : Obviously she had to be magnificent. After all, she is my daughter….
The three turn back to see Abhay smiling at them evilly pointing a revolver at them………
Swara (shocked) : Abhay!
Abhay : Yes! Abhay Pritambarnath is back in your life. What did you think? That just because I failed the first time, I would never come back? How could I let you be happy when you spoiled all my plans? Swara Maheshwari, Today I will take away your happiness. Today, your life will crumble in front of you and you won’t be able to stop it.
Swara gives Kriti to Rasika and asks Ragini and Rasika to stand behind her. She steps in front of them. Abhay notices this and laughs.
Abhay : Swara, Aren’t you tired of sacrificing yourself for your family? Anyways, I thought about what I going to do now and I decided that I won’t kill you. You need to live and bear the pain all your life.
Swara : Abhay! Enough! What do you mean? Leave us alone.
Rasika quietly dials Ansh and clutches the phone.
Ansh : Rasika! Rasika! Why are you not talking?
Just then, He hears Swara’s voice….
Swara : Abhay! Tell what are you going to do? Haven’t you done enough? Leave my family alone.
Abhay : How can I, Swara? I need my revenge. But this time, I am not going to kill you and make your husband suffer. This time I am going to kill your sister, her unborn child and your daughter. What’s her name? Kriti? I will kill your daughter, Swara, and you won’t be able to do anything. Actually, she’s my daughter na? Daughter chi! Must be because of Pulomi! Pritambarnaths’ always have sons. Nice, strong boys. Today Kriti and Ragini will die. And you will have to bear that pain forever.
Ansh has heard enough. He immediately calls Sanskar and Laksh and they leave from the office to go to the park. They also call the police.

Swara : ABHAY! Don’t you dare harm my daughter or my sister. This fight is between you and me. Keep it between us.
She makes a move forward, but Abhay points the gun at Ragini.
Abhay : Don’t come forward, Swara! Stay there. Otherwise, your sister will be dead.
Swara (steps in between Ragini and Abhay, she quietly motions Ragini and Rasika to leave, but they stay rooted) : Abhay! Please let them go. I will stay here but let them go. They didn’t do anything to you.
Abhay starts to step forward.
Abhay : They didn’t do anything to me. Just as I didn’t do anything to you. But you were the one who interfered in my life and now I have to reciprocate.
He raises the gun and points it towards Rasika and Kriti…He docks the gun.
Swara : NO ABHAY!!!
Thud! Abhay touches the back of his head and sees blood. He falters and drops the gun. Ragini quickly picks up the gun and keeps it with her. Abhay turns around to see an angry Pulomi holding a rod in her hand.
Abhay : You?
Pulomi : Yes, Me!
She hits him once more in the shoulder and he falls down. The four women quickly surround him.

Swara starts to say something but Pulomi stops her.
Pulomi : No Swara Di! Today I will talk to him. This all started because of the two of us. And it will end with the two of us.
Swara takes back Kriti and hugs her. She looks at Pulomi and nods determinedly.
Pulomi : ABHAY PRITAMBARNATH! There was a time not long ago, when I used to be scared of you and other people like you. So I used to keep my mouth shut. Even after you forced yourself on me, I was too scared to complain. After you insulted me in front of the whole Panchayat, I was too scared. BUT NOT ANY MORE. Swara Di has taught me to fight for myself, to support myself and to believe in myself. Once I was too weak to defend myself to you, but not now. Abhay! You are a despicable human being. You tried to kill Swara Di all because she hurt your ego? You tried to kill your own daughter because she’s a girl? How dare you? You don’t deserve to live. I could just take that gun and shoot you. But I am a human being. I don’t have the right to take another human life. But today justice will take place.Today you will pay for your sins.
Abhay gets up. Pulomi slaps him on the cheek twice. He staggers and falls down. the women tie Abhay to a tree using Rasika’s, Swara’s and Pulomi’s dupatta…
Swara : Pulomi? How did you know that we were here?
Pulomi : Di! I had come to meet you all. Badi Ma told me that you had gone to the park, so I decided to join you here. When I entered, I saw this man here. I immediately knew I had to do something fast. So i saw the rod and took it and came here.
Rasika : Pulomi! Today you saved us all.
Ragini : Yes Pulomi! We are safe because of you.
Swara turns to Abhay who is looking at them balefully.
Swara : Do you remember what I told you that day in that hut? I told you not to underestimate women. I told you that your downfall would be by a woman. I told you that I may not be the one who will destroy you but, A woman will still spoil everything for you. You thought that women were beneath you right? Today you learnt the true power of women. Threaten a woman and she will show exactly how strong she is. Regretfully, you didn’t listen to me the first time. Now you will pay for your sins, Abhay Pritambarnath. Ragini, Call the police.
Just then police sirens are heard. The four turn around in surprise to see Sanskar, Laksh and Ansh arrive there with the police.
Sanskar : Swara! Kriti! Are you all okay? What happened? Abhay is tied up? How did this happen?
Rasika explains everything to them. The police come and take Abhay away, promising them to make sure he never escapes again.
Swara : But Sanskar, How did you know that we were here? And about Abhay?
Ansh : Di! I got Rasika’s call..And I heard you and Abhay talking. I immediately understood and came here with the police and Bhai.
Swara : Rasika? You called them? But how?
Rasika : Di! Kriti managed to cover my tracks. So i managed to place a phone call.
They all smile. Swasan and Kriti have a group hug. Ansh holds Rasika tightly. Pulomi smiles seeing all of them. Suddenly
Ragini : Aaaaahhh!

They turn around to see Laksh and Ragini who were talking together quietly.
Swara gives Kriti to Sanskar and goes to Ragini.
Swara : Ragini! What’s wrong?
Ragini : Swara! My stomach is paining like hell. Laksh! Swara! Please do something… Aaahhh!
Rasika : Sanskar bhaiya! You take Pulomi and Kriti home and then come to the hospital. I think Ragini is in labour. We have to rush. Ansh! You bring Ma and Baba to the hospital. Swara di and I will take the other car and go with Laksh and Ragini. A little while more Ragini! Everything is going to be okay.
Rasika effectively made everyone leave. She took the wheel and drove to the hospital where Swara had already asked the doctor to be ready. Laksh and Ragini went inside the room. Ragini was still screaming.

All the family members except for Sujata and Uttara enter. They ask how ragini is. Swara asks them to calm down and says Ragini is with Laksh and is inside.
Swara : Badi Ma! Kriti?
Annapurna : Beta! Kriti is with Sujata and Uttara. Don’t worry…
Swara nods and turns to Rasika. Sanskar joins them.
Swara : Rasika! How come you always manage to be so calm in rough situations? Today, If you didn’t use your brains when Abhay was there, We might never have had a chance to capture him. And then again with Ragini! You made us all follow the plan and made us feel calm. I am so lucky to have you as my sister-in-law.
Rasika : No Swara Di! It is from you that I’ve learnt how to love and how to be strong. Pulomi was right! You are our mentor and role model. It is because of Sanskar bhaiya and you that Ansh and I learnt the true meaning of love. It is because of both of you that Pulomi became strong and fought for her self-respect. And it is because of you that Ragini and Laksh became one. And I am not your sister-in-law, Swara di! I am your sister. We are five sisters : Swara, Ragini, Rasika, Pulomi and Uttara!
Swara agrees with her and hugs her. She looks at Sanskar and smiles. All the elders look at them and feel blessed to have such a wonderful family. Just then, A loud noise of a baby crying is heard from the room. Everyone is ecstatic and start congratulating each other.
Laksh and the doctor come out.
Laksh : I am a Papa! Ma! You heard what I said? I am a Papa to a big, healthy boy!! Sanskar Bhai, I have become a Papa…
All look at the excited look on his face and are really happy. They congratulate the new father.
Swara : Laksh! Congratulations..Ragini?
Laksh : Ragini is perfectly alright! She is sleeping right now though. The doctor told that we can meet her after an hour. The nurse is cleaning the baby and then we can meet him. He is so cute, you know….
He starts describing the baby and everyone listen to him with an indulgent look. Ansh and Rasika leave and go to the hospital temple. They pray and thank God for this bundle of happiness.
Ansh : Rasika! Are you okay? I was really scared when I got your call…My heart was pounding when I heard Abhay was going to kill you all. I cannot live without you Rasika!
Rasika (smiling softly, holds his hand) : What do I have to worry about? I know you will be there with me always. So nothing can ever happen to me. Ansh! Thank you for loving me. Thank you for making me part of this amazing and lovely family. Thank you for coming into my life.
Anika hug and kiss.
Ansh : You know what, Miss Scooter? You are growing soft being with me. I want to see Miss Scooter again. You were Miss Scooter in Shimla! Chalein? Phir se? (he winks at her)
Rasika (blushing) : Ansh! Chalo ab! We’ll meet Ragini!

Everyone has seen and admired the baby, who looks exactly like Laksh.
Rasika and Swara enter Ragini’s room where Ragini is admiring her son who is sleeping in the cradle.
Swara (softly, so as to not disturb the baby) : Ragini! Congratualtions…My nephew is so cute and chubby! I will spoil him to death. How do you feel?
Ragini smiles at them both.
Ragini : I feel so good. I have a son, Swara. I have become a mother. I feel so light and happy. Just look at him. He looks exactly like Laksh na?
Rasika : Yes Ragini! Even we all thought that. Not only will Swara di spoil him..I will too. After all, I am his mami!
Ragini : Now it is your turn Rasika! (Rasika blushes)
The three smile and joke softly.
Laksh enters with a big bouquet of flowers. Sensing that they need privacy, Rasika and Swara leave.
Ragini : Laksh! I was wondering when you’ll be coming.
Laksh hands her the bouquet of lilies. She exclaims in delight and the baby wakes up and starts crying.
Ragini : Oops…
She picks up the baby and hold him in her arms. Laksh sits beside them and puts his arms around both of them.
Laksh : Ragini! Today we have become parents. We have a chota son. Do you know how happy I am? Thank you so much Ragini for bringing this happiness in our lives.
Ragini : Laksh! Why are you telling thank you? This happiness is not because of me or you. This happiness is because of us. Ragini and Laksh!
Laksh kisses Ragini and they settle down contentedly admiring their son.
Swasan enter the room with Kriti. Anika also enter. They look at each other’s faces and realise how happy they are…

The screen freezes on their happy faces!!!!
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