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Pulomi’s operation begins….Swara wakes up
Chapter 22
Swara : Tell me na? Where is Pulomi?
She looks at everyone’s faces and becomes worried.
Swara : Pulomi is ok na? Oh My God! Did Abhay do something? Did he hurt her…..
Ragini : Swara! Nothing of that sort happened. Er…Pulomi…Er…
Swara : Ragini, Where is Pulomi? Tell me right now.
Sanskar ( from the doorway) : Pulomi is in the operation theatre Swara…..
Swara : Operation? But why?
Sanskar (accusing tone) : She went into distress because you were almost dead. And now they are doing everything to save her.
Ragini : Sanskar! Stop it….
But Sanskar leaves after looking at Swara.

Swara (shocked) : Is this true? Rasika! Is this true?
Rasika (stammering) : ye…s Swara di..
Swara closes her eyes for a long time. Everyone grows worries.
Ansh : Swara di! Swara di! Nothing will happen to Pulomi…You know that right?
Shumi : Shona! Beti! Don’t lose hope. Ansh is right.
Swara opens her eyes.
Swara : No Ma! I haven’t lost hope. Pulomi is my sister. She is just like Ragini or Rasika to me. She knows that my sisters are strong. I was just closing my eyes so that I can gain some strength. I have to go and meet her.
All look at her like she’s crazy.
Laksh : Swara! You are very weak. How will you go and meet her? We are all here to take care of her. You rest and get better. We will soon have a baby in this household. Your baby. You need to be prepared for that.

Swara : Exactly Laksh…My baby. I have to be with them in their moment of need. If I forsake them right in the beginning, how will I live with myself? Now I don’t want to listen to anything else. I will go meet her even if it is only for 10 minutes.
Laksh and Ansh nod and bring a wheelchair. They take her out. As they take Swara to the operation theatre, She notices Sanskar standing outside the OT staring inside. He turns and looks at her.
Laksh explains everything before Sanskar gets angry. He doesn’t look at Swara but instead moves away to let Swara in.
Swara enters the OT wearing a face mask. She is not allowed to go near Pulomi and has to stay near the door. The doctor decreases Pulomi’s anasthesia a little so that Pulomi can see Swara.
Swara : Pulomi….Look, I am here. Look at me. I am alright. Why did you get so worried? You know right, That your Swara di is really strong. Then how did you become so weak? I will share my strength. Take it, My sister, Take it and come back safely to me. Nothing should happen to both of you. Pulomi, Struggle for your life. You have many things left to acheive. Come on Pulomi! I know you won’t disappoint me.
Pulomi (looking at Swara with happy eyes) : Swara…di! You…are….alright! I will come….back….to you…

With renewed energy, she pushes the baby out. Everyone can hear the baby’s cries outside and are ecstatic. Swara looks at Pulomi with happy tears. The doctor checks Pulomi and then sedates her so that she gets complete rest.
Doctor : Congratulations Swara! Pulomi has given birth to a girl. The baby is premature so we cannot let any of hold her now. She needs to gain strength. But perhaps in 2 days or so. And Pulomi is also doing fine. Just plenty of rest. Congratulations once again. Now even you must go back to your room. You all may see the baby in a couple of hours.
Swara is tremendously happy. She goes out to see everyone hugging Sanskar and congratulating him. He too looks ecstatic. She looks at him and smiles. He reciprocates for about 15 secconds but then turns away. Everyone see Swara near the door and congratulate her. She tells them what the doctor said.
Laksh : Now everything is alright again. Thank God! Ragini! Now no more excuses. You are coming home right now and resting. We will come back later. Swara! Take care and if you need anything, just call okay? Ma, Papa! I think even you all should leave now. Ansh and Bhai will remain for a while. You can freshen up and bring back food for all of them.

All the elders leave to get the house ready and bring food for Swara and Pulomi. Ragini hugs Swara and tells she will come back later. Rasika too leaves with them.
Ansh takes her back to her room.
Ansh : Di! I will go and get the medicines required for Pulomi. You rest okay?
She nods and closes her eyes. She wants Sanskar but knows that he is angry with her. She feels someone enter and look at her. As the figure turns away,
Swara : Mujhse baat bhi nahi karoge Sanskar? Itni naraazi?
She opens her eyes to see Sanskar looking at her from the door. He slowly walks towards the window without talking to her. Swara stares at him.
Sanskar : Why not Swara? You were going to leave me. You sent me that voice message and it sounded like you had lost hope.

Swara : Sanskar…..
Sanskar : No Swara! I am really angry with you. Do you know how I felt when I saw you inside that burning hut? Do you know how I felt when I heard the doctor say your lungs were collapsing? Do you know how I felt when he told me you had to wake up within two hours otherwise I would lose you forever?
Swara looks at him tearfully. Sanskar finally turns towards her and she is shocked to see the raw pain in his tear-stained eyes. He comes near her and kneels down. He takes her hand and clutches it tightly. He places his head on her lap and continues.
Sanskar : I was so scared Swara. My entire life was crumbling around me and I couldn’t do anything. I was so helpless. And all this happened because of me.
Swara ( caressing his hair, shocked) : Sanskar! NO!
Sanskar looks up and cups her face.

Sanskar : It is my fault Swara. If I had told you everything earlier….It is my fault that all this happened. I hurt you. Because of me, you were almost in death’s arms. I am so sorry Swara. I am so so so so sorry.

He cries hard and hugs her. Swara breaks the hug and cups his face.
Swara : I don’t know how I was so lucky to get you as my husband, as my love. No Sanskar! I mean it. Whatever happened is not your fault. That is why I sent you that voice message thinking that it would make you feel better. But I should have known better. I understand you so much but when it comes to implementing it, I fail. I have always disappointed you. First I took your love for granted. Then I failed to trust you and trusted Ragini even though I knew she was wrong. I ran away from you and blamed you even when I knew it was not your fault. And now, I broke my promise to you and this happened. It is not your fault Sanskar! But mine! I act before I think. Please forgive me.

They both cry and rest their heads against each other drawing comfort. He finally gets up and kisses her. He makes her lie down and lies next to her holding her tightly. They both clutch each other embracing their love which has only become stronger
Ansh enters and sees them together. He smiles and goes to Pulomi’s room to give them some privacy.
Sanskar : Swara! Can you believe it? You have become a mother today. We have a little girl in our lives. A little girl who will call you mumma…
Swara(smiling) : And you Pappa! I can’t believe it Sanskar….I am so happy today. We have a daughter. An angel. When can we see her Sanskar? When can we?
Sanskar (smiling and seeing her motherly nature ) : The doctor said 20 minutes more…They are still doing the baby’s check up. But the doctor was very pleased and said that she is strong…just like her mothers.
Swara smiles and hugs him.

Sanskar : Vaise you told me what name you wanted if it was a boy, but it is a girl now. Any thoughts madam?
Swara : One. But you tell what you want to keep…We’ll decide on one.
Ansh enters.
Ansh : Sorry di! But Pulomi is awake. She wants to meet you.
Swasan go to Pulomi’s room. Pulomi sees Swara coming to her in a wheel chair.
Pulomi : Swara di! I am so glad you’re alright. I was so scared for you.
Swara : Pulomi! I knew you were strong. You were very brave inside the OT. I am so proud of you. You have given birth to a girl.
Sanskar : Thank you sooooo much Pulomi for giving us our daughter. You have brought happiness into our lives.
Pulomi : But I also have brought misfortune…(looking guilty)
Ansh : Oh God! Phir Se? No no no no no….Sanskar bhai thinks it is his fault, Swara di thinks it is her fault and now, Pulomi thinks it is her fault. Don’t you people get it? It is not any of your faults. Why should we take the blame if someone evil has done this? Now no more feeling guilty. Only happiness….Di is alright..I have a niece…I am getting married….And Ragini is going to make me an uncle soon! So no regrets. Let us enjoy our happiness.
Raglak and Rasika enter.

Ragini : Yes! Now no more crying or guilt. We will be one happy family.
Laksh and Sanskar : Ansh! When did you become so wise? Rasika’s influence na?
They tease him and Rasika blushes.
Swara : Sanskar, Laksh! Don’t tease bechari Rasika.
They all have a group hug!!

PRECAP : Happy times hopefully 😉

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