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Swara is critical
Chapter 21
Doctor : I am sorry Mr Maheshwari, But her chances of surviving is less than 10%….
Everyone stares at him in shock….
A voice : NOOOO……
Sanskar turns back to see Pulomi with Adarsh Bhaiya and Pari Bhabhi…Pulomi looks at everyone with frightened eyes, then clutches her stomach in pain, screams loudly and faints.
Sanskar looks at Swara in the ICU and Pulomi down on the floor….
Ragini ( rushing towards Pulomi) : Pulomi! What happened? Adarsh Bhaiya? Pari Bhabhi? Why did she come here? How did she get to know about all this?
Laksh : Ragini! That is not important now. Doctor, Please attend to Pulomi immediately. Sanskar Bhai, You stay here with Swara. I will go to the maternity ward.
HE starts to leave when Sanskar stops him.

Sanskar : No Laksh! I will go…Swara will never forgive me if I leave Pulomi in such a state. I will make sure that everything is ok with my baby. You stay here with Ragini and make her eat something. It is not good for the baby. Feed her something.
Laksh nods. Sanskar turns towards Swara who is sleeping.
Sanskar : I am going Swara. I will make sure nothing happens to our baby. Please be awake when I come back.
He goes to the maternity ward where the doctor have started IV drips on Pulomi…She is half unconscious and delirious.
Sanskar : Pulomi! You cannot break down. I know you can hear me….Would Swara ever break down like that? You have to be strong like her. Fight for your baby. Fight for your life. Fight for Swara’s sake.
Pulomi (whispering) : Bha…iya….This…is all….my fault..na? If Swara di….hadnt..met me, all this….wouldn’t…have happened..
Sanskar : No Pulomi! You should not take blame of others’ mistake. This was entirely Abhay and his father’s fault. None of us blame you for what happened. Now stay strong. And when you wake up, you will see my Swara awake and recovering.

Pulomi nods and rests. She has been sedated heavily.
Doctor : Mr Maheshwari! Pulomi is extremely weak and the baby is getting restless. We may have to operate on her soon and take out the baby. But the baby will be very premature and will be in danger for some time. Only time will tell if both Pulomi and the baby will be alright. For now, they are okay. But I think you should prepare yourself.
Sanskar listens to her words shocked, nods once and runs from there. He sees an abandoned room and goes inside. He rests his head against the door and cries. He falls to his knees and puts his head on the floor and cries. He feels helpless and alone. He takes out his phone and listens to Swara’s message again. He sits there thinking of her.
Ragini comes in search of him and sees him alone. Her heart breaks. She almost breaks down too but remembers her sister’s words. She touches her stomach and takes strength from her baby. She closes her eyes and opens them with a steely resolve. She marches determinedly into Swara’s room where her parents were looking at her silently.

Ragini ( Shouting ) : Swara! What do you think you are doing? The girl who never gives up hope, who always believed nothing bad could ever happen to a good person is now sinking? My sister who vowed to teach me a lesson and learn my mistakes, is going to die? How dare you Swara? How dare you leave me? And how dare you leave your Sanskar? Do you think by sending that voice message, we will just forgive you and move on? If you don’t get up right now, I will never forgive you….(now crying) Wake up Swara…WAKE UP! WAKE UP! How can we be Swaragini without Swara? You can’t leave me Swara….YOU CANNOT LEAVE ME SWARA!

She sits down and sobs. Laksh who had come in when she was shouting, cries seeing Ragini and Swara like this.
Laksh : Swara! Please get up! Just look at how much you are hurting all of us….Please get up for your Ansh, your Ragini and most of all, YOUR SANSKAR! Please get up.
He takes a crying Ragini outside.
Ragini : Where are Ansh and Rasika? I haven’t seen them in a long time.
Everyone hears her and begin to search for them.
They finally find them in the hospital mandir. Ansh is lighting a diya and Rasika is arranging an Aarti plate. Everyone joins them and begin to pray.
Rasika :
O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare

O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
Humri uljhan suljhaao bhagwan
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
Tumhe humka ho sambhaale
Tumhe hamre rakhwaale
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
All :
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
Ragini :
Chanda mein tumhe to bhare ho chaandni
Sooraj mein ujaala tumhe se
Yeh gagan.. hai magan
Tumhe to diye ho isse taare
Bhagwan.. yeh jeevan
Tumhe na sanwaaroge
To kya koi sanwaare

O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
Laksh :
Jo suno to kahe Prabhuji hamri hai binti
Dukhi jan ko dheeraj do
Haare nahin voh kabhi dukh se
Tum nirbal ko raksha do
Reh paaye nirbal sukh se
Bhakti ko shakti do
All :
Bhakti ko.. shakti do..

Ansh :
Jag ke jo swami ho
Itni to araj suno
Hai path mein andhiyaare
Dedo vardaan mein ujiyaare
All :
O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
Humri uljhan suljhaao bhagwan
Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin

Sanskar comes there and listens to them. He looks at their faces.
Sanskar (thinking) : Please don’t let their hope lose. Please.
Pulomi’s doctor comes there and calls him.
Doctor : Mr Maheshwari!
Everyone turns towards the doctor.

Doctor : Mr Maheshwari! Pulomi is in distress. The baby cannot stay in there much longer. I have to operate but I have already told you the risks.
Sanskar : You do the operation doctor. Nothing will happen to them. Nothing can happen to them.
Everyone is worried for both Pulomi and Swara, who had only ten minutes to wake up. Everyone kept going in intervals to wake her up but she didnt’t respond. Sanskar stayed outside Pulomi’s door and watched them operate. Suddenly..
Doctor (from inside) : Oh My God! She is failing. Come on quick. She won’t survive much longer if we don’t finish fast.
Sanskar hears this and finally loses it. He marches over to Swara’s room, asks everyone to go out.
Everyone leaves looking at his face.
Sanskar : Swara! I know you can hear me so don’t act like you cannot hear me. This is another one of your plans, isn’t it? To torture me? To prove that you’re so great…That you sacrficed your life for us?

He looks at her but she doesn’t open her eyes.
Sanskar : Stubborn, aren’t you? But even I am stubborn. I won’t let you leave me so quickly. In your voice message you asked me to forget my pain and be strong, but what about their pain? You cannot stand to see anyone in pain. How can you be the cause for our pain? You like to be the mahaan right? Then be the damn mahaan but just…come back to me….please…
He tears up a bit.
Sanskar : Remember Swara! Once you asked me why I loved you so much. And I told because I can’t imagine life without you. But actually it is more than that. Every time you smile and my heart beats, every laugh makes me move. Everytime you talk to me, my brain works. Everytime I know you’re there with me in each and every step, I live. I live in peace knowing that you’re there with me. Don’t take away my peace. Please…..(He cries and sits down on the bed holding Swara)
His eyes are closed….He just holds her tightly lying down next to her. Suddenly one of her fingers twitches, but he doesn’t notice it. She opens her eyes.
Swara : San….Skar…

Sanskar looks up in astonishment. He thinks he is dreaming and pinches himself. He then looks at Swara actually awake and looking at him.
Sanskar : SWARA! You’re awake….You’re awake….Don’t move Swara! I’ll get the doctor.
He runs outside and calls the doctor. The entire family come and see Swara awake and are overjoyed. The doctor checks Swara and says she needs rest for at least a week and then slowly she will be alright. Everyone is ecstatic and go in to see her for a short while. Sanskar stays out though.
They all hug Swara and tell her to take care. Swara begs forgiveness from everyone for scaring them so badly. Then…
Swara : Where is Pulomi? Is she alright?
Everyone looks at each other silent, unsure of what to say…
Swara : Tell me na? Where is she? Is my baby alright? What happened to Pulomi…….

PRECAP : Is the baby alright??? Return of Abhay

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