Hey guys, What did you think? It might be overdramatic and a bit weird at first. Also, you may hate how I have portrayed Ragini now. But don’t worry…All this will change
Glimpse of Swara’s new life. She lives about 7 hours from Kolkata. Only her parents know where she is. She hates Sanskar and Ragini. Also she has a big secret.
She is attacked by goons. Sanskar saves her. She is shocked to see him.

I just realised I havent told about Kavita and Maasi. Ragini, after finding out the truth about both of them lying about her mother realises all her wrongdoings and wants to make amends. She exposes them both and they are sent away. But Swara and Sanskar have broken up by then and no one wants Ragini. Kavita swears she will be back. Ragini is a changed girl now. But no one believes her this time

In Maheshwari House
Ragini is 3 months pregnant with Laksh’s child. She lives with the Maheshwaris but no one really acknowledges her. She is considered the mother of Laksh’s child alone and not the bahu of the Maheshwari Khaandaan. She is no longer the malkin and stays in the guest room. Laksh never looks at her and leaves the room if she’s there.
Laksh comes to her room.

Laksh : Ragini, Today is your doctor appointment. Don’t you dare screw it up. I don’t want anything happening to my child. Ma will be going with you. Don’t trouble her also.
Ragini : Yes Laksh. Laksh, Do you think……
Laksh leaves the room.
Ragini(in tears) thinks to herself, I deserve that but I will earn your love, Laksh. I will earn the trust and respect. But this time, I will not do anything wrong. Never again. Maybe our child will reunite us.
Sanskar : Swara??
Swara : Sanskar? What are you doing here?
Sanskar : I should be asking you that. I thought you were in Patna. Why are you here?
Swara : That is my business. Thank you for saving me from those drunks. But I have to leave now. So bye and thanks again.
Sanskar : Swara, Why are you being so formal? You are hurt. Let me check.
He tries to take her hand, but she wrenches it out.
Swara : Dont Sanskar Maheshwari. I am alright. It looks worse than it is.By the way, I am not the Swara you know. Leave me alone. I hate you and want nothing to do with you.
Sanskar : Fine Swara. I also dont love you anymore. Insaaniyat ke khatir, I just wanted to check if you’re alright. But you obviously are. So bye.
He takes his car and once he turned, he stops the car to see if Swara’s car is coming. After waiting for 15 minutes, he goes back to see her and sees her on the ground, unconscious.
Sanskar : SWARA!
He sees that her wound was actually worse than she thought it was. He carries her and takes her to the hospital. They bandage her head and he pays the doctor’s bill. He sits in her room. She regains consciousness and sees Sanskar. He tells her what happened.
Swara : I am going to sleep now, Sanskar. Thank you once again. But please go back now. Go back to Kolkata.

Sanskar : I am staying in the bungalow called Tiger-Lilies. I have some work here. And you could stop being beastly to me, Swara. It is very tiring.
Swara : I hate you Sanskar. It is the simple truth. Nothing you say will ever change that. So please leave.
After he leaves, Swara thinks,” Oh God! Why did he have to come? I can’t let myself be weak. If he ever found out about …..Oh no! Tiger-Lilies? That’s opposite Nightingale Haven( Her bungalow). Oh no. I have to make him move”.
Thinking that she goes to sleep.

PRECAP : Intro of Ansh… Baadi and Maheshwari House moments. No Swasan

Credit to: Anjali

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