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Swara kidnapped…
Chapter 19
Swara wakes up, Her head pounding. She isn’t able to open her eyes. She tries to move her hands but is unable to. Slowly she opens her eyes and sees that she is in some hut. She is seated in a chair and her hands and legs are tied.
She hears someone laughing to her side. She turns to the person, her head aching and her eyes focus on………
Swara : You?
Man ( triumphantly ) : Yes! Me! Thakur Uday Pritambarnath’s son, Abhay Pritambarnath. You thought you can just live your life happily while I stay in that rotten jail? How dare you? Now just wait and see what I will do….
Swara (afraid, but doesn’t let him see it) : How did you get out of jail? The inspector there was a very just man.
Abhay : Have you forgotten? I am a Thakur’s son. I have many powerful friends. One man cannot stop me. Anyone who comes in my way will die…..
Swara (shocked) :You killed the poor inspector? Don’t you have any humanity? You are worthless. No better than a worm. Actually, Even they are better.
Abhay’s triumphant smile fades. He removes Swara’s knots and forces her to get up. He slaps her twice and pins her against the wall.
Abhay : Don’t you dare make the mistake of insulting me here. Otherwise….(he yanks her hair and makes her cry out in pain)
Swara (a pained voice) : Otherwise what? You’ll kill me? Go ahead. I don’t care.
He yanks her hair even more.

Abhay : Yes, I will kill you. But I was planning to only do that. If you irritate me, then I will make sure your sister, Ragini, Is it, never sees her baby. I won’t kill any of your family except perhaps for that loser husband of yours… But I will make sure your family is never happy again. That baby of your sister’s will go away and so will my child, the one that you so readily agreed to mother….What the hell do you want with Pulomi anyway? She was ready for me….Women shouldn’t have feelings that men should not touch them….You are there for only one thing…So let us teach you what that is..
Swara, pales on hearing Abhay’s words about the babies but is too angry to stop.
Swara : Women are so cheap to you? One day, A woman will be the cause of your downfall. Maybe it won’t be me…maybe it won’t be anyone you know. But it will be a woman. And on that day you will understand just how powerful we are.

Abhay smiles. He touches Swara’s cheeks where the slap marks are visible.
Abhay : These slap marks look really nice on your face. That day, when you slapped me in front of the entire Panchayat, I vowed to do the same thing to you. And now I have done. See, that’sthe difference between men and women. Women talk but don’t do whereas men talk and do. Anyways, Do you want to listen to my plan?
He pushes her on the floor and kicks her.
Abhay : Look at me.
Swara is looking down at the floor with tears. She doesn’t want him to see her cry.
Abhay ( roughly lifting her face) : Look at me Dammit…(seeing that she is in tears) Good! Very good! This is the face I want to see. A face of hopelessness. Now listen to my plan…What I am going to do with you.. What your loving, caring husband will feel…Your entire family’s despair…Listen..
Swara (smiling) : Tell me…Tell me your plan and we’ll see just how much is carried out. Sanskar will never let you succeed. He must be on his way here right about now.
Abhay : I know exeactly where your Sanskar is. He is doing everything according to my plan….
Swara (smiles fades) : According to your plan?
Abhay : Yes. According to my plan. Right now, Sanskar, Laksh, Ansh and his fiancee are about an hour away from the place where you hit the tree. Following my orders, My men have left your car there itself. They will see the car and they will search for you. Then they will find this hut and you in it. You will be alive when they see you, but when they finally take you, you will be dead. Just imagine the pain Sanskar will be in, he was so close but he couldn’t save you.
He laughs loudly….

Swara : Please kill me. Do whatever you want with me but don’t harm my husband. He will be broken if he finds out he was so close. Please kill me now itself.
She falls to his feet.
Abhay ( smirking) : I wanted you to see like this. Hopeless, Begging….Your Sanskar will get what he deserves. Now get up.
He makes her sit on the chair and ties her. He then leaves. Swara starts crying and thinks of Sanskar…
Ansh is drivng the car as Sanskar is in no condition to drive.
Sanskar : Ansh, Go fast. Swara needs me.
Laksh : Bhai! You have to calm down. Otherwise you will make rash decisions. Bhai, Please calm down.
Rasika : Ji Sanskar Bhaiya! Get a hold of yourself. Swara di needs you.
Sanskar tries to calm himself.
Sanskar ( thinking ) : Swara! Where are you? Please come back. I am very worried. Oh Lord! Please protect her…Please don’t let any harm come to her.
He closes his eyes and thinks of Swara. He blames himself for not answering her calls. He hasn’t seen her voice message as his phone is charging through a power bank
Just then the car stops suddenly.

Sanskar : Ansh! Why did you stop? We have to go fast…
Ansh silently points towards the side. Everyone sees a car banged into the tree. They get down and go to see the wreck. They are shocked when they realise it is Swara’s car.
Sanskar : Swara!
He searches the car but sees nothing. He bangs the car frustrated. Rasika goes to him in tears…
Rasika ( holding his hand ) :Bhaiya! Please! You can’t lose hope now. If you lose hope, What will Swara di do? Please calm down. Let us think rationally.
Sanskar holds Rasika’s hands and falls to his knees.
Ansh (who was inspecting the car ) : Bhai! I think someone took Swara di from here…Somewhere close.
Sanskar : What?
Laksh : Look! The screws from the tyre is missing. This was not an accident. Someone wantedly made that car crash in such a way that Swara could be taken away. She should be somewhere near only. We should go search.
Sanskar is energised with renewed hope.
Sanskar : I am coming Swara! Ansh, I think you should take Rasika and go to Deema village and bring the police here. The Kolkata police will be here soon too. Also this way, Rasika will be safe. Then you come back here. Keep your phone with you.
Sanskar and Laksh go in search of Swara…

Abhay enters the hut and sees Swara sitting quietly.
Abhay : Swara! Your time is up. Sanskar has found your car. Now he is searching for you. It is time for my favourite part of the plan.
Swara : One minute. Before you do anything, Let me send one voice message to my Sanskar. Please.
Abhay : Because I am happy that no one can stop me, I will allow you to do so.
One of his men bring Swara’s phone and Swara sends the voice message.
Swara (thinking) : Sanskar, Please come here. Even if not to save me, atleast so that I can see you one last time… Please…
Abhay unties her. He then lifts her up and ties har hands on a beam that is there in the roof of the hut. ( this is not a straw hut..it is made up of some wood or something)
Now Swara is dangling from the beam, her hands are tied to the beam and her legs are tied together. Abhay’s men bring some liquid and start pouring it inside the hut.
Abhay : I think now you figured out what I am going to do right? I am going to burn you alive. But this is not oil or kerosene. This is an ancient chemical that will suffocate you rather than burn you. It creeps slowly and you will die slowly and painfully. That will be my reward.
He goes to the edge of the hut and lights a match.

Abhay : Good bye Mrs Swara Maheshwari…And after you die, Pulomi will be next.
Swara (shouting) : You B*****d! You promised no one would get hurt.
Abhay : You should know by now, I dont keep promises.
He lights the hut up. The chemicl starts burning. At first, Swara doesn’t feel anything, but soon she feels the heat and starts coughing. It is becoming difficult to breathe. Abhay waves bye and leaves.
Swara : Sans…kar…..
Summoning all of her energy,
Sanskar and Laksh are close to the hut but it is still not visible to them. They are looking in all directions.
Sanskar : SWARA! Where are you?
They go in the direction of the voice and see the hut burning. Abhay is coming out with his men and sees Sanskar.

Abhay (smiling) : So you finally came? Swara is inside. Go save her.
Sanskar looks at the hut in shock. He sees Swara dangling from the roof coughing.She hasn’t seen him. Meanwhile Abhay and his men try to escape but Laksh blocks them. Ansh and Rasika reach there with the police. They capture the men, but Abhay manages to escape.
Sanskar has eyes only for Swara. He tries to go inside but Laksh and Ansh stop him. He tugs at them but they don’t leave him.
Ansh ( with tears) : Bhai! No!
Sanskar : How can you say that Ansh? Your sister is suffering over there. I have to go.
Sanskar : SWARA! SWARA!
Swara finally notices Sanskar. She sees him trying to enter.
Swara (crying and coughing) : St..op! No! Go back San…Skar…Abhay…is going….to harm….Pulomi…Go…save….her! La…ksh take good….care of my…Ragini….Ansh and Rasika….Live…a..hap…py life.

Swara turns to Sanskar who is shocked and stands like a statue…They both look at each other with tears in their eyes. They remember their promise to be with each other always…Kya hua tera vaada plays….All their past moments play…Their sham wedding, real wedding, him applying Sindoor, their love confession, them meeting in Parna, dancing to teri meri in the party, love confession once again, their wedding and their first night……
Swara (croaks) : I love you Sanskar!
Her eyes slowly close. Sanskar falls to the ground in shock.
Sanskar (screaming) : SWARA!!!!!!

PRECAP : No precap!

Guys, Sorry for the no precap…im actually not sure what all will be coming….Should Swara die? Should she not? How will she be saved??

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