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Everyone is tired out from last night’s activities.
Sujata : Jiji! I am so tired. Yesterday was very active. I think after breakfast, I will go rest for some time. Is that ok?
Annapurna : Sure Sujata! Today there is nothing of importance to do anyway….You go rest for some time…Even I will go later.
Swara : Yes, Mom! You go. I can manage everything and Pari Bhabhi is also here. I am not tired anyways….
Just then Ragini enters the hall from the kitchen drinking milk. She has been feeling tired and listless all day.
Swara : Ragini, Why did you come down? I would have brought you milk upstairs na?
Ragini : No that’s ok! I wanted to walk for sometime.

Swara smiles and turns back to talk to Annapurna and Sujata. Suddenly, the sound of a glass crashing reaches her ears. She turns to see Ragini unconscious lying on the floor.
Swara ( shouting) : Ragini! (runs towards her and bends down) Laksh! Sanskar! Come fast…
Laksh, who was sleeping got up with a start.
Laksh : Why is Swara shouting? Ragini? Is she alright?
Both Laksh and Sanskar reach downstairs at the same time.
Laksh ( seeing Ragini) : Ragini!
He goes and carries her to their room. Sanskar calls the doctor and asks him to come right away. Swara splashes some water on Ragini’s face and she wakes up. She tries to get up but Laksh tells her to lean back and lie down.
The doctor enters and checks Ragini up. Meanwhile Anika also enter. They are worried seeing Ragini.
Doctor : No need to worry a lot. She is just a bit too worked up. She needs to relax for two days. Then she will be alright. Today, especially , no activity at all. I will change her medicines and give you the presciption. Let her take complete rest today.
Ragini : Oh No…
Sanskar looks at her and smirks..

Sanskar : Sad, Ragini! Now Laksh won’t leave you. Today no activity for you…
Ansh : Thank you doctor! Give me the medicine prescription. I will go buy.
The doctor and Ansh leave. The elders too leave. Swara, Rasika and Sanskar go downstairs to get Ragini some juice.
Laksh is alone with Ragini.
Ragini ( softly ) : Laksh! What happened? Why are you not telling anything?
She looks at Laksh, who has glistening eyes.
Ragini : Laksh! What happened? Look, I am perfectly fine. See.
She comes forward and hugs him.
Laksh : When I saw you lying down there, I was blank. I have never felt such despair in my life, Ragini. Please don’t ever scare me like that again. When I don’t see you happily sleeping or awake, it is like daggers in my heart. Please take care of yourself..Today you only fainted and I wasn’t there. Tomorrow if something happens and……Baby, Tell your mother that I can’t live without her. And I cant live without you either. Please ask her to take care of herself….
Ragini ( with tears in her eyes ) : Laksh! Im sorry I worried you so much. I promise from now on, I will take care of myself. Please don’t cry. Sorry Laksh….Baby, Tell your papa not to cry please…I cant look at him so broken..

They held each other and placed their foreheads together comforting each other. Outside, Swasan and Anika looked at each other. Swara and Rasika had tears in their eyes. They decide to give Raglak their privacy.
Swasan go back to their room…Swara is a bit upset.
Sanskar : Swara, Princess, Why are you so sad? I know you think this is all your fault, But it isn’t. You cant take blame for everything Swara…
He comforts Swara
Ragini is completely alright. Swara and Laksh have not let her out of their sight and took proper care of her the past two days. Pulomi is also living with them to give Ragini company. She too is confined to bed. Everyone is excited for the arrival of the new additions in the family.

Annapurna : Swara! Tomorrow, your bade papa, mom ,papa and I are going out of station for a relative’s wedding. We will be back the day after. Adarsh and Parineeta are going to her Maayka for some other function. Sorry beta, You will have to take care of everything alone.
Swara : Don’t worry, Badi Ma. I will manage. It is only for a day na? Please dont worry about me. That too Ragini is also alright. So now there wont be any problem.
Annapurna : But you have to take care of Ragini, Pulomi and the house…
Swara : Please dont worry. I will manage. Now aap jaiye! Please pack..
In Swasan’s room
Sanskar : Swara! Tomorrow I have to go to bharatpur( some fictional place near kolkata) for some work in the Mehra Case. I will leave early and do my best to come back by 10 in the night. Will you be alright? There will be no one here.
Swara : Yes Sanskar. I will be. You go and finish your work without any tension. All the best!
Sanskar : Thanks..
Swara : Sanskar! I want to go to Parna and see how the music school construction is going on. I am uneasy about the project. I feel something is going to happen. When shall I go?
Sanskar recalls the thakur’s words.

Sanskar : Swara! Don’t go alone. I will go with you…
Swara (amused) : Ok, but why? What will happen to me there?
Sanskar looks so serious that Swara’s smile fades.
Swara : Is something wrong Sanskar?
Sanskar : No baba! You told you were feeling uneasy right? That is why Idont want you to go alone. I will go with you. Promise me you won’t go to Parna alone..
Swara : Pakka promise. Now come on. Go to sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow.
Both don’t see a man hiding in the tree outside the window. He has heard every word.
Everyone has left, including Sanskar. Swara finishes the kitchen work and sits down for some time. Pulomi is spending time with her mother and Ragini is with Laksh.
She gets a phone call…
Swara : Hello?
Caller : Hello? Is this Swara Maheshwari?
Swara : Yes! Who is calling?
Caller : Malkin, Please come to Parna immediately. I am a

villager here. I got your number from the contractor of your music school. There is a big problem here. Some government people have come here and are stopping the building process.
Swara( shouts) : WHAT?
Pulomi, choti Ma, Ragini and Laksh all come running down.
Caller : Ji Malkin! Please come here at once. Your music school is in jeopardy.
Swara : But…
The call is disconnected.
Laksh : Swara! What happened? Why do you look so worried?
Swara narrates everything to them.
Laksh : You leave at once Swara. I will come with you.
Swara : No Laksh! There is no one here other than you and me. Both of us cannot leave. But I promised Sanskar that I wouldn’t go alone. And how can I leave you three alone? Oh no, What do I do?

Ragini : Swara! Call Sanskar and tell him you have to leave immediately. As for us, Rasika and Ansh were anyway coming here today. They will stay with us. Ma also can come from Baadi here. But you be careful. Call me every few hours. And dont forget to call Sanskar!
Pulomi : Yes Swara di! You go.
Happy with the plan and after seeing all arrangements regarding Ragini and Pulomi were done, Swara left in her car. She couldn’t contact Sanskar but left a voice message. She apologised for breaking her promise to him and promised to take care of herself.
She did not notice that the tire screws were tampered with and went in the highway. Three hours into the journey, two of the screws came out and the car swerved. She hit a tree and fell down.
Another car stopped close by and saw that she was unconscious. They carried her to the car and drove away.
Sanskar entered Maheshwari House to see Shumi, Raglak and Anika talking worriedly. Pulomi was in a disturbed sleep in a couch. Swara was no where to be found.
Ansh( seeing him ) : Bhai! We have been trying to call you from morning. Why didnt you pick up?
Sanskar( now alarmed) : Why? What happened? And where’s Swara?
Rasika explains everything.
Rasika : Ragini last called her at about 12 and Swara told she was fine. She had just passed Deema Village. After that, we have been trying every hour but no one is picking up and now it says switched off. We tried calling you but yours said switched off.
Sanskar is shocked.

Sanskar : My phone? First I didnt have network…Then I lost charge…..Swara! Oh no! I have to go to her…Dammit…I will not leave that Thakur.
Everyone is shocked listening to him.
Laksh : Thakur?
Ragini : What are you saying?
Sanskar tells them about the Thakur’s threat. Ragini sits down stunned. Shumi is shocked beyond words.
Sanskar : I have to go get Swara. Deema village? That is three hours away. I am going to leave right now.
Everyone says they will go with him. Shekar enters. Pulomi also has woken up by now and she is scared.
Shekar : Ragini and Pulomi, You will not go.
Ragini : Par Papa…
Shekar points towards Pulomi. Ragini sees Pulomi scared and worn out. She understands.
Ragini : Ok! We won’t go.
Shekar : Laksh, Ansh and Rasika, If you want, you may go.. But be very careful. Leave now. Shumi and I will be here. I have called the police as well. They will follow you there. May God be with you.

Sanskar and the others leave.
Swara wakes up, Her head pounding. She isn’t able to open her eyes. She tries to move her hands but is unable to. Slowly she opens her eyes and sees that she is in some hut. She is seated in a chair and her hands and legs are tied.
She hears someone laughing to her side. She turns to the person, her head aching and her eyes focus on………

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