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MAHESHWARI HOUSE ( 3 days later ) – 7:00am
Swara (drying her hair) : Sanskar, Wake up! Today we have lots of work.
Sanskar (sleepily) : Swara! Let me sleep… And why do we have lots of work today? Tomorrow is their engagement. No work today….
He goes back to sleep. Swara shakes her head and goes in front of the mirror to dress up. As she’s adjusting the pallu of her saree, someone lifts her up and starts twirling her around.
Swara : Sanskar! What are you doing? I have not locked the door. Anyone can come in.
Sanskar : So let them see. I am only romancing with my wife right?
Swara : Sanskar…
Sanskar : Hush……
He puts her down and pushes her against the wall. He leans towards her to kiss her..Swara closes her eyes,
Parineeta : Swara!
Swasan come to their senses.
Swara : Sanskar! Leave me now. See, I told you there was lots of work to do. Also remember Pulomi is coming tomorrow for the engagement. Choti Ma cannot come though so you will have to send the driver. She couldn’t come that day and then we were all so busy. Today we should take her to the doctor.
Sanskar : Ok Swara! It will be done…Go now! Bhabhi is waiting for you.
Ragini (who has just woken up, sees Laksh getting ready) : Wow, Laksh! You got up so early today?
Laksh ( smiling) : Good morning Honey! I am not late Ragini…It is 7..And I have lots of work, after all It is my brother-in-law’s engagement tomorrow.
Ragini ( shocked) : 7? Laksh! When you got up, you should have woken me up right? So much work is there….who will do that now?

Laksh : Ragini, Relax! I didn’t wake you up because I wanted you to sleep late. No one had any problem with you still sleeping. Also, you need to take it easy from now on. You are going to begin your fifth month…ok? No more arguments from now…
Ragini : Ok Pita JI! Between you and Swara, I think I will be confined to bed soon. Wait, I will fix your tie..
She gets down from the bed and comes to Laksh who was wearing his tie. She takes the tie and fixes it for him. She smiles and turns to leave, but Laksh pulls her back and holds her tightly….
Ragini : Laksh! At 7 in the morning? You will never change….Now leave me, Swara will be waiting for me.
Laksh : Ragini! They think you’re still sleeping remember? So we will have some time…Shall we….?
Ragini : MA!
Laksh leaves Ragini and looks at the door. Ragini laughs and runs away into the bathroom.
Laksh : I will get you later, Honey. (laughs and leaves)

The engagement is hosted at Maheshwari House.
Swara looks very pretty in a royal blue and gold lehenga. She has tied her hair in an elaborate braid. Sanskar is wearing a midnight blue sherwani and looks dashing. Ragini wears a green and red salwar suit so that her pregnancy does not show too much and Laksh wears a maroon sherwani.
They greet the guests. Ranveer bhaiya thanks them for making all these arrangements.
Ragini : Bhaiya! Even we are like your sister na? So no more telling us thank you. It is actually us who have to tell you thanks for giving Swara and me such a wonderful sister in law….
Just then Ansh and Rasika come downstairs. Ansh looks very charming in his gold sherwani while Rasika looks traditional yet classy in a pink and silver lehenga. They look very compatible together.
As they walk down, they look at each other and all the guests can see the love they have. Swasan and Raglak smile.
Dadi : Rasika! Ansh! You look perfect today. May no bad omen befall you.
Uttara : Before the ceremony, let’s dance, sing and have some fun.
Uttara does a solo, then Swasan dance to Radha( Student of the Year) and Raglak dance slowly and romantically to Main waari jawan( Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya). After this the entire family dance to different songs…
Uttara : Ansh Bhaiya! I know you sing very well and I heard Rasika bhabhi sing that day. Why don’t you sing a song for us?
Everyone convinves him to sing.
Ansh : Ok ok! I will sing, But even Sanskar bhai, Swara di, Ragini and Laksh should sing with Rasika and me.
Sanskar : What is this? Why should we sing?
Ansh : Come on bhai!
Sanskar : Ok, Fine…
The lights are dimmed…. Rasika takes the mike and starts singing.
Rasika (smiling shyly) :
Woh tassavur ka aalam woh dil-e-aashiqui
Woh diwaana mausam woh teri dillagi

Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar…

Ansh looks at her lovingly, and takes her hand…they start to dance…

Rasika :
Woh mohabbat ke din woh ghadi woh palchhin
Woh chhalakta mausam baarishon ki rhimjhim
Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar

Ansh :
Saanson ki woh hulchul woh mahekta aanchal
Baahon ke woh ghere zulf ka woh baadal
Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar

Swasan and Raglak join them….

Sanskar (looking at Swara who looks down shyly) :
Woh tera sharmaana woh nazar ka jhukna
Jaate jaate tera woh achaanak mudna

Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar

Swara ( moving around Sanskar) :
Woh mere bin bole tera samajh lena
Woh ishaaron se hi baat sab keh dena
Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar

Laksh ( smiling at Ragini) :
Woh ladaayi jagde baad mein pachhtaana
Roothh ke woh jaana laut ke phir aana
Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar

Ragini :
Woh tassavur ka aalam woh dil-e-ashiqui
Woh diwaana mausam woh teri dillagi
Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar

All 6 :
Woh tassavur ka aalam woh dil-e-ashiqui
Woh diwaana mausam woh teri dillagi
Hamko bada hi kare beqaraar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar
Woh pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar….
Swasan, Raglak and Anika stare at each other….Everyone starts clapping…
Guest : Shumi! You are lucky to get such son-in-laws and a daughter-in-law who love your children so much.
Shumi agrees with her. Everyone is chit-chatting. Pulomi enters. Swara sees her and goes to her.
Swara ( hugging her) : Pulomi! You came. Was the drive ok? I was waiting for you. Come, I will introduce you to everyone…
She takes her and introduces her to everyone. Pulomi tries to bend and take their blessings but Dadi stops her.
Dadi : No beti! You are in your seventh month…You should not bend! Our blessings are always with you and we are forever indebted to you for giving us our bundle of joy. Thank you Pulomi!
Pulomi : Please don’t tell thank you….Or that you’re indebted to me…Swara di calls my mother Choti Ma! Then in that right, You are also my Dadi na? We don’t say thanks or feel gratitude to family members.
Everyone smile listening to her words….Shumi, Ragini and Rasika take her to a room to rest for a while…

Meanwhile, Swara has gone to get the rings for the ceremony. As she’s walking down the corridor, A hand shoots out from a closed room and pulls her inside. She turns to see who it is and sees Sanskar. He smiles at her and holds her.
Swara : What is this Sanskar? Let me go…Everyone’s waiting for me downstairs. The ceremony is going to start and I have the rings.
Sanskar : We will go….But first thoda romance kar le.
Swara smiles at him, and hugs him. He moves closer and kisses her close eyelids and then her forehead. She kisses him on the cheek. She turns and leans back on him and they hold each other satisfied.
Ragini : Swaraaaaaa!
Swara : Oh no! Sanskar! Ab jaldi chalo….
She drags him out and goes down looking extremely guilty. Everyone smiles knowingly.
Ansh : Sanskar Bhai! It is my engagement and you are having fun?
He points to Sanskar’s cheek where Swara’s lipstick has left a mark…Everyone laughs while they blush fiercely.
Shekar : Ok, Leave them. Dont embarass them. Now come on! We will start the ceremony……
The engagement is completed…
Ansh ( softly to Rasika ) : So Madam! You are now officially half-mine….How do you feel?
Rasika : Like I could touch the moon…I am sooo happy!!! I love you Ansh!
They look at each other happy and lovingly.

PRECAP : Swara gets a phone call and leaves..Where is Swara?

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