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Swasan consummation, Raglak romance
All members, both from Baadi and Maheshwari House are there in the main hall eagerly waiting for Swasan. Ragini and Ansh have been pacing about nonstop for the past half an hour.
Ragini : Laksh! Please call them again na? They told they’ll be here by 3:30 and it just turned so. Ask them how late they will be,,
Laksh ( amused ) : Ragini! I called them just ten minutes ago because you asked me too. They will come… Chill!!
Ragini ( exasperated ) : Laksh! Aap nahi samjhenge!
Ansh : Ragini! Laksh Bhai is right… Stop being so immature and sit down. You and the baby will get tired.
Ragini : Ansh! Be quiet….I know exactly how much you’re waiting for both Swara and Rasika! Ma, You call them na? Actually, Why am I asking you to call…Uttara! Please get my phone from the room… Ill call them myself.
All the elders tell her to sit and only then will Uttara go, so she sits reluctantly.
After 5 minutes,
Ansh : Uttara! Jaldi! When will Swara di come?
Shumi : Ansh! You were going to bring Rasika right? How come you came yourself?
Ansh : Ma! She told me she had to go somewhere and wouldn’t let me accompany her, so I came here. She’ll come here on her own.
Uttara comes down with Ragini’s phone. Ragini calls but the number is unreachable for both Swara and Sanskar.
Ragini : Oh No! Number is unreachable.
Ten minutes later, Ansh too has become impatient.
Ansh : Ragini, phir se try karo!
Ragini : Achcha, mera bhai? Now who’s impatient? Tum khud try karo.
Ansh : Ragini! Stop it. Even I’m waiting for Swara Di for a long time. See…You’ve become so fat she won’t recognise you. Also I can run faster than you, so I’ll meet her first…(he makes a funny face)
Ragini : Ansh! Not fair. I’m not fat. Laksh! Dekhiye na! Ma! Baba! Scold him.
Ansh and Ragini start arguing. Everyone else looks at them amused.
Shumi ( to Shekar) : Bachche toh bachche hi rahenge!

Just then
A voice from the stairs : So my sister and brother are fighting without me?? How is this fair? You know I love to fight with you both.
Ragini : Swara!
Ansh : Swara Di!
Shumi and Shekar : Shona!
Everyone else turn around ecstatic to look at Swasan who are smiling widely. Swara runs down to reach Ragini and Ansh who run and reach her first. The three hug. Then Swaragini hug and cry….(happy tears). Ansh patiently waits for his turn for a few seconds…then he stomps his foot and breaks their hug and hugs Swara and lifts her.
All the other members come and hug Swara… She takes their blessings and they scold her and say never leave them again.
Swara : Never again! Badi Ma! Ma! Mom! I can never imagine my life again without you all. These 5 months were the worst of my life. And now, Swaragini are back together! I will never leave again!
Sanskar : Ma! Mom! Bade Papa! Papa! Saara pyar sirf Swara ke liye? What about me?
Uttara goes to her brother and hugs him. Laksh and Ansh hit him on the back and hug him! Then Swasan together take blessings from Dadaji-Dadi, Ma-Baba, Bade papa-Badi Ma, Papa-Mom.
Another voice from the stairs : Look… Even we are back!

Everyone once again turns to look at Adarsh and Parineeta with their one year old baby, Pragya…
Swara : Adarsh Bhaiya! Bhabhi! Pragya! You have also returned from Mumbai…You went for 2 years na? But you came so early. Pragya has grown so much! I’m so happy you’re here.
She goes and greets them. They come and tell how they have finished all the work that was required in Mumbai and so decided to come back…..Everyone is happy and start talking among themselves.
Swara goes to the mandir and lights a diya! She looks at her family and smiles. She turns back to the idol and thanks the Lord for giving her such a wonderful family….
Ragini comes and joins her and they start to perform Aarti together. The others come and join them. Just then someone from behind begins to sing a bhajan.
It is none other than Rasika! She is wearing a gold salwar and gold earrings and looked breath-taking.
Ansh : Rasika!
He was speechless by her beauty. Sanlak look at Ansh and shake him out of his reverie. They look at him teasingly. Rasika comes forward and folds her hands.
Rasika : Namastey! I am sooo happy to finally meet you all. I couldn’t wait to see you. Ansh has told me so much about you. Swara di, I am glad you are back. Ansh was missing you so much.
Rasika takes everyone’s blessings and won everyone’s hearts. They turn to perform Aarti. Swaragini perform the Aarti while Rasika sings the bhajan. Ansh is still speechless and keeps looking at Rasika.
Later, Everyone accepts Rasika and praise Ansh for his choice. All the youngsters tease him and Rasika. It is decided that tomorrow Ansh, his parents and Swasan will go to Rasika’s house to ask for Rasika’s hand officially.
PRECAP : Swasan, Raglak Romance, Pulomi’s meets everyone… Anika engagement

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