Hey everyone!! Did you like the way Swaragini was shown to be united??


Swaragini united. Swasan marriage. Ansh tells his family about Rasika
Swara is waiting in the master bedroom for Sanskar. She has removed her ghunghat. Her hair is in a bun and she is still in her wedding clothes and jewelry. She goes to the window and looks at the full moon.

Sanskar enters the room and sees her. She doesn’t see him coming but senses him and in a soft voice calls him. He goes to her and holds her from behind. They both look at the moon and smile. They hear a cuckoo. Swara turns to look at Sanskar and smiles.
Swara : Today what can I wish for? I have got back everything.
Sanskar smiles at her. He looks heart-stoppingly handsome in his wedding sherwani. He closes the window and slowly hugs Swara. Swara, suddenly shy turns away, but Sanskar hold her sari pallu and brings her back. Swara closes her eyes and shivers as he touches her face.
He slowly removes her earrings, necklace and bangles. She turns towards him and hugs him tightly. He then slowly takes her in front of the mirror and makes her sit on the chair. He removes her long tresses that have been in the bun.

Sanskar : You have no idea how much I was waiting for this day, Swara! My love, My life sitting in front of me and loving me back. I love you so much Swara!
Swara : I love you too Sanskar! I love you so much…
Swara gets up and runs mischievously in the room. Sanskar laughs and starts chasing her. He catches her but pulls her with some force that they fall on the bed, Sanskar above Swara. He bends forward to slightly kiss her….AND THE LIGHTS ARE OUT…….
Laksh : Ragini! Come now. It is late. You should be resting now, not cleaning up the dressing table. You have worked a lot today.

Ragini : Laksh! Chill! I am fine…I am not sleepy. You made me lie down in the afternoon after the wedding, remember?
Laksh (comes to Ragini, kneels down, holds her stomach) : Baby! Please tell your mother to stop being stubborn and come to sleep now.
Ragini : Achcha? Now you are complaining to our baby? Laksh! Aap bahut bure ho! Jaiye! Im not talking to you.

Laksh : Ok, Baba! Sorry! ( he holds his ears and makes puppy dog face )
Ragini (laughing) : Laksh! I can never win a fight with you. You are so cute. I am not angry with you anymore.
Laksh : But now it is very late Ragini! No more excuses. Come now.
He takes Ragini to bed and hugs her until she falls asleep.
Laksh (thinking) : Ragini! I love you! I will always be true and happy now. You changed me and I changed you.
He kisses her forehead and goes to sleep besides her.
Ansh is on the phone with Rasika.

Ansh : So, Madam! Tell me! Ab khush?
Rasika : Arre! You are talking like as if you have finished some big work. Ansh! You’re not happy?
Ansh : Rasika! How can you tell that? I am ecstatic. My Swara Di is coming tomorrow. And then day after, We are coming to your house to ask for your hand. Rasika, I can’t tell you how happy I am. You are my life….
Rasika : Bas, Ansh! I was just kidding. I know how much you love me. No one can love me as much as you do and no one can love you as much as I do. I cannot wait for you all to come.
Ansh : Hey, Why don’t you come tomorrow itself to Maheshwari House? I will come pick you up. You can meet everyone and my Swara Di…..She will love you.
They agree to meet up tomorrow…..

Sanskar wakes up and sees Swara sleeping next to him peacefully. He smiles and kisses her forehead. She reaches out with her hand for his hand and clutches it tightly, never waking up.
Sanskar (thinking) : Today you will be united with your family, Swara! I know how much you have been waiting for this. You will have no reason to fear again. But….he remembers the thakur’s words about him taking revenge…No He will not harm Swara while I’m there. Even if Swara comes here for the building of the music school, I will go with her. I won’t let anything happen to her.
Just then Swara gets up and she looks at Sanskar looking at her.
Swara : Good Morning, Darling! You got up so early?

Sanskar : No, I just got up….
Swara : Shit!! Sanskar! It is 7 already….why didn’t you wake me up? Now we will be late going to Kolkata. Chalo, Ab utho! Chalo, Sanskar!
Sanskar pulled Swara, who was getting up, towards him. She fell on top of him…..Eyelock……<3 <3
Swara : Please let me get up, Sanskar!

Sanskar ( slowly stroking her hair) : Why? Very bad, swara…We got married only yesterday and already you forgot all romance. Typical nagging wife banoge kya?
Swara : Sanskar! So mean! I nag you, is it? Im not romantic? Wait now.
She leans towards him to kiss him…He closes his eyes. At the very last minute, She pushes him and runs away to the bathroom laughing. He looks at her and laughs along with her…..

PRECAP : Swara in Maheshwari House…Anika engagement fixed…Swara in danger!

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