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Chapter 13 Here
Swara meets her family again after 5 months….
Ragini and Laksh turn to look at Swara who had love and tears in her eyes.
Ragini : Swara!
Swara : Ragini!
Both : I am sorry……
Ragini : Swara? Why are you telling sorry? You have not done anything wrong at all. Don’t apologise to me.
Swara : I have to apologise. In these 5 months, I blamed you for everything. I felt you were the reason I had to move. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t you at all. And that is why I need to say sorry. As for you apologising to me, I had forgiven you a long time back. You are my sister, My better half. How can I be angry with you for long?
Ragini : Swara! Instead of leaving in these 5 months, Why didn’t you hit me, torture me or hurt me? Why do you always have to get hurt? Tell me Swara.
Swara : Ragini! What are you telling? Don’t tell like that and all.
They start arguing. By this time the entire family come out and watch them bickering.
Shumi : Bas bas, My lovely daughters. You have no idea how happy I am to see that SWARAGINI HAS UNITED AGAIN. You have always fought, but this time, It is once again a fight with love, not with anger or hatred. My family is complete.
Laksh : Ragini! Remember I had promised you that I would forgive you and accept you if Swara forgave you? I have to tell you the truth. I had accepted you long back. In fact, The day you proved you have changed, I had accepted you. But on this special and happy day, I have to tell you Ragini, I love you. I love you…I love you. And I can’t wait for our baby. You changed me and I changed you. From now on, our life will be blissful.
Ragini : Laksh! You have no idea how much I wanted to hear these words from you. I love you too Laksh. I love you too.
They look at each other romantically.
Sanskar ( From the laptop ) : Laksh! It’s my wedding and you are stealing the limelight. This is not fair.
Everyone laughs.

Laksh : Sorry Bhai, But I couldn’t resist. Now go, get married. We all will watch through the screen. I wil connect the laptop to the projector. Jao Swara.
Swara suddenly becomes shy. Pulomi and her mother come and take Swara and Sanskar to the mandap.
The wedding rituals begin. When the pandit asks who will come for the kanyadaan, Swara said.
Swara (to Pulomi’s mother) : Auntiyji! You were always there for me when I needed my Ma. Whenever you were here, I missed my Ma less. You are my choti Ma. Will you and Uncleji do my knayadaan?
She looks at the laptop and see her parents smiling and nodding.
Pulomi’s mother : It will be my honour.
They do the kanyadaan. Sanskar and swara take the pheres and finally Sanskar ties the magalsutra around her neck and fills her maang with sindoor.
Pandit : Now you both are married forever. Take everyone’s blessings.
They look towards the laptop and bow down to the elders. Then they take blessings from Pulomi’s parents and other elders in the village. The other after wedding rituals are completed in Sanskar’s house.

Sanskar : Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari! How do you feel?
Swara : I feel elated and absolutely perfect, Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. Today is the happiest day of my life.
They smile and hug each other.

Pulomi : Didi! I’m so happy for you and Bhaiya! Today you have finally achieved your happiness. And soon, I will be giving the next happiness in your life.
Swara hugs her and says : Pulomi! Do you feel bad or unhappy about sanskar and me adopting your baby. It is your choice to make.
Pulomi : No didi! I have thought a lot about this baby. I am not giving up the baby because I cannot provide for him/her. I am giving you my baby because I don’t think I will be a good mother. I am not motherly. I don’t feel any connection with the young one other than feeling sorry. I am young and am not ready to accept this resposibility. That is why.
Swara : Then I will do everything to make sure I don’t disppoint you or this baby.
Pulomi : But didi, I will miss you when you return to kolkata tomorrow.
Swara : Don’t worry Pulomi! You won’t miss us because your entire family is going to come with us to Kolkata. Sanskar has found work for your father there. Also you can concentrate on your studies there very well. We have found you a house that is close to both Baadi and Maheshwari House. So you won’t have any problem.
Pulomi : You have done so much for us didi! How can we ever thank you?
Swara : Wrong, Pulomi! I’m your elder sister na? Do we thank family members?
They hug each other and smile. Swara pats Pulomi’s head.
Pulomi : Didi! Now it is quite late. You have to go to Bhaiya now…( she smiles mischievously while Swara blushes) Now enough! Ma and I will clean up. Go to Bhaiya!
Swara goes back to Tiger-Lilies and waits in Sanskar’s room.

BAADI 8 :45pm
Ansh comes in front of the whole family. They all look at him with some surprise and anticipation.
Shekar : Ansh beta! Kya hua? You want to tell us something?
Ansh : Ji, voh Papa….I want to tell something.
Shumi : Yes, Ansh. Tell beta!
Ansh : I wanted to tell this later. But today is such a special and happy day that I have to tell this. Papa! Dadaji! Dadi! Ma! I have fallen in love with a girl.
Shekar (happy) : Beta! I am so happy for you. What is her name?
Dadi : Beta Ansh! Tell fast. What is her name? I won’t make any mistakes this time. I can see your face lit up. You love her na?
Ansh : Ji Dadi! Her name is Rasika Sharma. She has no parents. She has an elder brother Ranveer who is an invalid….
He tells them all about them. He is lost in thoughts of her. Everyone looks at him with amusement. Dadi comes to him, holds him by his ear.
Ansh : Dadi! Ouch!
Dadi : Shumi! Look how big your son has become! Now you had better bring your bahu home soon. Varna Ansh will be lost in thoughts of her.
Everyone laughs.
Shumi : Ji Ma! Tomorrow Swara will come back. Then the day after we will go to Rasika’s house and I will meet my bahu.
She hugs Ansh. She asks him if he’s happy. He replies that he is. Dadaji brings sweets and distributes them to everyone. Ansh takes everyone’s blessings.
Dadi : Now everything has become alright. Swara is coming back with her Sanskar, Laksh has accepted Ragini and both the couples will soon become parents. And now, Ansh will soon bring here our Lakshmi. Our Rasika. We should offer thanks to God for this.
They all go to the puja room and pray to God for happiness and thank Him.
PRECAP : Swasan consummation. Raglak romance. Swara comes back home
Finally Swasan and Swaragini united. What did you ppl think?

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