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Sanskar gets Thakur Saab arrested.. Swasan moments
BAADI 8:00pm
Ansh (on the phone) : Rasika! I want to meet you now. Shall I pick you up for dinner?
Rasika : Not dinner! I already have prepared dinner. You can come home and eat here. You can meet bhaiya today.
Ansh : yo…ur bhaiya? He won’t mind?
Rasika : No baba! You come home now.
Ansh : Okay then. I will come in 15 minutes.
Ansh (after hanging up the phone ) : Rasika! Today I will tell you how I feel.
Rasika opens the door and sees Ansh’s handsome face.
Rasika( Thinking) : Ansh!! How I want to tell you how I feel. I love you Ansh. But I don’t know how you feel.
Ansh : Hi Rasika! How are you? I missed you yesterday. I didn’t see you at all. Sorry. Kuch kaam tha.

Rasika ( coming to her senses ) : Koi baat nahi. I missed you too. I actually missed you irritating me. Now come in. Ranveer bhaiya is waiting.
Ansh : chalo.
They go in and greet him. She tells them to excuse her as she has to set the table. After setting the table, she comes to find both the men in deep conversation. She wonders what they are talking about.
Ansh (seeing her) : Rasika! When did you return? I want to talk to you about something.
Rasika : Yes! Tell me Ansh.
Ansh : Not here. In the other room. Bhaiya?
Ranveer Bhaiya smiled and nodded.
In the other room, Ansh and Rasika stare at each other.
Rasika : Ansh? What happened? Why did you call me here? Are you alright?
Ansh : I want to tell you something, Rasika! But I am scared that my heart may break hearing your reply.
Rasika (softly) : Are you going to tell me what I want to hear? (louder) Why don’t you just say it, Ansh? Remove the fear.

Ansh turns away from her, goes to the edge of the window and looks at the moon.
Ansh : Rasika! Rasika! Rasika! I don’t know how but only this name beats in my heart. I’ve known you for about 5 days, but, I have the feeling we were destined to be forever. I love you, Rasika! I don’t know whether I started loving you when you cried worried for your brother or when you took my bike. All I know is that similar to the way you took my bike, you took my heart. Everything seems brighter when I think of you and everything seems paler when I compare you to them. I love you Rasika!
Rasika has tears in her eyes. Ansh had told what she wanted him to tell. She ran to him and hugged him from behind.
Rasika : Ansh! I wanted to tell you the same thing so badly but I too was scared that you didn’t feel the same way. I love you too Ansh. I love you. I am yours and yours only.
Ansh turns and looks at Rasika amazed. She smiles at him and nods. He is ecstatic and hugs her. They hug for a long time. He kisses her on the cheek. She blushes and tries to turn away, but he holds her hand and brings her back. They just clutch each other contentedly.
Rasika : Ansh! Bhaiya is waiting. Chalo. We will go have dinner.
Ansh : One more thing, Rasika! I told your brother how I felt. He was very happy and blessed us. And in the next few days, I will come and ask for your hand in marriage.
Rasika looks at him delightedly.

Swara is in the back seat alone decked in her wedding attire. She looks divine. Pulomi and her mother have already gone to the temple to see that everything is ready.
She reaches the temple and sees many villagers helping in the wedding preparation. Swara, happy to see them all tears up.
Swara : Ma! Baba! I miss you. You are not going to be here on my special day. I really miss you.
Sanskar : Swara!
Swara turns to look at him. He is dressed in a cream colour sherwani with a red turban and looked extremely handsome. Both look at each other transfixed. A lady shouting nearby brings them to their senses.

Sanskar : Swara! You look amazing. My perfect Shona.
Swara : Sanskar! You look so handsome. Very dashing.
Sanskar : I know that you were crying Swara. (She starts to protest) And I also know why. No Swara! Listen! You are missing Ma and Baba na?
Swara : You know me so well Sanskar. Not only am I missing Ma and Baba, I miss everyone. Dadaji, Dadi, Dida, Bade papa, Badi ma, Papaji, Mom, bhaiya, bhabhi, Laksh, Ansh and Uttara. And Ragini. How much ever I tried to hate her, I couldn’t. I love her. I always wanted us to become Swaragini again. You know I always thought that if you and I are together, she’ll change and be my lovely sister again. Sabki Laadli. But now I don’t know. Does she hate me? Does she want me to step into her household?
Ragini’s Voice : Swara! What are you telling?

Swara is amazed. She looks around in all directions but sees nothing different. She looks towards Sanskar who is smiling. He points towards Pulomi. She is holding a laptop and from the laptop, The entire Maheshwari and Gadodia families are seen.
Swara : Ragini! Ma! Baba! Bade Papa! Aap sab?
Sanskar : Yes Swara! I wanted this to be a surprise for you. I know you really wanted your parents and well wishers to be there at this wedding. That is why I made this plan and told Laksh and Ansh to skype us. Now our families will accompany us on this journey, Swara.
Swara : Sanskar! Today you have left me speechless. You love me so much that you couldn’t bear to see a tear in my eyes. Thank you Sanskar for coming into my life.
Sanskar : Arre! No sorry and no thank you, Swara!

They smile and hug each other. Laksh coughs and they turn towards the laptop.
Laksh : So Swara bhabhi, Finally we found you na?
Swara : Yes Laksh. Your brother’s love didn’t let me leave. How could I have gone far?
She has emotional conversations with everyone and gets their blessings. But Ragini is no where to be seen.
Swara : Ansh! Ragini? Where is she? I have to tell her sorry for thinking bad about her. This time it was not her fault. I have to tell her sorry.
Laksh : Wait! I will go search for her.
He goes everywhere and finally finds her in the garden. She is crying heavily.
Laksh : Ragini? Why are you crying? Today is a special day. Today you found your sister.
Ragini : Laksh! How will I face her? She has forgiven me everytime. But I didn’t realise my mistake that time. How can I face her now. I thought when I find her, Everything would become fine. But now, the guilt is just crushing me.
Laksh, heart broken to see her like this, kisses her on top of the forehead and hugs her fiercely murmuring soothing words.
Swara ( from the laptop which Ansh brought outside) : Talk to me once at least Ragini… I am your elder sister. Mujhse baat nahi karoge?

Ragini and Laksh turn to look at Swara who had love and tears in her eyes.
Ragini : Swara!
Swara : Ragini!
Both : I am sorry……


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