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Ansh tells Shumi about Rasika. Sanskar tells his plan to Laksh and Ansh. Swasan get engaged.
Sanskar enters the Thakur’s house.
Thakur : Who the hell let you in here? I don’t allow shameless men to enter my house.
Sanskar : Thakur Saab! Please listen to me for a minute. I heard the story from Swara about you and your son. First, I was angry about what happened this morning. But then, after listening to the story of how she humiliated you and your son, I understand why you did this.
Thakur : What are you telling?
Sanskar : I am a man too, Thakur Saab. I knew how it feels like when a girl ruins your life. As a matter of fact, I know Swara from before. I know how she can be. I made a mistake before, Thakur Saab. This morning, I thought I was doing the right thing by saving a girl’s reputation but after listening to what she has done to a man, I am horrified and furious.
Thakur ( Happy to see Sanskar’s views) : Yes, Beta! You have made a mistake, but it is not your fault. Women are manipulative like that. But it will be okay. Maybe we can turn this marriage to our advantage.

Sanskar : What? I do want to take revenge but marry a girl like her?
Thakur : Yes. Listen. You can torture her after you marry her. In this village no one will say anything about that happens between a husband and a wife. So she will suffer and no one will ever know.
Sanskar : But I have come here for 2 months maximum. I do have to go back to Kolkata.
Thakur : No one is saying you will be married to her for more than a month. You can torture her so much by that time that she will learn her lesson. I tried so many things to ruin her life. I sent those goons to ruin her reputation, blackmailed her. even wanted to try and destroy her music school. But by then, you came. I thought you’ll spoil everything. Now I’m glad you’re here. Swara! From now on you’re life is going to be hell.

Sanskar is clenching his fists so as not to stop the Thakur’s speech. He puts his hand in his pocket and sees that the recorder is recording all this.
Sanskar ( thinking) : Lucky! Send the Kolkata police fast. The police here may be crooked and scared of this Thakur. Send them fast Lucky and Ansh. This man has hurt Swara so much.
Just then he gets a message. He checks it and sees that the police are waiting outside.
Sanskar walks up to the Thakur and punches him. The Thakur looks at him shocked.
Sanskar : You are despicable. Being the Thakur, the leader of this village, you are supposed to be a pillar of justice. You should be in favour of making things right. You should have been the person to take your son to the police for abusing a woman. Yet you made the poor victim a spectacle. Chi! You are not a man at all. My poor Swara. Because of you, the love of my life suffered so much. My heart is telling me to kill you right here. But I will tell you what a truly just man does. A woman is not an object. She is a living thing, a child of God and are equal to us. Learn that lesson now atleast.

He takes his phone and calls the police. 5 men come in and arrest the Thakur.
Thakur : You cannot arrest me. You have no proof.
Sanskar : But I do have proof. ( Hands over the recorder to the police) Now you can never hurt another person, Thakur Uday Pritambarnath!

Thakur : I may be getting arrested now, but I will make sure you never live in peace. Take care of your future wife from now on. She will never be safe.
Sanskar : THAKUR!
Police inspector : Don’t worry Mr Sanskar! He will not be able to do anything. He is not going to the local prison but the city prison in Kolkata. He won’t be able to touch you there. Thank you for helping catch this man.
Sanskar : Thank you for coming all the way from Kolkata here.
In Ragini’s room
Laksh ( entering) : Ragini! Sanskar bhai just called me. He told me he has some big surprise for us tomorrow.

Ragini : Us as in you and me?
Laksh : No, the whole house. I asked him to tell me what it is. But you know how stubborn he can be. He told all of us to be ready by 9:30 am. We are to skype him.
Ragini : Laksh! Chill! He is not going to tell you anything anyways. Why are you so hyper?
Laksh ( thinking) : Ragini, If you get to know what was really happening you would be so happy. But I want to the smile of surprise. That is why I’m not telling you now. HUH? What is she telling?

Ragini : Laksh? Laksh? What happened? What are you thinking about? I am calling you from that time.
Laksh : Sorry. Yes, Tell me.
Ragini : You are not taking care of yourself or your things at all. Look, 2 of your shirt buttons have come out. What is this Laksh? You are supposed to take care of all this na? Wait, I will go get the needle and thread box.
She leaves the room.
Laksh : Why do I feel this way? Everytime I look at her, I feel everything will become alright. The old Ragini, my best friend is back. But why do I feel this way?
Ragini entering the room and starts sewing the buttons in his shirt. They stand close to each other and keep staring at each other.
Ragini : Ouch!

Laksh ( startled ) : Ragini, What happened? Oh My god! You pricked yor hand. Look it’s bleeding. Go wash it and come. You are an odd girl Ragini! First you scold me for not being careful, then you yourself are so careless…..
Ragini : Take a breath Laksh. I am fine. Come, Let me finish.
She finishes sewing the buttons. They both start laughing at each other for no apparent reason.
Ragini and Laksh (thinking) : I would do anything to see that happy face everyday.
Sanskar has spoken to Laksh and informed him about the Thakur’s arrest. He enters Swara’s house.
Sanskar : Swara! Swara!

Swara : Yes, Sanskar! Why are you shouting? I’m right here.
Sanskar looks at Swara in her casual T shirt and tracks, her hair in a pony and is mesmerized.
Swara : Sanskar????
Sanskar : Uh! Yeah. Swara? Tracks? At 5:30?
Swara : Actually I thought since I’m not going to go out anywhere…But if you have a problem, I will change…
Sanskar : Mujhe? Problem? I love this Swara…
He goes to her and hugs her and kisses her on the forehead.
Swara : So you came here to see what I’m wearing?
Sanskar : I came to tell you that your problem is over Swara. No need to be scared anymore.
Swara : What?
HE tells her what happened. Swara is delighted and cries.

Swara : Sanskar! I am so glad. Now no one will be in danger. I felt so guilty that I was the root cause of all this. But now, you as always solved everything. I love you Sanskar!
Sanskar : I love you too, My Shona!
Swara : But Sanskar? What was the need to go alone? What if you were in danger? And why didn’t you tell me?
Sanskar : I was never in any danger Swara! Police were right there. As for not telling you, I wanted you to have a happy day. Didn’t want you to think about others for once.
Swara : Everyday I think I can never love you more than this, but you prove me wrong. Each and every cell in me grows in love with you more and more.
Sanskar : I love you Swara! I love you.
Pulomi ( entering and smiling mischievously) : Bhaiya! Di! Kya ho raha hai yahan?? Very bad! Dulha doesn’t meet the dulhan the day before the wedding. Bhaiya! Sorry, But today Swara di toh meri saath rahegi. You won’t be allowed to see her.
Sanskar : Pulomi ki bacchhi! You are so happy to create mischief? Wait! I’ll….
Swara ( laughing) : Sanskar! Pulomi is right… Just one more night! Then together for as long as we live.
Sanskar : I can’t wait. Pulomi, Take care! Swara, Bye!

Thakur Saab : Son! I will be jailed in Kolkata tomorrow. I won’t be able to do anything from there. It is your job to appease my anger and humiliation.
Thakur’s son : I have been here for 4 months now. I will make that Swara pay for all this. And after her, that Sanskar who got you arrested. Finally, That Pulomi! Don’t worry Bauji! I will destroy that happy bubble of Swara’s. She will pay.

PRECAP : Swasan wedding, Ansh proposal, Swaragini united
IF I have offended anyone in this episode due to the saying about the women and all, I didn’t mean it. It was just a necessity and I felt that was the way Thakur’s character would be.
If you people think I should stop with this ff, Please say so

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