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Swara tells Sanskar the truth. Sanskar prommises to make everything alright.

Ansh is sitting in his room. He is thinking of Rasika and smiling. Shumi enters the room.
Shumi : Ansh? I have been calling you from that time. What are you doing?
Ansh ( startled) : Yes, Ma? Oh, nothing happened. Did you want something?
Shumi : Don’t lie to your mother. Tell me the truth now. What’s her name?
Ansh : Name?
Shumi (smiling) : Yes! Her name. My future daughter-in-law’s name.
Ansh ( sheepishly) : Rasika! But I haven’t told her I love her yet.
Shumi : Then tell her, my son. Soon. I want to meet this girl and bring her home soon. MY youngest too has grown up now. I can’t believe it.
Ansh takes Shumi’s blessings and hugs her.
Ansh : I’m still your laadla beta, Ma….Don’t worry.
She laughs and leaves. Ansh’s phone rings.
Ansh : Hi Laksh. Yes, I am free. What? Sanskar bhai has called to skype together. It’ll be easier if I come there. Wait, will be there in 15 minutes.
Ansh reaches Maheshwari House. Laksh and Ansh call Sanskar and ask him to come on skype.
Laksh : Sanskar, What is all this? What has happened there? Are you alright?
Sanskar : Baap re Baap! How many questions? Wait, I will tell you everything. First of all, I am going to get married tomorrow…..
Ansh : Tomorrow? Married? To who? I thought you still loved Swara di. What happened?
Sanskar : Let me finish. I am going to marry Swara tomorrow.
Laksh : What? You found Swara? Bhai, Tell everything from the beginning please.
Sanskar narrates everything that happened to Laksh and Ansh. On hearing how much Swara suffered, Ansh is furious and wants to immediately go to Parna.
Sanskar : Nahi Ansh. I am telling you all this now because I want you to protect everyone in Baadi. And Laksh, Maheshwari House. You also have to tell everyone that we’re going to get married tomorrow, but don’t tell them everythingN
Laksh ( grinning ) : Superb Sanskar Bhai. It will be done. But be careful today….
Sanskar : Yes, Lucky. I will. Now, all the best.
Ansh : Ek minute Bhai. We forgot to wish you. Congratulations. You and Swara di have finally united. Now everything will become perfect again. And soon…..(he smiles thinking of Rasika)
Sanskar ( smiling) : Ansh! Kya hua? Even your heart has been captured by someone?
Ansh : No! I mean, Yes…Err! Bhai, I’ll talk to you later ok? Laksh bye. I’ll go home now and make sure everything’s fine.
Both Sanskar and Laksh start laughing looking at ansh’s retreating form.
Laksh : You come back after finishing all that. Then it will be Ansh’s turn.
Sanskar : And yours, Lucky? ( Laksh turns silent) What about you? Badi Ma told me everything yesterday. About what you told to Ragini. I am glad to hear that you gave her another chance. Even I feel that she has changed….
Laksh : Bhai! We will talk about this later ok? You have to finish your job first. You come back with Swara. Congrats once again. See you later. Your instructions will be carried out. Bye.
Sanskar comes to Swara’s house where he had left her sleeping. As he enters, he sees Pulomi and her mother waiting for Swara to get up.
Sanksar : Namaste Auntyji! Hi Pulomi. How are you?
Pulomi : Bhaiya! This all happened because of me na? If I wasn’t so foolish, then none of this would have happened. And Swara di too would be happy….
Swara( entering just then) : Enough Pulomi! I have told you before, you don’t blame yourself for someone else’s sin. And I am happy. So stop blaming yourself. In fact, Because of you, I have got back Sanskar today.
Sanskar : Swara, Are you ok? You should have rested more.
Swara : Nahi Sanskar. I am ok….
Pulomi’s mother : What nonsense beta? I know both of you have not had anything to eat from morning. That is why I brought you both food. Eat it now.
She feeds them both and they eat, all the while looking at each other happily.
Pulomi’s mother : Sanskar beta! Today Pulomi and I will be here the whole day taking care of Swara. After all, tomorrow is the big day.
Sanskar : Thank you auntyji! Swara, Please come one minute to the other room.
They both go there. Sanskar and Swara hug each other and share words through their eyes.
Sanskar : One sec, Swara!
He takes out a ring box and gives it to her. Swara opens it delightedly. She sees the ring.
Swara ( In awe ) : Sanskar?
Inside was the mauli ring he had made for her in their first engagement ceremony. Her other engagement ring was also in the box.
Sanskar : Yes Swara. I kept both carefully because I knew that we would be together again. I knew the day would come that I can once again put these rings on your finger.
Swara : I love you, Sanskar! I love you.
Sanskar puts both rings on her finger ( Gerua plays )
Swara : Wait Sanskar! She goes and brings a box of her own.
Swara ( opening the box) : I found this in a shop . I saw it and just stood there wondering why I wanted to buy it when everything was finished. But in my heart, I knew someday I would be glad I bought it. Sanskar, I don’t have a ring today. But here, This is my token of love for you.
She finally shows him what’s inside the box. It was a bracelet, A nice manly bracelet which had S and S carved on it.
Sanskar : I love it Swara. and I love you. Thank you for coming into my life Swara. Thank you.
Swara : Ah Ah ah…..Remember our rule?? Dosti aur pyar mein…
Sanskar : No sorry
Both : No thank you!
They hug and kiss.
Sanskar : Ok Swara! Today you take rest! I have some work now. I will go and finish it soon. You sit and don’t worry about a thing. Nothing will happen in Kolkata. Tomorrow is our big day.
Swara : Yes Sanskar! I will take rest. Even you be careful. Stay safe.
Sanskar : Bye. ( going back to hall ) Auntyji, Now Im leaving. I will come and see you later. Pulomi, Even you take care. You are 7 months pregnant now. Be careful. Bye
Sanskar leaves.
PRECAP : Raglak, Sanskar carries out his plan
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