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Swasan romance….Sanskar applies sindoor and tells that Swara is his wife from now on
RASIKA’S HOUSE ( previous day ) 7:55pm
Ansh stood outside Rasika’s house waiting for her to finish getting ready.
Ansh : Yaar! Why do girls always take so much time? By this time, we could have reached and ordered itself. hmmph..
He checks his watch for the millionth time. Just then, Rasika comes out. He looks at her and forgets everything. She is wearing a black floor length dress and left her hair loose. She looked so beautiful that Ansh wanted to hug her.
Ansh : Hello Rasika! This is for you.
He hands he a bouquet of tulips. She smiles and thanks him. They leave in his car and reach the hotel. They have a lovely time together. He makes her laugh and they tell each other their childhood stories. They don’t notice how late it becomes.
Rasika : Oh no, Ansh! It’s already 10:15pm. Bhaiya is waiting for me. I should go.
Ansh : Yes, Chalo! I’ll drop you.
He drops her in her house.
Rasika : Thank you for giving me such a wonderful time today. I really loved it.
She turns but Ansh stops her. He pulls her towards him. He cups her face, lifts it and looks into her eyes.
Ansh : Do you feel the same things I do when I look at you? Where were you all my life?
They hug. She tells him to call tomorrow and skips happily inside.
Ansh : I love you Rasika. And I will tell you tomorrow.

MAHESHWARI HOUSE ( The same time when Swara was getting drunk)
Laksh gets a call. It’s Sanskar.
Laksh : Bhai? What happened to you? You haven’t called for 3 days. Everyone was wondering.
Sanskar(from the party) : Lucky, Sorry. I was just too busy. I actually called now because I knew you would be worried about me. Tell everyone I’m alright. I’m out right now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
Laksh : Ok!
He disconnects the call.
Laksh : That’s strange.
Ragini ( entering the room ) : What is?
Laksh : Sanskar. I just spoke to him and his voice seemed different. Like the time when Swara was here. You could hear the happiness in his voice. I think bhai is hiding something from us.
Ragini : What are you telling Laksh? I don’t understand. Anyways I came to give you the prescription for my tablets. They are almost over and I need new ones.
Laksh : Ok Ragini. I’ll go tomorrow and buy them. Come, I’ll drop you to your room.
Ragini : Laksh! I want pani poori, Laksh, and ice cream. I really want it.
Laksh : Now? It is 11:30 Ragini. Ill buy for you tomorrow.
Ragini : Please Laksh. I really feel like tasting it now. Please.
Laksh : Fine. Let me take the car keys and we’ll go.
They return home, both of them eating ice-creams.
Ragini : Thank you Laksh. I really wanted this.
Laksh : No problem. You know how many you ate Ragini? 12 pooris? This pregnanccy is gonna make you fat.
Ragini ( hits Laksh’s arm ) : Laksh!
They start laughing. Ragini chases Laksh through the corridor.
Laksh : Bas baba! After eating so much, I can’t run. By the way, you have some ice cream her. ( he points to her face).
Ragini : Here?
Laksh : Wait…I’ll do it.
He wipes the ice cream from Ragini’s face. They share an eyelock.
Laksh : Ok….It is late now. Go to sleep. I will see you tomorrow.

A tight slap across his cheeks. Sanskar looks at Swara shocked.
Swara : Why Sanskar? I admit you did it out of concern for me. But now Ma, Baba, Bade Papa, Ansh…Everyone is in danger. Why Sanskar? You should have let me be.
Swara drops to the floor and starts crying. Sanskar looks at her with confusion and shock.
Sanskar : Swara? What are you telling? Danger? I don’t understand anything. Please tell the truth Swara. Tell me the whole truth.
He gently lifts Swara from the floor and places her on the chair. He asks her to drink some water. Swara looks at Sanskar and he nods encouragingly.
Swara : I will tell you the whole truth.
She tells everything that happened in the last five months. Sanskar listens to all this in anger. His Swara had been through so much. Betrayal, hatred and now blackmail. And he wasn’t there to stop it. He couldn’t stop her suffering. Swara takes his bleeding hand and begins to bandage it using the first aid box she got from the drawer.
Swara : Because of all this, I had to tell Ma that I hate Ragini and you and can never bear to look at you again. So I wanted to leave and never call. I lied to my own mother. I can’t have her finding out the truth. She would be devastated.
Sanskar : Swara! Before I tell anything else, I just want to know one thing. Do you still love me?
Swara : I have never stopped loving you Sanskar. Even when I tried to convince myself I hated you, I knew I loved you. I trust you more than I trust myself. I don’t know how I lived without you for so long. But now, I don’t have that strength. I need you Sanskar. I need you.
Sanskar : Swara! I love you. I love you. I love you. I can’t live without you any longer. Will you marry me tomorrow in the temple?
Swara : You have applied sindoor made of OUR blood. I am yours from now on and you are mine. I am ready to marry you whenever you’re ready.
They hug each other.
Swara starts to say something but…
Sanskar : Yes Swara..I know. Pulomi’s child will be our child. Don’t worry. He/She will be loved and cherished by all. And Pulomi will be taken care of for the rest of her life.
Swara : How well you know me….Why do you love me so much? I have never done anything for you. I always doubted you. I supported Ragini over you. Why do you love me?
Sanskar : Without you, There is no Sanskar…Also even if you did doubt me, you were the one who brought me to the right path. How can I forget that?
They hug each other again….
Sanskar : Don’t worry Swara! I will make everything alright..
Swara ( hugging him ) : I know.

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