5 months after the whole wedding fiasco.
Swara has moved into a small bungalow in the mountain range near Kolkata. She has recovered from her anger and misery and turned it into a burning hate against Sanskar and Ragini. She also has a very big secret. She now plans to open her music school and is in contact with her lawyer’s firm for the deal. The only people who know she lives here are her parents. No one else knows. They think she has gone to Patna.

Swara parks her car in the edge of the winding mountain and walks up the path to reach her favourite spot on the mountain. She is wearing a green salwar with netted full sleeves. She sits there and thinks, ” I have made my small life here, but it doesn’t feel real. None of it feels real. But it is. I can never go back to my old life now. Who to blame? Sanskar or Ragini? Part of me thinks I am to blame but if I am, then I will break completely. I need this hate.”

Aloud, she said, ” Shit! It is 5:30. Ill be late. And it looks like rain. There. See. It started raining. Oh God!”
Thinking this, she starts to climb down the path. At the edge of the path, 4 men are drinking and talking loudly. When they see her, they whistle and one of them tries to touch her hand. She gives him one tight slap. All of them stand shocked.

The man says, ” Tumhari itni himmat” and hits her. She falls down and her head hits a rock. There is a very deep gash in her forehead but she manages to get up. The rain is pouring now. She slips and is overpowered by the men. Suddenly, a car pulls over and a man gets down. Swara is unable to see who it is. The man beats up the drunk goons and turns to Swara. Swara is shocked as she looks at the face of Sanskar Maheshwari

PRECAP : Swasan argument. Intro of Raglak and Ansh

Credit to: Anjali

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