Swaragini (A passionate love story)


Hey guys, I am back and school is starting on monday so I will write every 2 days ok and yes Shaurya Goenka I really really appreciate that u r content with me and yes seems like u r my assistant ? as u have been giving me ideas but yeah I really like these kind of fans and supporters….hope u always remain like this with me and if ever anyone of u has an idea feel free to suggest me and I will surely use them in my ff…..

> Recap:They all boarded the bus to go on a picnic.
> They all reach the hotel.Annapurna gets scared seeing the waterfall.Laksh teases her.They all laugh.She gets angry and beats him.They come inside and go to their room.Parineeta gets a call from her mother and talks to her.
> Mother:Parineeta beta, can u please send Muskaan with us?
> Parineeta:why maa?
> Mother:Because Kammo Dadi  has come here and she wants to meet the grandchildren.I already told her that u have gone on a picnic but u know her…..
> Parineeta:Its ok Maa,I will send Muskaan and I will send Kavyanjali also so that she doesnt feel alone ok….
> Mother:Thank u so much dear.
> Parineeta ends the call and inform this to Swara and Ragini.Driver come and Swaragini and Parineeta emotionally hug their children.They send them away.
> Annapurna:Now this picnic will be so lonely.
> Parineeta apologizes to Annapurna.
> Sujata:Arey no beta! U r not at fault! Its ok if ur Kammo dadi wants to meet the grandchildren and we already have Jhanvi to make noise.
> They all laugh.
> Premila:But still! Priority is ours! They just cant make this house’s grandchildren as theirs!
> Sujata:Premila jiji stop! They have as much right on the children as ours ok!
> She takes Swaragini and Parineeta and goes.
> Premila thinks I will prove my point right at any cost.She smirks.
> Its night,Everyone are having dinner.They sit near a bonfire and play antakshri.Uttara plays music.The pillow stops at Ragini.They all ask her to sing.She sings Sab tera song…..All clap.Next turn is Swara, she too sings.Then everyone dance on nachaange saari raat……They click selfies near the waterfall.
> Ragini comes to room and doesnt see Jhanvi.Laksh hugs her from behind and whispers she is with Annapurna.She turns and sees him in a black shirt with buttons opens(ohhhh naughty laksh!).He walks towards her.She moves back and stops at a wall.He comes near her.Wind blows.Music plays….The lights go off.She hugs him.He kisses her forehead and cheeks.He caresses her hair.She runs and slips and falls alongwith Laksh on the bed.They have an eyelock.He leans to kiss her.They get intimate while it is shown to be raining outside.
> Swara gets drenched in the rain on the balcony.Sanskaar comes and hugs her.She kisses him surprising him.She laughs.
> Sanskaar:Swara,R u drunk?
> Swara asks how do u know and laughs.She behaves like drunk.She dances.He sees the glass and understood she drank wine instead of coke.She dances with him on zara sa jhoom lou main….She tries to get closer to him.He resists and a funny scene ensures.She calls him cute and pulls his cheeks.They fall on the bed.They have an eyelock.She comes closer to him and they get intimate.
> A week later, its the last day in the hotel.Everyone pack their bags.Ragini comes to Uttara and gives her Jhanvi to handle.She goes.Uttara’s husband Rahul calls her so she gives the baby to Parineeta and goes.Parineeta makes Jhanvi lie on bed and gets busy packing the stuff.Adarsh takes her out.Jhanvi is left there.Parineeta comes back and takes her with her.They all get ready to go.Adarsh remembers something and asks Parineeta to bring his stuff.She keeps Jhanvi near a window and asks Adarsh who is talking on phone to take care of her.Adarsh goes from there while he is still on call.Jhanvi rolls and falls from the window.She gets into a truck of flowers.The truck drives off.They all come together to go.
> Swara:Uttara,Jhanvi was with u right? Where is she?
> Uttara:Actually I gave her to Parineeta Bhabhi.
> Ragini asks Parineeta who says she is with Adarsh.Adarsh comes back and they get shocked seeing him without Jhanvi.
> Ragini:Bhaiya, where is Jhanvi?
> Adarsh:She was with Parineeta.
> Parineeta:But Adarsh ji I asked u to take care of her!
> Ragini:Where u left her?
> Parineeta:Near the window.
> Ragini gets shocked and rushes there.Premila scolds her why did she left a small baby there.Parineeta tries to talk but Annapurna says they wil talk about that later but lets find Jhanvi first.They all rush to the window.Ragini reaches the window and cries on not finding Jhanvi.She searches everywhere.Swara shouts Jhanvi and also searches her.Ragini breaks down.
> Swara:Ragini dont u worry, I will find Jhanvi ok! Just stay here I will look outside.
> She tries to go but Premila grabs her hand and shouts Parineeta should go as she lost the baby.Swara shouts the baby is not lost.Premila goes to Parineeta and shakes her shouting from the first day I told everyone u r inauspicious for this house but u didnt listen!If I was there in Adarsh’s marriage I wouldnt have let this wedding to happen! I told them to get Adarsh remarried and now see this happened!
> She comes to Ragini who is on the floor and provokes her saying that because of her ur Jhanvi is lost! Its the second time she did this mistake! Will u still say that she is not at fault? God Forbid if third time also she does something like this and Jhanvi isnt found! Swara shouts Maasi! Premila says she isnt talking to her.Swara looks angrily with tearful eyes.Ragini gets up and looks at Parineeta.She gets provoked and falls in Premila’s talks.Swara comes to her and says Parineeta bhabhi isnt at fault.Ragini stops her and goes to Parineeta.She grabs her and slaps her hard shocking everyone.Rakh Charitra plays……Ragini shouts why did u do this? Where is my Jhanvi? She shouts at her to return her baby in 24 hours and shows her finger.She warns her otherwise She will see her bad side.Jai kaali ma….plays….Parineeta is shocked so is everyone.Swara shockingly says Ragini.Ragini shouts no Swara, today I agree that she is wrong.If she couldnt handle her she could have told me? Why did she do all this pretense.Parineeta tries to say something but Ragini shushes her.
> Just then a woman comes with Jhanvi and greets everyone.They turn and get happy seeing Jhanvi.Ragini rushes to the woman and takes Jhanvi.The woman says that she found this baby in her husband’s truck snd thought to come here as the truck was from here.Ragini hugs the lady thankully and smiles seeing Jhanvi.The woman greets everyone and goes.Everyone heave a sign of relief.Parineeta tries to talk to Annapurna but She sternly says she will talk about this at home.Parineeta looks on.
> Precap:Annapurna scolds Parineeta why did she do such a thing.Parineta cries badly.Premila asks them to reconsider her thought of getting Adarsh remarried.Swasan and everyone look on.Later, Parineeta hugs Muskaan and cries badly shouting why did they do this with me?(maybe they accepted to get Adarsh remarried)

> Hey guys plzzz comment how it was….hope u liked it….love u lots…..

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  1. Nice, but I don’t like premila

  2. hey please reveal premila real face.. poor pari bcz of her she is suffering… update next part soon

  3. Awesome ??but feeling sad for pari yaar. ?I want to slap premila. ??

  4. Nice epi loved it❤️

  5. nice actually any mother can become weak or emotional when it comes to child next part soon

  6. _Angel_

    OMG it’s soo gud and thanx for this special treat we will be writing for yh next part ASAP hope this track comes to an end soon

    Can’t wait till the next part
    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    And stay blessed

  7. Shaurya goenka

    Thank u soo much heera and yh this was awesome
    Lol I just give u small ideas but ur the main person behind it and dw I will always support u keep going and keep giving us
    Longer and quicker updates

    Lol one question where was laksh at the time where Jhanvi was lost I mean we didn’t hav any of his scenes or his concern

    Oh yh and plz end this track ASAP and introduce smthing new cuz it’s a bit of an emotional track with poor pari and all

    Otherwise everything is perfect
    Plz upload the next part soon
    Ur assistant will be waiting ??

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