Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 99


Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I am sooo sorry I wasnt writing…..U was soooo busy with school and all, soooooooo sorrryyyyy!!!!! Plzzzz try to remember where we had stopped as I wont be able to attach a link soooo sorry and plzzz suggest who the person attacking Sanskaar is!!!!

Recap:Uttara snatched Parineeta’s baby and went.

Its night,Parineeta is crying in the living room.Sanskaar comes there and looks at her.
Parineeta:Sanskaar, ask Uttara to give me my baby back! I cant live without her,I will die.
Sanskaar goes out of the house and tries to start his car but it doesnt get started.He rushes to Uttara’s in-laws.Adarsh sees Parineeta.
Adarsh:Pari!Now stop this drama and come with me to sleep!
Parineeta:Adarsh! I am not doing any drama! U also lost ur baby and u….
Adarsh:I know she has gone to right hands.
He scolds her and she cries.He drags her.Swara holds his hand and pushes it angrily.She scolds Adarsh and takes Parineeta to her room.She consoles her.
Parineeta:Swara,Sanskaar went to talk to Uttara,I just hope everthing is fine.
Swara:Bhabhi u stay here and sees Kavya,I will just come ok…
She asks Ragini to take care of Parineeta.She turns and cries seeing Parineeta with Kavya.She wears a salwar kameez pink coloured and goes.(she was wearing a gown).

She sees Sanskaar’s car and drives her car towards Uttara’s house.Rain starts.She stops her car seeing Sanskaar walking.She gets out and shouts Sanskaar! She gets shocked seeing car rushing towards Sanskaar.She runs and pushes Sanskaar away.She falls from behind and the car goes away.She notices a man riding the car.She memorizes the car’s number.She rushes to Sanskaar.
Swara:Sanskaar! R u fine!
Sanskaar:I am fine but what r u doing here?
Swara:Parineeta told me and I came here searching for u.
Sanskaar sees her injures and drives the car to Uttara’s house.

They return home.Ragini worriedly ask them what happen.They look at Parineeta and signs no.Parineeta cries.Ragini tries to consoles her but in vain.She gets Sumi’s call and goes out.

Parineeta returns to her room and eyes Adarsh angrily.
Adarsh:Look Parineeta! I know we lost our baby but still,we can have one if u want!
Parineeta slaps him.
Parineeta:Even i get another,how will i forget Muskaan! R u not ashamed! U lost ur child and ur talking about another! I will never have a child with u in future!
She goes to sleep angrily.Adarsh drinks and gets drunk.He enters the room.The power gets cut.Parineeta asks who is there.
Adarsh makes her get up and holds her hand tightly.
Adarsh:U dont want to have a child with me in future? Why?
Parineeta:Because I am ashamed of u and ur doings! Thats why…..
Adarsh:Do u want people to doubt my manliness!?
He pulls her closer and tries to remove her saree.She pushes him.He drags her face.
Adarsh:U want people to ruin the respect of my manliness!
He pushes her on bed and tries to get intimate with her.She gets angry and tries to leave.He forcefully gets intimate with her.She finally pushes him and he faints.She stares him angrily.

Sanskaar heals Swara’s wound.She looks at him.Music plays……Wind blows and they have an eyelock.

Ragini comes to room and wind blows heavily.She tries to close the window.She falls from behind and lands in Laksh’s arm.Music plays…..They have an eyelock.Anjali cries.
Ragini:Look! Even Anjali is angry with u as u just find time to romance with her mother!
Laksh:I create time to romance with u and if possible whole life I will stay free just to be with u!
She gets emotional and looks at him.She gets teary eyed.
Ragini:I just wish even parineeta bhabhi and Adarsh had understanding and comittement toward each other like this!

Swara:Sanskaar,I just hope they have same love as us!
Sanskaar:Yes, i hope Parineeta bhabhi had not……
Swara:Sanskaar what do u mean by Kaash parineeta bhabhi ne…… tumhe lagta hain ke uski galti hain? Aur uttara ka kya? Uski koi galti nahi hain?(I hope Parineeta bhabhi had not……Do u think she is at fault? And what about Uttara? Isnt she at fault?).
Sanskaar:Swara I did not mean that……
Swara argues with him and goes near the window.Sanskaar comes to her and sees her crying.He hugs her from behind.
Swara:Sanskaar, we were fighting out of love but Parineeta and Adarsh bhai……..

Annapurna consoles crying Sujata in the living room.
Sujata:Jiji, I was delighted seeing my Uttara’s baby but as fate wanted…….
But I blame Uttara for all this! Why she had to do so much!
Annapurna:She lost her baby thats why…She is much more hurt that this….I promise that I will get Muskaan back.

Uttara comes there and shout never!! Thry turn and see her holding the baby.

Precap:Uttara acts mad and tries to commit suicide.Her husband slaps her.Uttara scolds Parineeta that because o her,her husband slapped her.She picks a knife and goes towards Parineeta.All are shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

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    Hey keep sahil yar as the one who is attacking sanskar. Keep sahil as lover of Swara who wants her at any cost.

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