Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 98


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Recap:A mysterious person’s shadow was shown.

Its night,Sumi gets a call and gets shocked.She wakes up Shekhar and informs him.
Sumi:Shekhar,My grandfather’s brother is extremely ill,u know he took care of me like a father since childhood and doctors are saying he is in his deathbed.Shekhar please take me there.Please.
Shekhar:Sumi,dont worry,I will take u there ok.
Sumi cries.

Later,Sumi and Shekhar are done with their packing.Swaragini seek their blessings
Ragini:Maa,are u sure we dont come?
Sumi:Dont worry,once he gets well,u can come to meet him.
Ragini cries seeing her fake console.(sumi thinks he will be alright).
Sumi:Annapurna ji,hum maafi……(annapurna,we apologize….).
Annapurna:No no sumi ji,its ok…..u can go.And anyway we are going back tomorrow.

Sumi and Shekhar leave with Dadimaa and Dadaji.Swaragini look on.

Next morning,Everyone pack their bags and come out.
Swara:Where is Sanskaar?
Sujata:He went to send off Sumi and Shekhar but dont know why he didnt come till now!
Swara gets worried and tries calling him.
Annapurna:Dont worry Swara,maybe he is stuck is traffic,I messaged him to come directly at airport and he complied.
Swara smile worriedly and goes.Ragini looks on.She turns to go but Laksh holds her hand.She gets shy and asks him to let her go as everyone is watching.People smile seeing their romance.He leaves her hand and smiles seeing her going.

Sanskaar buys a gift for Swara and drives his car.He was about to take the route for airport just then he remembers that he forgot something in the hotel itself.He returns to the hotel and goes to his room.The lights go off.A person comes and beats Sanskaar.He was about to stab him just then a waiter comes.He stabs Sanskaar’s arm and goes.Sanskaar falls unconsious.He tries calling Swara.Swara answers the call and gets shocked knowing he was stabbed.She shouts and cries.She runs from there and messages Ragini about it.She drives her car and reaches hospital where the waiter sent him.She cries seeing the doctors treating him.She sees the waiter and wipes her tears.She rushes to him.
Swara:U said u saw someone stabbing Sanskaar! Who was it?
Waiter:I didnt see his face it was dark and he pushed me.But in the process I found a bracelet.
He shows her a silver bracelet.She takes it and looks on.Ragini comes there with Laksh and whole family.
Ragini:Swara…..shona what happened?
Sujata consoles her.Doctors come out and says his survival chance is less.Swara breaks down and cries.

Sujata:U remember Swara when u met with an accident and were critical,doctors said that ur survival is impossible but Sanskaar had faith that u will even fight with death as u r a tigress,then now when he is here,how can u give up?
She hugs her and they both cry.Family cry.Swara sees a temple there and puts the bracelet in the temple and takes the arrti plate.She sings and do aarti while crying.
Swara:I have so much faith in u and still u r doing this with us…..why r u testing us so much? Why…….I will not ask anything else from u except my Sanskaar’s life.She takes a diya and puts it on her hand.Ragini is shocked and tries to to stop her but Swara takes her oath.Ragini cries shockinlgy and hugs Laksh.Sanskaar murmurs Swara….
Swara turns and says Sanskaar! She keeps the diya and runs to see him.She gets happy seeing his eyes open.
Sanskaar:U r so stupid! How did u even think that I…..
Swara:Sanskaar please dont say this even in joke ok!
Sanskaar:Ok my princess!
She hugs him and cries happily.Sujata caresses Sanskaar’s face and hair.
Sanskaar:Mom,my hair will spoil.
They all laugh.Ragini scolds Swara and does her first aid.Swara looks at her.
Ragini:Dont….i am not ur lado!
Swara holds her ears.Ragini cries and hugs her.Swaragini…..plays…..
Ragini:I told u not to do such thing! If God wishes He will make everything alright then why r u going against his wishes?See he made everything alright……
They smile.

They reach aiport and boards the plane.They reach Maheshwari Mansion.Uttara and Rahul keeps Kavyanjali to sleep on bed and plays with Muskaan.Uttara gets sleepy and forgets that Muskaan is in her lap.Parineeta comes and saves Muskaan(she was about to fall).She scolds Uttara angrily.
Parineeta:If u couldnt take care of her,why did u took her? U were taking extreme care of Kavyanjali and what about Muskaan? Huh? Has she no value?
Uttara(cryingly):I am sorry Babhi…..
Parineeta:Sorry doesnt matter,what if Muskaan fell? Would u return me a baby?
And anyways why r u still here? U have ur inlaws right then go and stay there instead of trying to ruin my life.
She pushes her and goes.
Uttara cries.Rahul tries to confront Parineeta but she stops him.

Its night,Sanskaar wakes up and coughs badly.Swara makes him drink water and pats his shoulder.He smiles seeing her concern for him.She helps him wear an arm sling.He makes her enter through the sling and romances.Main wo chand…plays…
Sanskaar:Iss tarah romance karna hi kuch aur hain!(Romancing like this something else).
She smiles and hugs him.

Ragini and Laksh are in room.Ragini tries to open her blouse lace but fails.Laksh comes and opens it for her.He pulls her closer.Ishq bulava….plays….She smiles and blushes.He brings a gown for her and removes her blouse.She shies and turns other side.He makes her wear the gown.She turns and sees him with closed eyes.
Ragini:Laksh! U never stop teasing me.
She hugs him.He smiles and reciprocates.

Its morning,Uttara gets vomitting.She informs Sujata and asks her to give her medicine.Sujata gets happy and hugs her.Uttara is clueless.Sujata informs her that she is pregnant.Uttara shushes her and goes.She faints.Doctor comes and informs them the same.They get happy.

After 9 months.Uttara gets labor pain and they rush her to hospital.She gives birth to a baby girl.She returns home and all welcome.Uttara informs them that she will be going to stay at her inlaws tomorrow but the parents inform her that they are going to las vegas for business work.They comply.

Next morning,Uttara gets down the stairs with the baby and goes for a walk.Parineeta sees she has forgotten her purse and rushes to give her oblivous of the fact that the baby is also with her.She sees her near a cliff and rushes to her.She turns her abruptly and Uttara slips.Parineeta manages to hold Uttara but gets shocked seeimg the baby falling.She realizes the baby was with her and cries thinking she pushed the baby.Uttara cries shockingly and tries to go near the cliff but Parineeta stops her.She pushes her.
Uttara:Just because of u,I lost my child! U wanted to take revenge right!
Parineeta:Uttara I am sorry,i didnt know the baby was with u!
Uttara scolds her mercilessly and goes.Parineeta goes behind her.They reach the house and Uttata narrates everything to the family.She breaksdownThey get shocked but support Parineeta.
Uttara:If u all think she is right then tell her to repent!
Parineeta:I will repent!
Uttara:Then give me Muskaan in return of my baby!
Everyone ask her to stop it but she warns them if anyone try to stop her,they will see her dead face.Swaragini scold Uttara.
Ragini:We pity u and we are extremely sad but that doesnt mean!
Uttara :ur child is safe na bhabhi thats why u will not understand my pain.
Uttara:Dont shout! Since u too came in this house,everything has been happening wrong.
Swaragini look on shockingly.
She asks Parineeta if she agrees to give her daughter.Parineeta cries shockingly and looks at Muskaan.She refuses.
Uttara:Ur approval isnt needed!
She forecefully takes Muskaan.Parineeta tries to stop her but she pushes her and goes.Parineeta breaks down and cries.
Parineeta:Adarshji, please stop Uttara!
Adarsh jerks her hand away.
Adarsh:Because of u,she lost her child.Now get lost……
He goes while Parineeta looks on shocked.

Precap:Parineeta goes out of Maheshwari Mansion with her luggage.

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Credit goes to:Heera

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