Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 97


Recap:Maheshwari and Gagodia family went for vacation.

Its morning,Maheshwari and Gagodia family go into the garden to have breakfast.Swara,Ragini and Parineeta serve them special breakfast.
Annapurna:Khushboo tho bohat achi aa rahi hain!(Nice smell is coming).
Parineeta:Of course aaegi maa,humne kheer,sabzi aur gewa(idk what is it called)bhi banaae hain(Of course it will come as we have prepared kheer,vegetables curry and special sweet of marwadi).
Swara:And I have prepared Sandesh and Rasagulla.
Ragini:And I have prepared a marwadi sweet.
They all smile and proceed to have breakfast.Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand.
Swara:My husband just needs chance to romance!
Sanskaar:Of course,we married,we have to fulfill it.
They smile.

After breakfast,Uttara and the bahus(daughter in laws) remove the plates from the table.Swara takes the plates and just then she hears her mobile ringing.She goes with the plates to the room.Her phone stops.She turns to go and gets shocked seeing something.The plates fall from her hand and it breaks.She cries and runs out of the room.She collides with Ragini who asks her what happened.She takes her to the room and shows her Sanskaar’s photo which has been garland.Ragini is shocked.She immediately removes it and consoles Swara.
Ragini:Shona,stop crying,its nothing,maybe someone put it by mistake.
Swara:Maybe ur right,maybe I was overeacting……
She goes.Ragini looks at the photo closely and leaves.A shadow is seen in the room…..

In the afternoon,Swara and Ragini smile seeing Badminton.They dress up as players and play badminton with each other.Sanlak come and decide to tease them.
Sanskaar:What is this Lucky? People are playing badminton without even knowing it!
Laksh:The world is such,what to do?
Swara:Sanskaar, me and Ragini,we were titled as the champion of badminton……
Laksh:Even we were titled as such ok…..
Ragini:Then lets see who is more powerful(kisme kitna hain dam!)

The boys come in their game dress and play with Swaragini.Swaragini win and they lose.They laugh and tease Sanlak.They go.
Sanskaar:U have cut our nose Lucky!
He goes while Laksh says innocently,what did I do?

Swara walks through the corrider,worried.She clashes into Sanskaar and they both fall.They have an eyelock.Swara gets teary eyes and hugs Sanskaar.
Sanskaar:Swara what happened?
Swara:Nothing,just felt as if u r gonna be away from me!
He smiles and stand up.He cups her face.
Sanskaar:I wil never leave u! I promise!
She smiles and hugs him.
Swara(thinks):Even if u pacify me Sanskaar,my heart is still not convinced….

The two families go onto the mountain.They climb it.Uttara and Rahul take care of Kavyanjali.Swaragini click pics with Sanlak.They decide to come down as its soon gonna be night.Ragini turns and snow falls.She slips and falls.She hangs ad shouts.
He rushes to her and holds her hand.He helps her get up.She cries and hugs him tightly, scared.Swasan tease them.Ragini smiles shyingly and runs.They laugh seeing Laksh going.

Precap:The person attacks Sanskaar.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys plzzz give me suggestions who that person can be…..plzzz comment how it was…..hope u liked it…..love u lots…..I knw its short but will make it longer next time…..

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