Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 96


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Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 94

Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 93 Maha Episode

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Recap:Karthik was arrested.

Its morning,Ragini(wearing her new saree)and Swara(a kind of lehenga)come down and get surprised seeing the family doing preparations.They come to annapurna.
Swara:Badi maa,hum kahi jaa rahe hain kya?(Badi maa,are we going somewhere?)
Sujata:Han Swara,hum log….wo kya kehte hain bacation par jaa rahe hain!(Yes Swara….we are…..what is it called we are going on vacation!).
Swaragini giggle.
Annapurna:Vacation sujata!
Sujata:Han han wohi jiji(Yes yes sister).
Annapurna:Waise(turning to Swaragini)hum manali jaa rahe hain aur raaste mein hum gurudwara ho aaege(By the way we will be going to manali and on the way we will go to gurudwara.)
Ragini:Maa,do u all go to gurudwara also?
Sujata:When we pass through there,we like enter and feed the poor.
Annapurna smiles and asks them to pack their bag.They comply and go.

Swara opens the door of her room and collides with Sanskaar.They have an eyelock.
Swara:Sanskaar! Dekhke nahi chal sakte?(Sanskaar!!Cant u see and walk?)
Sanskaar:This implies to u also ok…..
Swara:U mean its my mistake?
Sanskaar:I dont think so,i am sure its ur mistake.
She points finger on him and goes to washroom.He angrily packs his clothes(a funny scene)

Ragini comes to room and gives Anjali to Uttara.She packs her bag.Laksh comes there in towel.She laughs seeing him.He signs what cluelessly.She comes near him and removes soap foam from his hair.She laughs.He gets mesmerized by her beauty.She turns to go.He pulls her closer.
Ragini:Laksh,u r wet!
Laksh:So what?
She smiles and they have an eyelock.

They all come down.Swasan are miffed with each other.Uttara and Rahul take Kavyanjali.
Uttara:Bhabhi,they will stay with me and Rahul till we return back ok?
Ragini:Ok Uttara,u can keep them.
All smile.

They enter the bus and take their seats.They drive.Its night,Swara falls asleep on Sanskaar’s shoulder.He smiles seeing her.He carresses her face.Laksh falls asleep on Ragini’s shoulder.She hugs him and sleeps.Rahul gives Kavyanjali to servants and makes Uttara sleep.The couple have a sweet romance.The bus suddenly stops with a jerk.The couple wake up.
Sujata:Ey kay hua driver?(Hey what happened driver?)
Driver:Sorry ma’am,the bus stopped suddenly,let me check.
He checks and informs them that the engine got hot and he needs cold water.Sanskaar and Laksh pour cold water on it and it creates a spark.They all shout.Adarsh was pouring the water and he falls.Parineeta shouts adarsh and holds him.
Swara:R u fine Adarsh bhaiyya?
Adarsh:I am fine.
The bus starts and they all get happy.

Its morning,they reach gurudwara.Swara and Ragini dorn their dupatta on their head.They go to pray.Swara gets angry seeing Sanskaar and goes.Sanlak come inside and pray near Swaragini.Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand.She gets tensed and shouts(she didnt know it was Sanskaar).People gather there.
Woman:Dear,is he troubling you?
They were about to beat him just then Swara shouts asking them to stop it.
Swara:Without knowing everything,u r pin pointing on his character! He is my husband and he is respectable business man! He is Sanskaar Maheshwari and I shouted as I didnt know it was him only.
Sanskaar is impressed and looks at her.She looks at him and goes.
Ragini:Sanskaar,go and pacify her,I heard ur fights this morning and u r at all fault,now go…
Sanskaar smiles and goes.

He comes to Swara outside(near a big pool) and holds her hand.She looks at him.
Swara(whispers):Sanskaar leave my hand,people are watching.
He bends on his knees.
Sanskaar:I married u so that I can hold ur hand legally before people and u r saying…..I am sorry Swara that I fighted with u this morning.
He takes out a rose.
Sanksaar:If u accept my apology,accept this small gift(rose).
People there shouts accept this handsome’s gift.Swara smiles and takes the rose.She gets surprised seeing a ring on it.She laughs and hugs Sanskaar.She kisses him on his cheeks.
Swara:Thank u patidev!(husband).
Sanskaar:Ur welcome princess!
They smile.

Shekhar and Sumi come there(sorry,forgot to mention that they also came).
Shekhar:Swara,Sanskaar,yeh sab log chilla kyun rahe the??(Swara,Sanskaar,why were the people shouting?)
Swasan look at each other.
Swara:Wo baba(father that…..)
Ragini:Let me tell u father.
Shekhar looks at Ragini.
Ragini tells them everything.Shekhar and Sumi giggle and bless them and leaves.Swasan also leave.Ragini holds Laksh’s hand.
Ragini:Learn from them husband!
She goes while Laksh looks on.

They reach the bus.Swaragini hold Kavyanjali and play with them.They give them back to Uttara and Rahul.Parineeta’s baby cries.They laugh.The bus starts and they soon reach manali.They click pics there and laugh.
They check in to their room.Ragini comes to room and sees beautiful decorations.Laksh comes to her and eyes her lovingly.She says Laksh…..He stops her and pulls her closer.
Laksh:U remember u challenged me if Sanskaar pacifies Swara,u will do whatever I say and if Swara convinces Sanskaar,I will do whatever u say….now that I won the challenge and even Anjali is not here….so….
Ragini:Tell me?what is ur challenge?
He turns her.
Laksh:U remember our wedding night?
Ragini shyingly says yes.
Laksh:I want to revive that moment.
Ragini looks at him and turns being shy.
He gives her a dress and asks her to wear it.She goes and comes out wearing a hot black saree(sleveless).She is looking hot and s**y.He comes near her and whispers she is looking hot.She smiles.He pins her to wall and kisses her gently.Tumhe apna banane ka….plays….She too recipocates.He tries to removes her dress but stops him and goes to washroom(big one).She tries to lock the door but he forces himself in.She smiles and turns.He opens the shower and hugs her from behind.She closes her eyes.He lifts her and they dance romantically and sensously.He lifts her and brings her to room.He makes her lie on bed and touches her wet face and hair.He slowly(everything is happening slowly ?) removes her pallu and kisses her shoulder.She lies down and closes her eyes.He then removes his jacket and shirt and lies on top of her.He removes her skirt and removes his pant.He again lies on top of her gently(u must know what is happening?).She enjoys the moment and holds his hand.He holds her hand tightly and makes love with her.She moans a little.He kisses her to stop her from screaming.She asks him to stop.He stops and lies on another side of the bed.She gets ontop of him and kisses him.They again make love(ohoo!!!!).She kisses him hardly.He asks her to stop and get on top of her again.They continue making love till morning.

Uttara wakes up in the morning and is wearing a hot red saree(sleeveless).Rahul pulls her closer and pins her to wall.He kisses her hardly and she too reciprocates.He makes love with her(still against the wall).

Precap:Swara shouts and runs.She collides with Ragini who asks her what happened? She shows her something and cries.

Credit goes to:Heera

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