Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 95

Hey guys thank u soo much for the compliment and I am neither Ekta kapoor and Rashmi sharma student nor they are my student hahaha but yes I’ve been watching Indian cinema since I was a child and I am myself so filmy so……

Recap:Ragini saw a diary.

Ragini reads the diary and gets shocked.
Ragini:It means that Karthik knew I was planning against him and he did this!I have to fail his plans at any cost.

Its morning,Annapurna does aarti.Uttara comes there with Rahul.Everyone get glad seeing them and hug them.
Uttara:Badi maa,I came here as I thought that u would celebrate gangaur pooja but here there is no arrangements and no decorations…..
Everyone look at each other tensedly.Laksh comes there and is drunk.He falls down.Uttara turns and gets shocked seeing Laksh.
She runs and holds him.She makes him get up.She cries and turns to the others.
Uttara:What happened here that u all are like this? Why there is no pooja happening and why Laksh bhai’s state is like this? Will anyone tell me!!!!
Sujata:Uttara dear,Just calm down,come I will tell u….
She tells her everything.Uttara is shell shocked and cries.She thinks.
Uttara:I know Ragini Bhabhi, She is not like this,I am sure Swara bhabhi knows something.
She wipes her tears and asks Annapurna to do preparations of pooja.
Uttara:Now I will do a daughter’s duty.
She prepares for the pooja.Everyone happily cry and bless her.Sanskaar Kisses Swara’s forehead and goes to office.

Later,Swara comes out of washroom wearing a beautiful pink salwar kameez.She takes care of Kavya.Uttara comes and closes the door.She comes to Swara.
Uttara:Bhabhi,I know u know something.
Swara:What r u talking about Uttara?
Uttara:About Ragini bhabhi,I know she cant do this,please tell why she did it?
Swara gets teary eyed and hugs Uttara.They both cry.Swara tells her.A fb is shown.

Its stormy night.Swara goes to kitchen to drink water.Someone drags her and brings her out in the backyard.Swara tries to shout but gets surprised seeing Ragini.
Ragini tries to hug her but Swara backs off.
Ragini:I know Swara,even u think I am wrong but when u will know why I did this,u will understand me.
She starts telling Swara everything.Swara is shocked and cries.She hugs Ragini.Swaragini….plays…Swara beats her.
Swara:U said that without each other,we cant do anything then why did u…..
Ragini holds her ear:I am sorry….
Swara holds her hand:Its ok,now that we are together,we will make everything alright.Because nobody can stand Swaragini!
They smile while they have tears in eyes.
Swara:By the way,What is ur plan now?
Ragini looks on.Fb ends.

Uttara cries happily.
Uttara:This means…..
She hugs Swara tightly and pulls Kavya’s cheeks.She smiles and goes.Swara laughs and smiles at Kavya.She prays to lord for their plan to be successful.

Uttara happily comes to room and Rahul looks at her lovingly.She blushes and tries to go.He holds her hand and hugs her.She too reciprocates.

Ragini is in her room.She keeps thinking about Karthik’s plan.She wipes her tears.
Ragini:I have to go from here at any cost,even if he ruins my life by marrying me,I will save my family at any cost.
She message Swara saying she is coming there.Swara receives the message while sitting and talking with Annapurna and Sujata in the living room.She gets tensed and goes from there.She sees Uttara there and shows her the message.
Uttara:What? Ragini Bhabhi is coming here!!?? But Karthik said if he catches her running away,he will marry her….
Swara:Ragini does not think about herself.I am sure she is thinking to come here even if Karthik marries her……She did not even tell me the plan.
Swara cries and breaks down.Uttara consoles her.

Ragini goes to Suman and asks her to bless her as she is going to take a big step.Suman blesses her.Ragini runs from there.She reaches the road and tries to message Swara but couldnt as there is a lot of traffic and she is driving.Her car breaks down.She starts running.Music plays……She bangs into a car.Karthik comes out of it.She is stunned.Karthik grabs her hand.
Karthik:U thought U will escape and I will not know! Tell me why did u run? Tell me!!!
Ragini pushes his hand.
Ragini:Because I got to know ur plan and I will save them at any cost.U want to crush Maheshwari Mansion and its people so that u can get me right??Tum mujhe haasil karna chahte ho?(U want to gain me??)
Karthik:Han,aur jab tumhaara apna koi nahi rahega tho tum mere saath hi rahoge issi liye maine ek bulldozer aur huntmen ko bhulayr hain sab ko khatam karne ke liye!(Yes,and when u will have no one ur own then u will have to come to me,thats why I sent bulldozer and some huntmen to finish them!!).
Ragini cries being shocked and slaps him angrily.She tries to go but Karthik holds her and makes her sit in car.She pleads him to let her go.She pushes him and runs.He was about to catch her just then she shouts.
Ragini:Save me!! This man wants to molest me!!!
Peope beats Karthik.She smiles and seizes the opportunity and runs from there.On her way she calls Inspector and they both reach maheshwari Mansion.The truck was about to destroy the house just then Ragini shouts Stop it!!!! Inspector come and arrest them.Whole family rush outside hearing her voice and get shocked seeing all the happenings.Ragini gets emotional seeing her family and Laksh.Inspector come back and pushes Karthik on the floor.Everyone is stunned.Ragini eyes him angrily and shouts at him to speak the truth now!
Karthik:I loved sarro a lot,but one day,on holi she was stabbed by some goons,Thats when I held the knife and u saw me like that and misunderstood me.I tried to seek help from the maheshwaris but the guard stopped me.Thats when I decided to seek revenge from them because my Sarro died because of them.Then I found u,my lookalike.But I will destroy them.He tries to attack them but the inspector drags him away.Ragini turns and cries.Annapurna turns her and hugs her.
Ragini:I dont know how will I face u all after all this!
Sujata says she did all this for them only.Swara and Uttara hug her.Uttara goes while Swara continues to hug her.Swaragini…..plays……Ragini looks at Laksh and looks down.He goes inside.Everyone look on.Ragini cries and says she will pacify him.

Its night,Ragini comes to room and sees the lights off.She sees candles everywhere.She does not see Anjali there and looks on.Flowers fall on her.She gets surprised and smiles.Laksh holds her hand and bends on his knees.He apologizes to her and says the more love and sacrifice and respect I give u,it would be less than what u have done.She smiles and hugs him.They dance and music plays…..

Precap:Mahehwari family and Gagodia family go on a vacation.

Credit goes to:Heera

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