Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 94

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Recap:Ragini (fake) married Karthik.

Its morning,Karthik reaches his mansion with Ragini.He holds her hand and they open the door only to find Karthik’s mum standing.Her mum smiles and welcomes them.She does Ragini’s grah pravesh.Ragini eyes the house tensedly and thinks I will surely find something here.She turns to go just then Karthik’s mum suman stops her.She takes her to her room and takes out a bangle from cupboard.She makes her wear it.Ragini gets emotional and looks at her.
Ragini:Maa this……
Suman:This is my ancestor’s bangle which I am giving u,safeguard it well!
Ragini gets teary eyed and takes back her hand.Suman is surprised and looks at her.
Ragini:Maa I am sorry I cant take this bangle…..
Ragini:Coz I am already married!
Ragini:Yes,Ur son came in my house and planned such a game that I had to marry him.I am already married to someone and I have a five months old baby! I came in this house so that I can know why is he doing this!I didnt marry him,I just came here.And this sindoor and mangalsutra is still in my husband’s name.But I dont know why, it seems as if Karthik is innocent and he has no evil motive!
Suman:Ur right,He has no evil motive,he just loved u coz ur face resembles Sarro!
Ragini is stunned and looks at her.
Suman takes out a picture of sarro and shows Ragini.Ragini is shocked and recalls the past happenings.She takes the photo and hugs Suman saying thanks for helping her.Suman smiles and blesses her.Ragini goes while Suman looks on.

Ragini comes to her room and gets surprised seeing her room decorated.She keeps the picture in the luggage and starts searching for proofs in the room.Karthik enters.She gets tensed and composes herself.She goes to washroom and comes out wearing a beautiful nighty.She lies to sleep while Karthik looks on.She switches off the lights and cries remembering Laksh.Sad music….plays…………Karthik drinks in his room and cries.

Swara cries in her room.Sanskaar comes there and sees her.He comes near her and hugs her.Swara cries hugging him and shouts why Ragini did this! Why?
Sanskaar:Swara,control urself!He gives her an album.She sees the album and smiles seeing her and Ragini’s photosSad version of Swaragini….plays…..Sanskaar smiles.
Sanskaar:Atleast you smiled!
Swara smiles and hugs him cryingly.They have an eyelock.Music plays……Swara gets shy and moves away.Sanskaar comes and hugs her from behind.She closes her eyes.He kisses her shoulder and turns her toward him.He leans to kiss her.Music plays……He was about to kiss her just then Kavya cries.They look at each other and laugh.

Karthik gets drunk in his room and looks at Ragini emotionally.She stops him from drinking more.
Ragini:Now stop! Dont harm urself!
Karthik throws her hand away.
Karthik:Why do u care? I am sure u married me helplessly and for saving ur family.
Ragini:I am caring for the sake of humanity.
She forcefully takes him and makes him lie on another sofa.She makes him sleep.
Ragini:I have seen pain in his eyes……The pain as if he has lost someone,I promise u to remove the grieve out from u……

She rests to sleep on bed.

Annapurna cries sitting in living room.Sujata consoles her.Swara and Sanskaar come there.Swara hugs Annapurna and cries.
Swara:Badi maa,where is Laksh?
Annapurna:He is drinking in his room.
Sanskaar:Swara,u stay with badi maa and I will go and see Laksh.

Sanskaar comes to Laksh’s room and gets teary eyed seeing Laksh drinking and crying.He stops him.
Sanskaar:Ab bas bhi karo Lucky! Kitna piega tou?(Now stop it already Lucky!How much will u drink?).
Laksh:Then what should I do Bhai?(brother)….Ragini left me mercilessly without even thinking twice and u r saying……
He cries and falls asleep.Sanskaar cries and goes from there.

Its night,Ragini goes out of her room and start searching for proofs.She stumbles and falls in a room(study room).She takes the files and examines them.She gets angry on not finding anything and goes.She notices a diary in a corner.She picks it and reads it.She gets shocked and cries.

Precap:Ragini rushes somewhere on the road saying I have to reach there before its too late.A car comes infront of her.She shouts and stops.Karthik comes out of it.She is stunned seeing him.

Credit goes to:Heera

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